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Created 2019-01-18
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Title Grinding characteristics of the grinding wheel
Description Diamond ultra-thin cutting wheels are mainly used for precision grooving and cutting, and generally adopt deep-cut slow-feed grinding method. The utility model has the advantages of large grinding depth, small feed speed, large contact area between the thin flat cutting disc and the workpiece, narrow slit, high metal removal rate, high grinding precision, good processing surface quality and high material utilization rate. The general rules are as follows: 1). The integral cutting wheel is thin (more than 0.5mm), small outer diameter (20-100mm), fine grain size, high dimensional and dimensional accuracy, light weight, and generally used under high speed conditions. The general speed is 5000-40000 rpm. 2). The base type cutting wheel is mostly thick (0.5-2mm), large in diameter (100-200mm), coarse in grain size and low in precision. It is generally used under the condition of lower speed and deep depth of cut. The general speed is 3000-10000 rpm. 3). Ultra-thin cutting wheels use fine particle size, and generally the thinner the thickness of the abrasive, the finer the grain size will be, and the surface quality will be better. However, the finer the abrasive grain size, the corresponding cutting sharpness decreases, and the feed rate is correspondingly reduced to accommodate the machinability of the abrasive grain size. 4). The cutting depth of the ultra-thin cutting wheel is generally determined by the user according to the cutting part. Most of the cutting is made by the slow-feed grinding process, and the depth is cut once. In this way, since the cutting wheel is thin and the cutting conditions are poor (the three sides are in contact with the workpiece), it is difficult to dissipate heat, so it is necessary to increase (flow, pressure) cooling of the cutting zone. 5). When the cutting wheel is used immediately when the user is used on the machine, it is recommended to increase the cutting speed or reduce the feed rate. When the cutting wheel is used for a period of time, it is recommended to use it. The appropriate particle size of the oil stone is used to sharpen the surface of the cutting disc for stainless steel to adjust its sharpness. 6) The cutting amount is generally related to the material to be processed, hardness, precision, processing requirements, etc. It is recommended to use it under the original conditions of the user when using it for the first time. Do not change the cutting amount easily. 7) The user's use condition is also the main factor affecting the cutting performance. In particular, the spindle axial movement, radial runout, flange parallelism and dynamic balance accuracy of the machine tool directly affect the cutting precision of the cutting wheel.
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