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Created 2019-01-09
Owner juniperqq
Title How To Store Galvanized Rooting Sheet In Use
Description China Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheet for sale, as a common metal material, is mainly used in building, factory building, mechanical manufacturing, etc. At present, the specification and quality requirements of the galvanized sheet are stipulated in the standard, including chemical composition, size, product quality, internal structure and performance structure of galvanized sheet. Although galvanized steel sheet is firm and accurate, attention should be paid to the maintenance in use to prolong the service life of steel. If you have a large one-time purchase, it is impossible to use China Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheet immediately after use. Most galvanized sheets need to be stored in the storage room first. When you choose to store galvanized sites or warehouses, you should try to choose clean, ventilated and drained areas. Keep away from places where harmful gases or dust may occur. But it's better to clean up the weeds on the ground. Because of this plant, the surrounding humidity is relatively high, the galvanized steel sheet is easy to rust in this environment. The stacking of Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet is also a rule, that is, when stacking is stable, to ensure safety and stability, it is best to place according to the variety and specifications of galvanized sheet. If other materials need to be stacked in a building or site, be sure to classify them.
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