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Created 2019-03-12
Owner yanghuim 
Title China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer tells about the structure of the equipment
Description China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer today to give you a summary of the structural characteristics and production process of the equipment: The peanut picking machine mainly consists of a frame, an electric motor, a transmission part, a picking-out part, a fan selection part, and a vibration mechanism. During the operation, the motor or diesel engine drives the machine to run through the feeding inlet to enter the fruit picking system. The roller picking rod rotates to break the peanuts out of the stem, and the fruit and debris fall through the gravure hole onto the vibrating screen, and the stem is discharged from the discharge port. The fruit scattered on the vibrating screen is transmitted to the fan suction port through the vibrating screen, and the clean fruit is selected to complete the whole process. 1. The machine is fixed and flowing with the tractor through the universal joint. 2. After picking the fruit, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities. After drying, they can be directly packed and stored. 3. Dry and wet peanut picking machine is suitable for the separation of capsules after excavation. It is an ideal choice for fresh fruit picking. 4. Easy to operate, reliable performance, clean fruit, high efficiency, less broken, small power matching. 5. The machine adopts enlarged roller and thickened material, which has more stable performance and stronger working ability.
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