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Created 2019-02-11
Owner yanghuim 
Title The characteristics of the free sample cutting disc in the application?
Description With the development of the abrasives industry, the cutting disc industry has also developed rapidly. In the tool market, the free sample cutting disc is a new type of cutting tool. In practical applications, it has been widely used in some industries. In the continuous practice, we get the following free sample cutting disc with the following characteristics: (1) Selection of plating method Welding cutting disc The composite tooth saw blade is completed at normal room temperature and does not cause any thermal damage to the diamond and the saw blade base. The strength of the diamond is also unaffected, and the saw blade base is not deformed, ensuring the overall quality of the saw blade. (2) The welded diamond composite teeth manufactured by the electroplating method are very firm until the diamond composite teeth are used up and the teeth are not lost, and the cutting discs have stable and reliable performance. (3) The performance of the diamond composite tooth basically determines the performance of the cutting disk. Whether it is electroplating method or hot pressing method to produce diamond composite teeth, the theory and process are mature, so the performance of the diamond composite teeth is stable, and the quality of the cutting disc is more excellent. By summarizing the characteristics of the cutting disc, it can be found that the new cutting disc has obvious advantages in terms of stable cutting performance and reliability, thereby improving the overall quality of the cutting disc.
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