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Created 2019-01-09
Owner xuanxuan251
Title What are the advantages of the crusher in the sand production line?
Description SBM sand making machine manufacturers to introduce to you the advantages of crusher in the sand manufacturing plant? 1. Breaking is performed using the impact principle. The fragile surface of the meteorite price, layer clothing and other fragile surfaces are broken, and the effect is high, the consumption is small, the output is large, the product pull is even, and the crushing is less; 2. The crushing ratio is large. For example, compared to a hammer crusher. Hammer crusher is generally i-10--15, which is higher up to !ir. The crusher of the impact crusher is larger than 150, so the number of broken segments can be reduced, simplifying the production process. Reduce one 7kIs investment; 3, the structure of the machine is simple and easy to process. Therefore, it is easy to manufacture, low cost, and easy to operate and maintain; 4. It has the characteristics of selective crushing, that is, the ore with a large specific gravity, the smallness of the crushing after the crushing. The small specific gravity is small. The crushing is large, the equipment is light, and there is no obvious unbalanced vibration. The larger feature is that the bell head has a larger grind. The broken vermiculite is harder. The faster the foot injury is, the more troublesome the work of replacing the hammer. Therefore, it is not suitable for crushing hard vermiculite. When the moisture in the ore is more than 9%, it is easy to cause the surface of the counter-attack plate to be easily drilled and reduce the crushing space. The crusher is in the Artificial sand making to reduce productivity, sometimes It can cause equipment accidents.
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