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Created 2019-03-07
Owner yanghuim 
Title Production of Automatic Hay Round Baler Grass Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine
Description Aike brand Automatic Hay Straw Grass Silage Baler and Packaging Machine in Stock is our company's professional production of baling grass equipment, the equipment has been proved by long-term use, its performance has reached domestic cockroach, sugar cane tail, sweet potato vine, The silage of reeds and soybean meal, and the imported straw silage baler, make the waste of crops waste. Because of the high density of the feed and the good sealing performance, the lactic acid bacteria are fermented and fermented, the crude protein content is increased by 4% compared with the hay, and the type of straw silage baling machine is up to 14.37%. Crude fat 2.52%, wheat straw silage baler, fiber is 7.68% lower than hay, straw silage baler, containing 1.1% calcium. Phosphorus 0.14%, bacterial protein, and vitamin content have also been improved. Compared with feeding the same amount of hay; the advanced level of the same products of cattle and sheep. Straw silage baler is a new type of forage processing machine designed by our company according to the requirements of comprehensive straw utilization, raising cattle and raising sheep. The products have been concerned by the friends of the breeding industry since its listing. The automatic straw silage baler is a large-scale automatic hydraulic packaging machine developed by our factory according to the current market demand. It has made a certain contribution to the comprehensive utilization of straw, straw and other straws, transportation, and storage of straw power generation and green farming, and is favored by the majority of users.
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