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Category Cars
Created 2019-01-27
Owner juniperqq
Title Where Do Galvanized Sheets Sell
Description How much is a ton of galvanized sheet, where to sell it? This week, the national high quality Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet market adjusted steadily, ranging from 10-490 yuan/ton. In the eastern part of China, the effective working hours before the Spring Festival are decreasing, and the downstream purchases are also relatively light. Large households still operate mainly by destocking, and delivery is acceptable. Small and medium-sized households do not have much inventory, and more transactions follow the market, and the shipment is relatively general. In southern China, according to feedback from a trader in Guangzhou, their high quality Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet stock is about 4800 tons. Although the inventory pressure is not large, the market as a whole is not optimistic about the short-term market expectations, and the operation is mostly with the actors. In central China, traders and downstream customers will have holidays one after another, and the market quotation will tend to be stable, with little change. There is room for discussion between purchasing customers and traders, with the main purpose of delivering goods as far as possible. In North China, due to the possibility of early holiday for logistics transportation, shipment will be more difficult. Some downstream and middlemen have a small amount of replenishment behavior affected by this, but according to the feedback of traders, their daily turnover of high quality Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets is about 220 tons, and the overall shipment is still general.
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