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Created 2019-03-11
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Title Controller characteristics
Description Analog controller The analog brightening integrated module combines the functions of both the analog controller and the brightening module. A separate brightening module requires an external input of 24v, while the analog brightening integrated module has a 24v voltage output inside, which does not require external power. It has an infinitely adjustable function, and the customer can adjust the input voltage by simulating the knob outside the integrated module to control the brightness of the light source. The analog brightening integrated module has the following features: 28v output, short rising edge time (2us), 3 standard channels, each controllable and trigger function. Digital controller The digital brightening integrated module integrates the digital controller and the controller of the brightening module function. It has the following functions: 256-level brightness adjustment function (4 channels for standard channels, individually controllable brightness for each channel), computer communication function (RS232 interface), and brightness enhancement. The light source will not light when the product is not triggered, and the light source will only be on and off when triggered. The key part of the low price YLF laser crystal designed for machine vision applications is the reflected light on the surface of the object. The geometry, gloss and color of the surface of the object determine how the light reflects on the surface of the object. The choice of machine vision application light source comes down to how to control the light reflection of an object. If the reflected light is well controlled, the acquired image can be controlled. The optical controller is the main purpose of the machine custom BBO nonlinear crystal controller to supply power to the light source, control the brightness of the light source and control the illumination state of the light source (bright\off), and also realize the strobe of the light source by triggering the signal to the controller, thereby greatly extending the light source. Life expectancy. Commonly used controllers on the market include analog controllers and digital controllers. The analog controllers are manually adjusted, and the digital controllers can be remotely controlled by a computer or other device. Simply put, the main function of the custom high purity KTP nonlinear crystal is to receive pre-defined various commands and setting parameters sent by the PC host, and process it through the main controller, and then control the LED light source through the driving circuit to realize digital PWM dimming according to the setting. The optical controller can be divided into a software part and a hardware part according to the architecture, wherein the software part can be further divided into a Pc end user interface application, a USB driver, and a controller hardware firmware. The hardware part can be divided into a main control module and an LED drive module. The main control module is mainly responsible for communication with the PC, command response, and transaction management. It is the core part of the entire controller.
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