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Created 2017-10-20
Owner xuanxuan251
Title What are the main points of Raymond Mill assembly?
About me Raymond mill is the need to assemble to use, because it has a lot of components, so generally need to mine manufacturers to send technical personnel to the site to guide the installation and commissioning, in this process there are a lot of attention to the place, Otherwise it is not suitable for the installation of the machine, or after the installation of the machine used in the process of this or that problem. So be sure to ensure that this point in order to assemble the machine in place. Generally need to pay attention to the pipeline connection must be completely sealed, the basis of the time to be sure to check the size of the rigorous, can not be installed in the host when the size of the wrong situation. Also in the test machine must first let the machine idle after about 10 minutes, so inside the screws are tight again, and then start adding material grinding.
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