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Category Pickups
Created 2019-04-16
Owner yanghuim 
Title Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder installation and commissioning
Description The tractor installs the harvester adhesive, uses the rear drive output of the tractor to do the power, and the rear suspension operation, the work efficiency is high, and the various working widths are optional, satisfying the choice of different users and different terrains. The equipment is specially designed for the sticky soil of crop cultivation. It is highly efficient and does not harm crops. The clay runs without difficulty. Advantages of Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China: 1. From the garlic machine. Do not hurt the garlic, the knife depth is about 15 cm, adjustable. 2.When garlic, garlic does not move, will not be full of mess. 3. The operation is simple, easy to use, everyone, can use. 4. Applicable to one family, each family can consume. 5. Does not affect the crops of the intercropping, does not hurt the seedlings, adapt to the cultivation habits of the people. Installation and commissioning of Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder for tractors installed in China Insert the lower hanging wall pin of the implement into the hanging armhole of the hand-held machine, pin the pin lock, and the upper arm of the machine is linked with the central rod of the tractor. The center rod can be rotated to adjust the depth of the implement, and the gearbox is fixed to the tractor. On the output shaft, the implement gearbox and the split gearbox are connected by a crank arm. Harvesting garlic with garlic excavation machinery can reduce labor intensity, increase labor productivity, save man-hours, increase the yield and quality of garlic, and achieve greater revenue and savings. After years of research and development, AGCO's adhesive performance has been significantly improved, and the price of tractor-mounted harvester adhesives in China is also reasonable. Precautions for using the harvester adhesive: One: Garlic is laid out in an orderly manner. More than 95% of the garlic is covered with garlic, which basically meets the quality standards of manual placement, ensuring that the machine can be harvested under the scorching sun and increasing the operation time of the machine. Second: the effect of clearing the soil is better. Under the conditions of sand and loam, most of the soil is separated, which is beneficial to the artificial removal of roots. Third: the chance of blockage of the machine is reduced. Four: the attachment performance of the machine is improved, and the walking speed is uniform. Five: The operation is convenient and flexible, the machine realizes hydraulic lifting, and the seat type operation, the working depth, and the working range are easy to control. The improved machine has a single machine operation of 98 acres in 5 days, and no parts failure has been found.
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