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Created 2019-04-12
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Title What is the difference between low-end suspension assembled floor and high-end suspended assembled floor?
Description The quality of suspended plastic flooring on the market is uneven. How to quickly distinguish the high end and low end of the interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring in a complex market. Sc-zsfloo teaches you to make the difference from the following five points: First, the injection port Low end: Most low-end suspension assembled floor injection ports are in the center of the floor back and have only one injection port. Such an injection port: firstly, it needs to be manually cut, the work is relatively rough, and the shape of the injection port is difficult to see. There is only one center in the center of the injection port. The pressure in the center is large. The pressure around the center is small. It will appear in the center. The center will rise, and the surrounding area will not be full. The main point is that the central pressure is high, the floor is molded, and the middle is bulging. High-end: Most of the high-end assembled plastic floor injection ports are on the floor of the floor, and the injection port is automatically peeled off, the injection port is more beautiful. There are usually two or four or six injection ports, the pressure distribution is even, the circumference is full, no bubbles, and the floor is flat and heavy. Low end: The low-end assembled sports floor surface is rough. The surface matte treatment is not beautiful, and even some low-end products do not have a matte finish. High-end: The high-end assembled plastic floor surface is finely finished, the surface is frosted, and the method of sanding before the industry is always used. It is beautiful, and there is no extra edge or broken corner. Third, the weight Low end: Low-end assembled floors, most of which are lighter in weight, most of the low-end assembled floors are below 190 grams, and even more than 150 grams each. The reason is "the floor is thin", so the amount of raw materials is small. This kind of floor structure has poor stability and is prone to cracking in winter. A few low-end assembled floors are heavy, mostly above 210 grams. The reason (adding stone powder, adding recycled material), so it is heavy. The structure of the assembled floor is more stable, the winter sports are more prone to cracking, and the floor is easy to be powdered. High-end: High-end assembled floor, the weight is about 200 grams per piece, pure polypropylene PP raw material particles, raw material production, no added stone, no recycling materials used. Fourth, the smell Low-end: low-end products, smell, summer odor is heavier, toxic, not environmentally friendly. High-end: High-end assembled floor, no smell, environmental protection. Five, color Low end: Pigment powder is often used in low-end products. The color fade time is fast, and the color drop control is relatively poor. not ideal. Even some products, up to 40% in one year, are difficult to accept. High-end: High-end assembled flooring mostly uses pigmented masterbatch crystals or imported toners. The color fade time is slow, and the color drop control is ideal. After three years, the color drop of the kindergarten interlocking outdoor soft elastic flooring is controlled at around 15%, which is completely within the acceptable range. Without comparing the new floor, you can't see the floor life.
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