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Created 2019-01-08
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Title What is a grinding wheel?
Description Grinding wheel refers to an abrasive tool made of abrasive and bonding agent, commonly known as “industrial grain”. The main components are abrasives and binders. Grinding wheels can be divided into: 1. Fine grinding rubber thin abrasive cutting disc for metal for fine grinding and medium grinding; Second, the guide wheel grinding wheel is used for centerless grinding, and the guide wheel drives the workpiece so that the external dimensions and shape of the workpiece are not deviated; Third, the cutting wheel, used for cutting machine slotting, referred to as cutting piece, super-cut cutting wheel is generally within 5mm; Fourth, the polishing wheel is mainly used for polishing and polishing. Grinding wheel introduction: A fixed abrasive having a round hole in the center made of an abrasive, a binder, an adhesive or the like. Grinding wheel is the most widely used abrasive tool. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed. It can grind, semi-finish, finely grind and superfine the outer, inner, flat and other surfaces of metal and non-metal workpieces. Grind and cut the cut. Grinding wheel classification: According to different abrasives, the grinding wheel has ordinary abrasive grinding wheel (corundum grinding wheel and silicon carbide grinding wheel), natural abrasive grinding wheel and super-hard abrasive grinding wheel (diamond and cubic boron nitride CBN, etc.); According to the shape, it can be divided into flat grinding wheel and special-shaped grinding wheel (beveled grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, dish-shaped grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, etc.); according to different bonding agents, it can be divided into ceramic bonding material grinding wheel and resin bonding material grinding wheel. Rubber bond grinding wheel, diamond bituminous bond grinding wheel, etc. The main factors affecting the characteristics of the standard cut off wheel for metal are abrasive, particle size, hardness, binder, shape, size, and tissue number. Usually, the grinding wheel is running at high speed, and the necessary inspection should be carried out on the grinding wheel before use; the rotary inspection (ensure that the grinding wheel will not burst at the highest line speed); the balance test, the static balance and the dynamic balance test (to prevent the grinding wheel from working) Causes machine tool vibration); After a period of use, the grinding wheel should be trimmed to maintain its grinding efficiency and self-sharpness.
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