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Category Cars
Created 2019-02-12
Owner juniperqq
Title Galvalumed Steel Sheet Characteristic
Description What are the characteristics of high quality Galvalumed steel sheet? 1. Economic Since the density of 55% of AL-Zn is smaller than the density of Zn, the Galvalumed steel sheet is more than 3% larger than the area of the galvanized steel sheet in the case where the weight is the same as that of the gold plating layer. 2. Easy to paint The high quality Galvalumed steel sheet has excellent adhesion to the paint and can be painted without pretreatment or weathering. The coating of Galvalumed steel sheet has excellent adhesion. Therefore, without the pretreatment of zinc sheets such as Weathering, do you know the characteristics of galvanized sheets? You can also apply them directly on advertising boards and general boards. 3. The high quality Galvalumed steel sheet has a silvery white ornate surface. 4. Galvalumed steel sheets have similar processing properties and spray properties to galvanized steel sheets.
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