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Category Cars
Created 2019-01-24
Owner juniperqq
Title How to Maintain Cold Rolled Steel Coil in Use
Description Cold rolled steel coil factory in stock is one of the most commonly used steel sheet materials, which is mainly applicable to many aspects such as construction, factory building, machine production, etc. At present, the standards stipulate various indicators and quality requirements of products, including the chemical composition contained in materials, their shape and size, product quality, the internal structure of products, and performance structure. Although the structure of the rolling plate is firm and precise, we still need to pay attention to the maintenance in hard-rolled on its service life. After we received the hot sale rolled hard-rolled steel coil, it was impossible to use it all immediately because of the large number of one-time purchases. Most cold rolled sheets need to be stored in the warehouse first. When choosing a place or warehouse to keep rolling sheets, we should try to choose a place where the environment is clean, ventilated everywhere and the drainage is smooth. Keep away from factories that may produce harmful gases or dust as far as possible. However, the site can also clean up the surrounding weeds. Because there are plants, the humidity around them is relatively high, and the surface of the rolled sheet is easy to rust in such an environment for a long time. We have principles in pushing and pushing the rolled sheet. The requirement is that the rolled sheet should be laid according to varieties and specifications under the condition of stable palletizing and ensuring safety and stability. If there are other materials in the plant or site that need to be stacked, be sure to place them in different categories.
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