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Created 2019-03-15
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Wheeled mobile crushing station and crawler type mobile crushing station
About me Due to its flexible maneuvering performance, the mobile crushing station is increasingly used for the elimination of the original pain points such as construction site selection and complicated configuration. The mobile crushing station is called "station" rather than "machine." This is because the equipment places several or more pieces of equipment in the crushing production on one unit. This is the common feature of both wheeled and crawler type: the whole set of units. In addition to this common feature: 1, flexible and flexible The mobile crushing station can directly reach the site without being affected by the change of the site. After the site is reached, no basic equipment installation is required, and the operation can be started after debugging in a short time. The compact body also allows the device to move in relatively narrow spaces. 2, reduce the transportation cost of materials Because it is an integrated unit, it eliminates the complicated installation of infrastructure in the group, reduces the material and working hours, and processes the materials on site to avoid the cost of moving the materials away from the site under some construction conditions. 3, flexible combination In the process of using the mobile crushing station, the corresponding equipment can be equipped according to the specific production requirements, and various combinations can be performed, for example, the combination can be performed according to the processing flow and the like. There are a lot of commonalities between the two devices. How do you distinguish between them through differences? There are the following differences: 1. Mobility The wheeled mobile crushing station can't be called a mobile crusher in fact, because its transitional movement relies on the semi-trailer head for traction, so it is not as powerful as the self-hydraulic-driven crawler-type mobile crushing station. It is. 2, application scenarios Due to the different maneuverability of the two mobile crushing stations, the crawler type has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and even can realize climbing work, so it is often used in some harsh operating environments such as mining and open pit mining. The wheeled mobile crushing station is more suitable for various sandstone materials crushing, construction waste disposal, earth and stone works, etc. in urban infrastructure and road construction, construction and other industries. 3, work efficiency The wheeled mobile crushing station is generally equipped with hydraulic legs under the frame, so the operation increases the stability of the whole equipment. The good stability can be equipped with larger crusher equipment, which can crush large materials and increase work efficiency. . In terms of stability comparison, the Hydraulic-driven Track Mobile Plant has weak stability, which makes the crusher equipped with less function, so the working efficiency is lower than that of the wheel type. If it is to carry out urban construction waste treatment, and infrastructure construction needs such as road construction. The wheeled mobile crushing station produces the building waste recycled aggregate with good grain size, which is beneficial for recycling. It is suitable for crushing construction waste containing a small amount of steel bars. It has fine discharge, less pulverization, good particle formation, and is especially suitable for environmental protection. brick. The most important thing is to choose according to your actual situation.
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