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Created 2019-04-15
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Title The crusher has been widely used in various industries
Description As a large-scale crushing equipment, the SBM Cone Crusher has been widely used in the metallurgical industry. However, in recent years, crushers have begun to break through industry restrictions and gradually applied to other industries. For example, large limestone crushers are used in cement production, and the main application area is the manufacture of new dry process cements. The working principle is that the machine works by the electric motor through the elastic rubber plate coupling, which directly drives the rotor with the flywheel. The ore is fed with a heavy plate feeder to achieve a uniform fabric. The bulk ore enters the crusher and first falls on two rubber-supported shock-resistant feed rolls. The two feed rolls have different rotational speeds, the latter being slightly higher than the former, and applied outside the industry to prevent the ore from being wedged between the two rolls. A portion of the fines in the feedstock leaks between the two rolls and the remainder is sent to the rotor. The ore that is fed by the crusher is crushed or thrown by the hammer on the rotor that rotates at high speed. The ore that is thrown up collides with the counterattack in the counter-attack chamber in the upper part of the body or collides with it and then is broken. The head is brought into the crushing plate and the working area of ​​the purlin continues to be broken and broken until it is smaller than the size of the quilting and is discharged to the discharge belt conveyor set under the machine and transported away. Many parts and components of machines produced by regular manufacturers need to be purchased from other manufacturers of professionally produced parts, even semi-finished steels. These forging techniques will meet industry standards and will not cause welding deviations and cracks. The specifications of the device brackets, liner pads, etc. are not qualified. This will cause the machine's self-protection function to fail when the production meets the requirements, causing the frame of the formwork breaker to crack. Improper user operation is also a very important cause of rack cracking. For example, after the device is not checked for the solid state of the fixed jaw, the jaws are swayed up and down during work, thereby touching the frame. Over time, it can cause the rack to crack due to overwhelming. The screws on the bearing cap of the fuselage are loose and not tightened in time, causing the frame to crack. When the device template Crusher Machine was used, it was not carefully checked, resulting in eccentric shaft and tight bushing damage. As a result, the flywheel wheel weight is misaligned and the frame is cracked. How to deal with the cracking of the crusher frame, the construction of the building template crusher is very much, if you use a lot of hair to describe it can not be overemphasized. There are so many manufacturers among them, some manufacturers who have no qualifications at all, mostly small factories such as husband and wife factories and brother factories, have not obtained production licenses. Due to the small size of the manufacturers, the technical construction of the building formwork breakers produced by these manufacturers does not follow the quality and specifications of the industry.
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