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Created 2019-01-23
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Title How to choose the right super abrasive
Description Shandong grinding wheel manufacturers have important applications in the industrial and mechanical fields, but the types of grinding wheels are also very diverse, so how do we choose when we use them? Ceramic grinding wheel manufacturers introduce a selection method of super-hard abrasives. The fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier is formed by a combination of an abrasive, a bonding agent and a matrix. It can be seen that the bonding agent is an indispensable part for making the cutting piece, and its function is to bond the abrasive into a certain geometric shape, and hold the abrasive grains to bear the cutting force during processing to perform the cutting action. There are three main types of superhard cutting sheet binders: resin binders and ceramic binders. How to choose the right binder depends on its own performance and the requirements for the cutting piece in the processing. Resin bonding agent: It has good elasticity and polishing effect. After forming the cutting piece, it still has good self-sharpness, is not easy to block, has less trimming, and has higher cutting efficiency, lower cutting temperature and high surface smoothness of cutting. , so the scope of application is very wide. Combined with diamond abrasive to form a resin bond diamond cutting piece, often used in cemented carbide workpieces, steel-based cemented carbide workpieces, and semi-finishing, fine grinding of some non-metallic materials. Ceramic bonding agent: The bonding strength of this kind of bonding agent to the abrasive wheel of Shandong is better than that of resin. After forming the durable cutting off wheel, the work surface has good chip handling performance, so it is not easy to block, the cutting is sharp, the cutting efficiency is high, and the amount of thermal expansion is small, and the processing precision is easily controlled, and these characteristics are favorable for the smooth progress of the cutting process. In the shaping and trimming of the cutting piece, it is relatively easy to operate, generally used for rough grinding, semi-finishing, and large cutting of the contact surface, so the ceramic bond is a widely used binder.
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