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Created 2019-02-12
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Maintenance precautions for jaw crusher in mobile crushing station
Description As the first-class crushing equipment in the mobile crushing station, the jaw crusher is undoubtedly an important crushing device in the crushing station. As the most commonly used equipment for mine stone crushing materials, the loss must exist. How to maintain and reduce the loss and prolong its service life? Master the following tips to effectively extend the service life of the jaw crusher. Determine the quality of the jaw crusher, the process design, the installation and commissioning status, and the proper maintenance and operation methods. And our users only need to master the correct operation methods and maintenance work of machinery and equipment. When working first, the material production can only be put into operation when the jaw crusher starts working normally. The broken material should enter the crushing chamber evenly. The material cannot be added from the direction of measurement, and too much material can not be placed. If too much, it will be easily broken and unevenly stressed. It will easily cause damage. Secondly, the inspection and maintenance work of the jaw crusher should be done well. The jaw crusher is a first-level crushing process with a high working intensity. If the daily maintenance and maintenance work is not done well, it will only accelerate the wear and tear of the equipment and reduce its Service life. Frequent inspections are added to the jaw crusher with circulating lubricants, which can effectively reduce the wear caused by friction and reduce the maintenance cost of daily production. For the wearable parts to be checked and replaced regularly, to avoid affecting normal production. The last thing to pay attention to is that in addition to doing basic maintenance work, we also need to check and replace it regularly to ensure normal work. Only the maintenance and repair work can be put together to truly extend the service life of the jaw crusher. Our factory is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in stone crushing and mobile crushing stations. It integrates R&D, production and sales. The factory directly connects the user groups, the most favorable price, the most practical products and equipment, and the users who are interested in investing are welcome to inquire.
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