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Created 2019-01-27
Owner yanghuim 
Title China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder Price characteristics introduced?
Description China's corn/soybean precision seeding machine is now widely used in China, and users generally value the price issue when purchasing. So how much do you know about the price of the equipment? Today, Aike is here to introduce the factors affecting the China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder Price . The planter is a planting machine for 15-100 horsepower tractors. It is suitable for fertilizing and planting corn in plain and hilly areas. It has the characteristics of good versatility, wide adaptability and uniform seeding. The machine is suitable for sowing wheat in a variety of terrains, seed box and fertilizer box separation, increasing the amount of seeds and fertilizers added. The new fertilizer hopper is made of mirror stainless steel, durable and beautiful. The machine can complete the processes of leveling, trenching, sowing, fertilizing, repressing, covering soil, and mullioning in one operation. Wide adaptability: It can be used to spread crops such as wheat, corn and soybeans, and is suitable for planting in plain areas of China. The new generation of disc opener is produced by the advanced technology of manganese steel quenching. It has high hardness, high strength, good soiling performance, and has a scraping device, which can work well in clay.
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