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Created 2019-04-15
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Title 5 aspects of kindergarten environment design should be included
Description Children are always happy. The carefreeness at that time is also the time we often read when we grow up. The place where we started to receive education is kindergarten. Some of our ideas and even personality are Affected by the kindergarten, we always have this wonderful idea to be able to go back to childhood and study in our excellent kindergarten. So what is the excellent kindergarten commercial prefabricated interlocking running track? Our collection design thinks to include the following 5 aspects: 1. Integrated environment: A good environment should have a certain benign stimulation effect on young children. Children can get what they need in the environment. Therefore, changing the situation in the environment that is not connected with each other, combined with the content of the activity environment becomes an organic whole. Parents understand the status quo of the child from the environment, and the child will gain the continuous development of observation, memory, expression, analysis and judgment under the interaction with this integrated and orderly environment. 2, the macro environment: in addition to let children understand the things around, it should also let the children have an eye for the world and awareness. It is necessary to create a world-wide environment for children. It is the kindergarten design concept that is the mainstay of this kindergarten. Good idea of ​​the healthy growth of children is the foundation for children's happy growth. We hope that each child can grow up and learn in your favorite kindergarten and make his childhood happy and happy. 3, the generated environment: the environment should be generated by the needs and interests of young children, not imposed on the child by the teacher, or no reason to come out of nowhere. Rather, through the details of the children's daily life, they can build their favorite environment or games. Through the continuous development of the game, children develop in language, computing, emotion, responsibility, and people. 4, autonomous environment: children's self-selected games, the activity materials are taken by the children themselves, the 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring is gradually formed in the continuous update of the game, so the children are very familiar with the location of each material and game, the younger the child It’s like a little master. Because of their voluntary activities, the children in the game are orderly, live and not chaotic; due to their personal needs, the environment does not interfere with each other, the child's personality has been developed, sc-zsfloor professional provides environmentally friendly ground materials The program, so the concentration and input level of children's activities, learning habits, etc. have been improved. 5. The flowing environment: We re-recognize the value of the environment and let the wall speak. In the past, we spent a lot of time and energy, and arranged beautiful living room wall decorations for young children. However, this did not cause too much attention for young children. It seems that young children have long been accustomed to the colorful environment arranged by teachers. Young children are only involved in the outdoor work bar or a little space we leave. Try to arrange the activity room environment with the children. The children's favorite is the environment in which they really participate. The above is the excellent kindergarten environment design introduced by the commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring of the kindergarten floor. The sc-zsfloor is a professional company that provides indoor and outdoor ground design and floor materials (plastic floor/assembled floor/PVC floor glue) decoration design. The ground designer provides high-end kindergarten design and decoration services.
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