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Category Cars
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Created 2019-03-14
Owner yanghuim 
Title The Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale harvester works
Description There are many users who use the multi-functional peanut potato harvester, but the specific operation mode of the equipment is very confused for many users. Today, the Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale to everyone to summarize. How the device works. The trial operation of the multifunctional peanut potato harvester is as follows: 1. No load test run for 10 to 15 minutes and observe its operation. 2. First, gently turn the pulley by hand to observe whether the machine has collision or jamming. 2. Check the inside of the machine and the feeding table for tools, etc., whether the direction of power rotation is consistent with the requirements, and lubricate the lubrication points. 4. The peanut picking machine is evenly fed into the vine to carry out load test operation, observe the operation of various parts of the machine, whether there is abnormal phenomenon such as strong vibration, and check whether the quality of the picked fruit meets the requirements. After running for 20 minutes, check the parking once and make the necessary adjustments. Only after everything is normal can you officially work?
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