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Created 2018-12-10
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Title Introduction to molding and grinding

Molding and grinding refers to a method in which a grinding wheel having a certain shape and a workpiece are moved relative to each other, or a forming grinding wheel having a predetermined shape is used, and a grinding processing method by the same turning grinding process is used.

Molding and grinding is widely used in various types of cutting tools, mold parts and stencils. The grinding wheel plays a major role in the transformation. Therefore, the performance of the grinding wheel has a very important influence on the quality and efficiency of the forming grinding.

There are three main requirements for formingthin abrasive cutting disc for metal :

1 shape retention:

Since it is a form grinding, the most important thing is naturally the shape retention ability of the grinding wheel! Good shape retention ensures precision after grinding, while reducing dressing frequency and increasing machining efficiency!

2 surface roughness after grinding

Many molded and finished products are used to move parts to each other. Therefore, good surface roughness reduces the resistance to actuation and increases product life.

3 easy to trim

If the shape retention is good, but it is not easy to trim, it will also reduce the processing efficiency.

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