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Created 2019-04-12
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Title Kindergarten anti-skid floor material and children's floor installation method
Description What is a kindergarten floor? I believe that many parents are not familiar with it, because the kindergarten floor has a short time in China. This kind of floor is only widely used in public places such as schools and kindergartens. In the future, this kind of safety anti-slip floor will be used in home decoration materials, below. Let us introduce: the material of the kindergarten non-slip floor and the installation steps of the child safety floor. Kindergarten anti-skid floor material: Since the children's children are very naughty, the detachable elastic knight sport flooring protection should be fully considered when selecting the plastic floor, so as to minimize the damage caused to the child's exercise. Now the children are the treasures of the family. When the kindergarten chooses the plastic floor materials, it also needs to consider whether the floor contains harmful substances. Kindergarten floors also require full anti-slip measures to prevent children from slipping during walking. Since the kindergarten floor is so important, what kind of floor is the best protection for the child? Kindergarten flooring is a new type of ground decoration material that has emerged in recent years. It is more practical. This new material is made from non-toxic and harmless polypropylene (pp). Kindergarten flooring, also known as children's flooring, is very popular in the world, but it has a short time in China, and it is a new type of ground decoration material with excellent performance. This type of floor is widely used in public places such as schools and kindergartens. The products are safe and environmentally friendly. In the future, it is believed that this kind of safety floor will gradually be applied to home decoration. The assembled floor made of polypropylene material has many advantages, and the ground requirements for the paving are not very high, just the floor is flat and clean. Ensure children's safety in all aspects. For all schools, safety is always in the first place. Therefore, in the kindergarten, you should try to put a non-slip, elastic floor material as much as possible to prevent children from falling, running, and colliding when playing outdoors. The child's physical development system is not yet mature, and the external air pollution is still very harmful to the child's body. Therefore, children's ground should try to choose the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking to provide children with an environmentally friendly and healthy space.
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