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Created 2019-04-10
Owner juniperqq
Title Color Steel Sheet Related Expertise
Description Cut a section of the warped steel coil onto the platform. If the shortest vertical strip is regarded as a straight line, the longest vertical strip is regarded as a sine wave, and the warp waveform is used to represent the shape of the PPGI corrugated roofing sheet for sale, which is called the warpness, where Rv represents the amplitude (wave height) and Lv represents the wavelength (wave distance). In order to obtain a high quality steel sheet, it is necessary to adjust the roll gap of the roll at any time to suit the convexity of the incoming sheet and to compensate for the influence of various factors on the roll gap. For steel coils of different widths, thicknesses, and alloys, there is only one optimum crown, and the rolls can produce the desired target shape. Therefore, the essence of the shape control is the control of the load roll gap, and the thickness control only needs to control the opening precision at the midpoint of the roll gap, and the shape control must control the shape of the full roll gap within the width span of the steel sheet. To improve and improve the control level of the shape of the PPGI corrugated roofing sheet, it is necessary to start from two aspects. First, from the aspect of equipment configuration, such as the use of advanced shape control means to increase the rigidity of the rolling mill; the second is from the process configuration, including the original crown of the roll. Given, deformation and distribution of passes. Advanced hot rolling mills and cold tandem mills and control processes are at the forefront of the world in shape control. After the cold rolling, the hot-plating (aluminum) zinc unit is equipped with a leveling machine and a pull-up machine, so that the flatness of the galvanized steel sheet after annealing is further improved.
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