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Created 2019-01-07
Owner yanghuim 
Title The use of the hardness of green cutting disc?
Description With the development of cutting sheets, green cutting disc are now being used more and more widely, and their hardness is also recognized by more and more users. How much do you know about the hardness of cutting sheets, and how to use them? Let me introduce you today. The hardness of thegreen cutting disc is the main characteristic that determines the performance of the abrasive. The super-hard abrasive itself has a very high hardness, so it can process a variety of high-hardness materials, especially materials that are difficult to process with ordinary abrasives. For example, Aurora cutting uses diamond abrasives to process hard alloys and non-metallic materials such as ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete, etc., and non-metallic materials such as non-metallic materials, such as cubic boron nitride abrasive tools, tool steel, stainless steel, Heat-resistant alloys, especially ferrous metals such as high-vanadium high-speed steel, can achieve satisfactory processing results. The application field of the cutting piece is mainly divided according to the size of the cutting piece and the hardness of the cutting piece. Xi'an Huawo believes that when we are watching a movie, we must choose the right one. For different application fields, we should choose different types of cutting blades. Only when a cutting piece corresponding to the field is selected, the cutting piece can play its role.
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