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Created 2019-03-13
Owner yanghuim 
Title Farm operating practices Driven by Tractor high-efficiency Peanut harvester for Farm
Description In order to better use the Driven by Tractor high-efficiency Peanut harvester for Farm equipment, users should pay attention to some operating specifications to better use the equipment. Let us analyze the specifications today. Peanut harvester operation specification 1. Staffing. The peanut joint harvesting unit is generally equipped with 2 to 3 people, including 1 pilot, 1 to 2 dispatching command and auxiliary personnel. 2. Machine preparation. Before the operation, the unit shall be fully maintained, inspected and adjusted according to the requirements of the instruction manual, and all loose bolts shall be tightened to ensure that the unit of the combined harvesting operation is in good condition and meets the technical requirements of the working tools. Prepare random consumables and adjustment and repair tools. 3. Preparation of the plot. Before the operation, pad the ground ditches, check the obstacles in the field and mark them. Clean up the ground floor, and clean the ground turning section of the unit in advance according to the characteristics of the machine and the condition of the land. Choose the appropriate route based on plot size and field conditions. 4. Driver requirements. The driver should be skilled and master the working principle, adjustment, use and general troubleshooting of the peanut combine harvester, and have the corresponding driver's license and operation certificate.
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