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Category Hardware
Created 2018-12-11
Owner mklyk
Title New thinking of forming grinding wheel

The emergence of new abrasive new binders continues to improve the processing efficiency and quality of thin flat cutting discs . In addition to micro-crushed abrasive grains, such as SPW, a new abrasive that combines single and multiple crystals, this high performance cutting disc also achieves very good results in the grinding of iron-based materials, except for the large resistance to grinding. In addition to the reduction in cutting force, the reduction in the dressing interval also increases the production efficiency. The HW mixed abrasive is a new breakthrough in the grinding wheel manufacturing technology. Since the different abrasive grain characteristics enhance the self-sharpening effect of the grinding wheel, it has exerted an unprecedented effect in the field of forming and grinding.

The lifting agent of the bonding agent is the key to the self-sharpening effect of the grinding wheel, and is also the main determinant of the hardness of the grinding wheel. In terms of forming and polishing, in addition to balancing the cutting force and the shape retaining force, if the heat dissipation and the grinding ratio can be further improved, the polishing efficiency will be greatly improved. With a unique technology, the amount of binder is reduced, and the grinding ratio is greatly increased. The reduced binder is also equivalent to the space for the pores, which increases the space for heat dissipation and reduces the chance of clogging.

The choice of the forming grinding wheel is not as high as the hardness, and it is necessary to avoid the blind spot of the grinding wheel hardness. In fact, more attention should be paid to the basic performance of the grinding wheel such as cutting force, uniform organization and heat dissipation, so that the most suitable product can be selected.

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