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Created 2017-10-31
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Title Suit Underwear
About me Safe corset style bra raw cookie dough made students sick:suit Annie WermielThe purveyors womens bikinis sale of New York’s latest foodie craze — raw cookie dough by the scoop — are facing a lawsuit from two city students who say the sweet stuff made them ill despite assurances from the company that the raw food product is “completely safe.”see alsoPeople are waiting hours to eat this cookie doughA new sweets shop has touched a raw nerve. New... Julia Canigiani and Katherine Byrne suit underwear — two pals from Manhattan College — sued Cookie DO NYC, located just south of Washington Square Park, in Manhattan federal court on Thursday, claiming they were deceived. DO, which opened in January to rave reviews, says its product is “completely safe to consume” because it’s made with pasteurized eggs and “heat-treated” flour, according to the lawsuit. Yet Canigiani and Byrne, both 19, say they and a third friend, who is not a party to the lawsuit, became seriously ill after visiting the store in March. Canigiani said that within 15 minutes of eating DO’s ice cream “Sandowich” she felt “stomach pains” that later turned into diarrhea. Byrne experienced “heartburn and stomach ache” through the night and into the next day, according to the lawsuit. Their lawyer, Brittany Weiner, cited similar complaints from customers on Yelp claiming they also got sick from the cookie dough. DO did not return a request for comment.
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