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Created 2019-01-23
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Title Cutting chip manufacturer: cutting piece discrimination method
Description 1. According to the needs of users, first distinguish between household and professional use. Since most of the power tools are designed for professionals, it is necessary to distinguish between professional and general households before purchasing. Usually, the difference between professional and general household tools is in power. Professional tools are more powerful, so that professionals can reduce the workload. The tools used in general households are relatively small, and the workload is relatively small. The input power does not need to be large. The 230*3*22 sharp cutting off wheel used with the stone cutting piece manufacturer is divided into two kinds of dry and wet cutting pieces. Because the water is used as the cooling liquid when cutting with the wet type blade, the small plastic hose is connected to the cutting machine before cutting the stone. On the water supply, hold the handle with both hands, press the switch after passing the water, and push the cutting at a constant speed. Because the provisions of this article are quite difficult in the actual implementation process, in addition to adding a lot of production costs to the manufacturer, it also brings a lot of inconvenience to the user. Due to the use of a resin EN12413 cutting discs with a water source for cutting, not only the cutting efficiency is high, but also the dust at the cutting site is reduced. Therefore, many users still operate with water sources in actual use. Since the isolation transformer is not used, it also poses a safety hazard to the user. This phenomenon has been noted by the International Electrotechnical Commission, and this clause has been modified in IEC 60745-1:2006, version 4.0. A water-sourced tool that allows Class I or Class II construction, provides a residual current action protector (ie, a leakage protector) that protects the user from the risk of electric shock due to water under normal conditions of use and failure of the water system. In accordance with the current standard GB3883.1, clause 20.17, the tool with water source must be a Class III tool or designed to be used with an isolation transformer with a rated output voltage not exceeding 115V. 2. Hold the stone cutting machine by hand, turn on the power, and operate the switch frequently by hand to make the tool start frequently. Observe whether the on/off function of the stone cutting machine switch is reliable. At the same time, observe whether there are any abnormalities in the TV sets and fluorescent lamps on the spot. To confirm that the tool is equipped with a valid radio interference suppressor 3. Check the nameplate and manual of the stone cutting machine. The nameplate parameters should be consistent with those on the 3C certificate. The manufacturer's and manufacturer's detailed address and contact details should be available on the instruction manual. The serial number of the product traceable should be on the nameplate or certificate.
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