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add to favorites The best use of Hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller l/mile No  
China is a big agricultural country, especially wheat, and its area and output are the second in the world. According to the data, China's annual planting area is about 25 million hectares, which is mainly distributed in the northeast and north China, as well as parts of the southwest and northwest. Such high yields are bound to bring certain difficulties to the harvest, thus promoting the large wheat thresher. product marketing. Now the Hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller is very popular and used by the majority of users in the Chinese market. wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller can be peeled and threshed, and the investment cost is small, enabling small-scale production and processing, such as rural areas with small wheat planting area. It can exercise two-phase electric production, which is out of the limits of electricity consumption and can also be converted into diesel engine production to meet the general production needs of rural areas. The Hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller outlet is equipped with a powerful blower and vibrating screen. It is further filtered and filtered to remove the impurities and make the sweet corn kernels clean and beautiful! Suitable for all kinds of wheat threshing. Users who have used the wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller say that the use of this equipment can not only improve production efficiency but also reduce labor, so now more and more users use thresher equipment, to a certain extent It also increases the user's production efficiency.
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Due to its excellent performance, galvanized steel coils are widely recognized and loved by a wide range of consumers. However, in the course of use, there is a phenomenon that causes users to have a headache, that is, corrosion, the steel coil itself has Very good corrosion resistance, but some are because the outside world or a certain substance in the air reacts with the steel coil. Corrosion will undoubtedly affect the future use of the steel coil. Therefore, improving the corrosion resistance of the Galvanized Steel Coil made in China becomes very Important. Let's take a closer look below. In the production of galvanized steel coils, there is a process of galvanizing, which has a good aesthetic concept in appearance and a good shelter from the quality. However, a little understanding of the industry knows that any metal stored in the environment will be mildewed and rusted. If you want to slow down the hot sale galvanized steel coil, you should store it properly, and it should be placed in a ventilated and boring place. Environment, because the metal encounters the water in the air, it will rust and be oxidized for a long time. So how do you deal with this problem from Kenben? It must be considered from the beginning of the coil coating. In general, hot-dip galvanizing steel coils are relatively less susceptible to oxidation than electrogalvanized steel coils because the hot-dip galvanizing process is to coat a thin layer of zinc on the surface of the coil, even if it produces white chalk. Normal use. First, improve the production technology of galvanized steel coils, do not miss the plating during galvanizing, but also cover the flat coating, alloy coating to improve the anti-corrosion effect; Second, we must introduce advanced production equipment and production technology to ensure the quality of galvanized steel coils; Third, change the excellent galvanizing solution to improve the anti-corrosion performance of galvanized steel coil. The above content is simple to introduce to you an effective way to improve the anti-corrosion of galvanized steel coils. In fact, these are all manufacturers need to do, therefore, this requires users to check more when choosing a manufacturer, choose a regular manufacturer, so that Ensure the quality of the steel coil. The galvanized steel coil is not oxidized. It is believed that consumers have a certain understanding through the above information, so that it is not used when it is used, but there will be quality problems when it is used. If there is anything in use or purchase, If you have problems, you can indirectly choose from our manufacturers. Here, you will inevitably choose something that suits you.
add to favorites trapezium mill has an irreplaceable role   No  
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There are many parts on the belt conveyor, generally includes a trapezium mill, transmission device, conveyor belt, a bracket, wherein, the tension apparatus is very important, it is directly related to the safe operation of conveyor can and is able to work a long time problem, then for the belt conveyor, the application principle of belt tension device is irreplaceable, in the actual production process, the belt tensioning degree requirements are very strict, so the requirement of trapezium mill is very high. Generally speaking, the trapezium mill is mainly composed of a station, accumulator, cylinder, a control box and its accessories and so on, when the belt conveyor running, trapezium mill able to automatically adjust the tension of the belt, can at any time and place of balanced tension, and this kind of device can be conveyor belt tension is stable, dynamic the reaction is very fast, this is a kind of device is completely automatic programming, are respectively provided with manual and automatic two kinds of working mode, no matter what kind of mode will be able to guarantee the smooth operation of the belt conveyor. Through the above analysis we can know, no matter what kind of mode is conveyor, new type of belt trapezium mill can guarantee enough tension of conveyor belt, and the characteristics of unique can make the equipment suddenly elongation or contraction can be compensated, so visible tension device on the belt conveyor is the role of unparalleled.
add to favorites trapezium mill has an irreplaceable role   No  
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There are many parts on the belt conveyor, generally includes a trapezium mill, transmission device, conveyor belt, a bracket, wherein, the tension apparatus is very important, it is directly related to the safe operation of conveyor can and is able to work a long time problem, then for the belt conveyor, the application principle of belt tension device is irreplaceable, in the actual production process, the belt tensioning degree requirements are very strict, so the requirement of trapezium mill is very high. Generally speaking, the trapezium mill is mainly composed of a station, accumulator, cylinder, a control box and its accessories and so on, when the belt conveyor running, trapezium mill able to automatically adjust the tension of the belt, can at any time and place of balanced tension, and this kind of device can be conveyor belt tension is stable, dynamic the reaction is very fast, this is a kind of device is completely automatic programming, are respectively provided with manual and automatic two kinds of working mode, no matter what kind of mode will be able to guarantee the smooth operation of the belt conveyor. Through the above analysis we can know, no matter what kind of mode is conveyor, new type of belt trapezium mill can guarantee enough tension of conveyor belt, and the characteristics of unique can make the equipment suddenly elongation or contraction can be compensated, so visible tension device on the belt conveyor is the role of unparalleled.
add to favorites Fire prevention measures for installing Low-cost Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper l/mile No  
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The multi-purpose harvester is a new agricultural machinery and equipment in recent years. Its appearance has made farmers' friends say goodbye to the traditional manual harvesting methods for thousands of years, greatly reducing the labor intensity of farmers' friends. Mechanical equipment should be safe first in the operation process, so the operator must fully grasp the knowledge of safe operation of the multi-function harvester. When the multi-purpose harvester is used for harvesting, it is hot or the weather is dry. If it is slightly negligent, it is prone to fire and causes serious safety accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of a harvester fire accident, the following points should be noted when installing a Low-cost Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper: 1. Harvesters should be carefully inspected and maintained before putting into harvesting operations. According to relevant regulations, “Five Nets” (oil, water, gas, machinery, tools), “four no leaks” (oil, water, gas, electricity), "Six closed" (diesel tank port, gasoline tank port, oil filler port, carburetor, magneto, oil inspection port), "one intact" (technical state), while keeping the engine and fuel tank clean, no gasoline Wipe grease. 2. Always check the electrical equipment to see if the connection of the circuit leads is loose or not. Wire joints should be firmly connected with bolts with spring washers; circuit harnesses and wires should be covered with plastic pipes and sealed to prevent water from entering the oil; there should be no oil near the wires, and the battery of the corn harvester should have good protection equipment to prevent metal. A short-circuit arc occurs when the object falls. 3. The electrical circuit is away from the heat source. Use the clip to fix the wire passing through the moving part. The middle span of the wire should not be too long or too short to prevent the wire from being worn, scratched and exposed due to rotation or vibration. 4. Always check the ignition time of the gasoline engine for starting to prevent carburetor tempering when working in the field; it is best to install a qualified Mars collector for the engine host. Do the above fire prevention measures to use the multi-purpose harvester equipment safely.
add to favorites Suspended assembly floor hot spot advantage l/mile No $
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  Since the market has entered the market, the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track has quickly occupied a place in the pavement of sports venues, so what are its hot spots and advantages?   The new generation of suspended assembled flooring can not only be used in kindergarten venues, basketball courts, badminton and other sports venues, but also can be used in leisure places such as balconies and rooftops. The paving is convenient and beautiful. Hot spot advantages of suspended assembled flooring:   1. Long life: Polypropylene (PP), an environmentally friendly raw material used in this product, is a high-strength material. It uses modified polypropylene with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation and cold resistance to make it resistant to pressure, impact and resistance. High and low temperature, long service life and so on.   2. High cushioning performance: The product cross-section has a variety of bow-shaped structures, which makes the product increase its cushioning property, effectively reducing the damage of the user and increasing the resilience of the ball (return elasticity up to 96%).   3. Environmental protection: Polypropylene (PP), the main raw material used in the product, is a non-toxic and harmless environmentally friendly product (PP material is a food grade material).   4. High utilization rate of outdoor use: Since the basic structure of the product is the hollow structure of the nest, there is a sink at the bottom of the floor, so there is no water after cleaning the floor or rain, which ensures the utilization of the sports floor.   5. Suspended assembled floor has the convenience and speed that other floors do not have. The floor installation is connected with the male buckle. In order to make the adjacent two floor blocks tightly fit after installation, the rubber seam can be used to knock the floor joints. Glue and any nails are required. A standard basketball court usually takes less than three hours to complete the pavement, and can be disassembled and moved at any time. The venue can change the local color or re-patch the pattern at will;   6. The patented design of the suspended assembled floor (bottom support column support, arched drain groove, interlocking connection at the edge), which achieves vertical shock absorption and energy return, and provides lateral cushioning function to prevent sprains and bruises. Sports injuries such as strains can effectively protect the health of the spine and ensure the healthy growth of adolescent bones.   7. Assembling the commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is simple to install, reflecting its “assembly” performance, and the edge is connected by a lock (this design has a world patent), which is basically a manual operation and does not require professional installation. And the ground requirements are not high, the old cement floor can be partially repaired, no need to re-do the ground; no maintenance period, can be used after installation, and can be disassembled many times.
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In the market, the grading hammer mill quotations are not the same, so caution. Next was done on the hammer mill to conduct a comprehensive monitoring, first ensure that is original equipment complete, must be followed by an overhaul of the equipment after running for a period of time, and ensure that all parts of equipment in good condition, no wear, post maintenance work than the earlier stage is more important, because it determines the equipment whether can continue to take such an important position. Thus, in a production line in the position of hammer mill is very important, if can run efficiently hammer mill, then for the whole production and processing process are very favorable, grading of the hammer mill to make classification of materials, materials with different particle size were divided into different combinations to great save time and money, so the industry for the continuous improvement of hammer mill and innovation is not to stop, only to the equipment of continuous innovation, to meet the growing demand, therefore, grading sealing hammer mill is representative of the hammer mill industry works, just also shows the development direction of the hammer mill, is toward customer habits and continuously development.
add to favorites How to make the grading Raymond mill   No  
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The scope of application of Raymond mill is very extensive, processing and manufacturing industry in the industry needs to use different types of Raymond mill, covers a very wide, in the mines, refractory materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries have occupied an important position, generally has the grading Raymond mill, are therefore called grading Raymond mill, is the basic equipment necessary for all walks of life. Especially in the mineral processing plant, which is the largest amount of use. In the mineral processing plant, Raymond mill according to the transmission mechanism is different, the needed material is different and so on, but whatever the Raymond mill, customer once purchased, all want to play it's the biggest work efficiency, are trying to improve their processing production line profit to the extreme, so to maximize the efficiency of Raymond mill have to pay attention to the Raymond mill some matters needing attention and some follow-up maintenance method, can let the equipment has maintained the most superior performance, so first of all for manufacturers, in the equipment factory detection of professional manufacturers, will be the indicators for the equipment, all qualified before the factory, secondly, to the customer, the most important is to choose an experienced good reputation of the manufacturers, so the most valued customers should be the equipment price, rather than simply the price factors.
add to favorites What is the difference between suspended assembled floor and wooden floor? l/mile No $
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The suspension assembled sports floor is the detachable elastic knight sport flooring on the market. It is a very advanced and innovative sports ground paving material. Like the wooden floor, it is very popular among people in various sports fields and home decoration. Since it is the floor that the public likes, there will be some confusion in the selection. What are the advantages of the suspended assembly sports floor and the wooden floor? Let's explain it in detail. 1. Insect prevention: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling floor is mainly made of modified PP (polypropylene) as raw material. The material is imported from abroad without any pest control. The wooden floor has higher requirements for pest control, such as no pest control or pest control. If it is not done well, the mites can easily destroy the internal structure of the wood flooring itself. 2. Maintenance: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling special materials and construction of the floor, the longest time, maximum acceptance of sports and load, and will not affect the sports performance and maintenance function; the wooden floor needs to be restored and maintained after a period of use, otherwise it will Affects its internal physical structure and produces deformation. 3. Moisture-proof requirements: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling sports floor does not require any moisture-proof measures; wooden floor is also very high in moisture-proof requirements, and the moisture-proof process is complicated. If it is not done with moisture-proof treatment or moisture-proof treatment, the wooden floor will be produced after the tide. Deformation, leading to walking and so on. 4. Environmental protection: suspension assembled sports floor colorless and odorless, low noise (noise reduction coefficient ASTM C 423 5-10%); wood flooring in the process of processing additives, equipment in the process of adhesives, floor paint, etc.! These will have different degrees of gas volatilization, and there are harmful volatile substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. 5. Construction: The construction technology of suspended assembled floor is mature and simple, and the construction time is short. A standard basketball court can be completed within 4 days. The wooden floor construction process is complex, requiring protection measures such as moisture, insect and fire prevention, and partial wooden floor. The need to build the keel is time consuming and labor intensive. 6. Cost Maintenance: The outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking is a one-time investment, and no investment is required after the use. The price of a good imported wooden floor is higher than that of the assembled floor. In the later stage, it is also necessary to clean, polish, wax, etc., and if necessary, redo the "three defenses", and the investment is relatively large.
add to favorites An innovative breakthrough in the Factory supply and widely used Agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester l/mile No  
Because of the complexity of corn planting and harvesting methods in China, the limitations of the working principle of traditional corn harvesting machinery, the immature technical design and the instability of manufacturing quality, many products have large power consumption, low work efficiency, and straw. The problem of poor smashing effect and failure to treat at one time makes corn harvesting a “bottleneck” that restricts the development of agricultural mechanization in China. With Aike's technicians, according to the needs of users and the actual situation in China, a new type of corn harvester equipment has been produced. TheFactory supply and widely used Agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester, which are currently promoted. Compared with the corn combine harvester, it completely rids the shackles of the traditional principle, and the unique design and innovation of the structure have created the first use of the whole plant of corn straw. The main performance can be summarized as three major innovation breakthroughs: The first is the innovative breakthrough in the treatment of corn root meal. The machine completely solved the root cause of the troubles of the farmers and reduced the number of bankruptcy operations for the farmers. The second is an innovative breakthrough in working principles. Different from the traditional principle, the mechanical operation process is: pulling out the whole whole plant of the corn by self-opening → rooting off the ground and then removing the root-soil by the rotary knife → conveying the whole plant to the picking roller → picking the ear, then splitting the two roads, all the way It is the promotion of the ear, the container, the container, the hydraulic lifting and unloading of the grain, the other is the straw separation and transportation → the straw juice extraction, followed by the juice collection or spraying, returning the straw, crushing the field or collecting the straw. . The third is the innovative breakthrough in the comprehensive development and utilization of straw. The machine can extract corn sap juice used as livestock feed and flowers, fruits, vegetables, and fertilizers. The straw after smashing is easy to collect and utilize, especially for pulp production, which can reduce environmental pollution during production.
add to favorites Indoor paving suspended assembly floor has a sound solution l/mile No $
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In all kinds of paving sites, there will always be different types of problems. What should I do when there is a sound in the interior of the pavement? Let's first analyze the cause of the sound of the assembled floor. Professionals point out that there are a number of reasons that can cause the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring to make a sound. The so-called suspended floor sound is when people walk on the suspended floor, the suspended floor is up and down, and the floating floor lock or the tongue and the mouth are “frictionally” to produce a sound. The root cause is that the suspended floor and the ground create a “gap”. Among the current international standards, there are no technical indicators and test methods for floating floor sounds. Therefore, the sound of the suspended floor after installation does not indicate that there is a problem with the quality of the product. Suspended floor warping will also cause loud noises, but most of this situation will be discovered before paving. On the assumption that when the suspended floor is paved, the ground is not flat or the moisture is improperly handled, and the reserved seam is lacking, so that the asymmetric arrangement of the weight in the room may cause the suspended floor to make a sound. Solution: Beyond 8 meters, you need to make a partition Assuming that the ground is not flat, the moisture-proof disposal is not in place, and other factors, the large area of ​​the house without the partition treatment will also cause the ground to make a sound. In rooms with a length or width greater than 8 meters, the total shrinkage of the prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court is three thousandths, that is, the shirring is 24 mm, and a gap of 12 mm should be left on both sides of the wall. But the baseboard is only 10 mm, and only 8-9 mm of the seam can be retained to buckle. Assuming that there is no partition treatment, there must be a problem of the suspended floor arching. Even if there are enough gaps, it will be bulged, causing the stepping on the suspended floor to move up and down, causing the sound to collapse. In this case, the maintenance is very laborious and the whole has to be removed. The partition is to "add a buckle" to change the direction of the suspension floor. In addition to the partition, the gap must be reserved according to the shrinkage rate of the suspended assembled floor. It is understood that the suspended floor will be irregularly contracted from the center of each room to the periphery, the center position does not shrink, and the farther away from the center line, the greater the amount of contraction. Therefore, even if the total room length and total width do not exceed 8 meters, the contraction direction should be designed. The center line of the outermost contour of the whole room should be taken as the center line, and then the reserved gap of each side position should be calculated according to the distance and contraction amount of each side from the center line, and the contraction direction of the prefabricated interlocking running track is artificially set.
add to favorites Installation basics of floating basketball court assembly floor l/mile No $
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   The suspended basketball court assembled floor is the most used type of venue in life. Let's share the basic knowledge of the installation of the suspended basketball court.    1. Construction basic requirements    Simply level the base cement (measured by 3m ruler ± 3mm), no obvious pits, drums; no waterproof treatment, ± 30 ° C environment can be constructed. Easy to install and disassemble, no glue is needed. It can be directly placed on a flat cement or asphalt floor, and the detachable outdoor sport court tiles is connected by a buckle, which is fixed by a rubber hammer.    2. Graphic line    The site is lined with a special paint for the polypropylene top layer and does not fall off. The protruding part of the circular area can be painted with the same color as the main body with a special paint of the same color.    3. Edge banding    The thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of the assembled floor is 2‰-3‰, so there must be a certain expansion and contraction zone around the site (about 5cm wide), which can be equipped with side strips according to the site area, and the side strip width is 5cm/ It is 25cm long and has a beautiful fixing effect.    Installation time    Usually four people can complete a standard basketball court pavement in less than eight hours.    5. Sports performance    The ball rebound rate is as high as 95%, the sliding friction coefficient is 0.52, and the sports shock absorption rate is over 15%. The performance is very close to the elastic double tier sport flooring for sports events.    6. Anti-skid design    It has a soft double cross-slip strip, which is non-slip and can transmit strong movement power as you like, preventing sports injuries such as sprains and bruises.    Seven. color    The surface of the suspended assembled floor is matt-treated, which is consistent with the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and reflects glare, which can better protect the eyes and not cause fatigue.    Eight. About basketball stand    The basketball stand area is reserved, and the basketball stand is placed on the ground without affecting the paving of the assembled floor.    Nine. Thermal expansion and contraction    The thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is 2‰-3‰. The expansion and contraction value does not cause the assembled floor and the ground to vacate in the up and down direction; in the left and right direction, the seams of the two assembled floors are not tight. Close together, but there is a certain gap, which ensures the expansion and contraction of every two assembled floors; plus the expansion and contraction area reserved around the site, enough to ensure the use of the entire site.    X. Foundation problems    There are 676 effective support points at the bottom of each sports assembly floor. On the one hand, it has a good shock absorption and cushioning effect, on the other hand, it also makes the movement power evenly dispersed in all directions. In this way, if there are occasional small pits on the site, no matter where the pit is, it will not affect the balanced load of the assembled floor. If it is a very obvious pit, drum, it must be handled before construction.
add to favorites Portable and stationary construction debris recycling equipment plant   No  
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What cause so much Impact Crusher In Stone Production Line construction debris? As we all know that it is produce during process of touring down the old and building the new constructions. If we do not make use of it, it may cause big damage to environment. But how can we recycling construction debris? To recycling construction debris, we need professional construction debris recycling equipment. There are main two ways to recycling construction waste. One is to build stationary crushing plant, and another is to recycling construction waste with portable crushing units. Both of them can make artificial sand with construction debris.

Application construction recycling equipment

Our construction waste Best Steel Slag Processing Equipment systems are built to process and efficiently separate wood, metals, cardboard, plastics, concrete, brick, carpet, aggregate, mixed rock and more. With Krause Manufacturing, you can be sure that you are getting the best C D recycling system for your money—one that will provide the highest value and the highest return on investment over the lifetime of your equipment, which is a very, very long time.

Portable construction recycling equipment plant

This crushing plant is name of its removability. We can move it to anywhere. It is often used in road building, high way construction, house building, etc. It can recycle construction debris and make use of it right now. Stationary construction debris recycling equipment plant. It is mainly consisting of jaw crushers, cone crushers (impact crushers, or hammer crushers), vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, and VSI/VSI5x crusher. We have to transport construction waste to recycling plant with trucks and build completed production line, for instance, we often add bricks making plant in construction waste recycling plant.

We are construction recycling equipment manufacturer

Are you finding construction recycling equipment to build a construction waste recycling plant? We are a professional construction recycling equipment manufacturer, and we have the ability to design and provide you completed production line to produce metals, cardboard, plastics, concrete, brick, carpet, aggregate, mixed rock and more. If you are finding construction debris recycling equipment, you can contact with us. We will introduce to you how to recycling construction with recycling equipment.

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The application of sports flooring is very wide, from commercial to civilian, from the factory to the school, from the institution to the hospital, from the stadium to the vehicle everywhere can see the sports floor. Even if this is not the case, the sports floor is suitable for all places. The application of sports flooring is to pay attention to functionality and applicability. The same use of sports flooring also uses different flooring according to the function of the detachable wood look indoor sport flooring. For example, the floor used in hospital wards must require the floor to be wear-resistant, stain-resistant and antibacterial. Basic requirements for environmental protection, fire prevention, safety and sound insulation; for shopping malls and supermarkets, the basic characteristics of the wear resistance, stain resistance, shock absorption, fire resistance and applicability of the floor should be considered; The wear resistance, stain resistance, safety, environmental protection, anti-slip, impact resistance and sound insulation requirements of the floor; the sports floor used for sports sports floors must first consider the safety, applicability of the floor, and the requirements of the sports floor. Then it is necessary to consider the characteristics of wear resistance, stain resistance, environmental protection and impact resistance of the floor; for the floor of the electronic workshop and the electronic equipment room with anti-static requirements, the floor is guaranteed to be wear-resistant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, clean and easy to clean. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the floor does not generate static electricity. It can be seen that different places need to use different sports floors, which cannot be generalized. To choose a sports floor, you must first understand the functionality of the place you use. What are the requirements for the floor? You must ensure the main functions of the place of use, and then master the main parameters of the floor and the applicable place of the floor. Choose according to your space design concept. Floor. There are many technical parameters to choose the floor. I will introduce you to some simple and easy knowledge of floor recognition for your reference when choosing the floor. 1. The sports floor has the distinction of coiled floor and sheet floor. Under normal circumstances, the coiled floor is more suitable for use in places with high ground cleaning requirements, such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, corridors, stairs, sports. Floors, gyms, halls, science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls, pharmaceutical factories, bus buses, subways, train cars, etc., sheet flooring is mainly used in commercial places, office buildings, corridors, halls and other places. 2, the sports floor color pattern is richer, all kinds of patterns are realistic, three-dimensional and texture, but the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court is suitable for indoor use of the floor, whether it is coil or sheet is not suitable for outdoor use, if used in semi-closed corridor Be sure to choose a floor with better anti-aging properties. No matter how the floor will change color, the sports floor is not suitable for use in places with strong sunlight. If it has been selected, it must be protected. 3, the thickness of the sports floor is many, the floor on the market is mostly the thicker the floor, the higher the price, so many people mistakenly misunderstand the high and low floor prices, quality is related to the thickness of the floor. The thickness and price of the floor are determined by the amount of raw materials invested, and the quality of the floor cannot be determined. The quality of the floor mainly depends on the wear resistance of the floor. The wear resistance of the sports floor of the homogenous body is divided into four grades of F, M, P and T. The wear grade of the floor of the F grade is the worst, the best of the T grade. . The wear resistance of the composite floor is based on the wear-resistance test of the floor. The test-type tool is used to perform the pressure-grinding test on the composite sports floor. The grinding is performed once per revolution, and the wear-resistant layer that has been polished to the floor is polished. The number of grinding revolutions until the printing layer is broken is the degree of wear resistance of the floor, and the higher the number of grinding revolutions, the better the abrasion resistance of the floor. Our country has two standards for the abrasion resistance of sports flooring (with the base layer), one is the general type, codenamed G; the other is the durable type, codenamed Ha. The universal type of floor wear resistance is more than 1500 rpm; the durable type is more than 5000 rpm. The general-purpose floor is only suitable for use in places with low wear resistance such as clean room and home. It is not suitable for use in commercial places such as hospitals, offices, schools, factories, etc. Commercial places can only use durable floors, or resistant to Grinding the floor with a number of 10,000 turns. 4, the wear layer of the sports floor (composite type) thin thickness can not completely determine the wear resistance of the floor, the wear layer thickness of the sports floor is generally between 0.1mm - 0.7mm, there are a few thickness up to 1.0 - 1.2 Mm. The floor of different manufacturers, the wear layer is different in thickness, the wear resistance of the floor is also different, the same is 0.4mm thick wear layer, some floor wear resistance is 3000 rpm, and some have 6000 rpm; A sports floor with a thin wear-resistant layer is more wear-resistant than a floor with a thick wear-resistant layer. This is mainly determined by different manufacturers and the quality of the wear layer. It can only be said that the abrasion resistance of the floor with high wear-resisting layer will be good, but it is not absolute. It is recommended that customers should ask the floor dealer for the quality inspection report of the floor when purchasing the sports floor to see the test results. You can also use 80-mesh sandpaper to lightly press back and forth on the floor samples provided by the seller. One round-trip is a turn to see how many turns the floor can receive to expose the base layer. The result of the test should be tested with the test report. small differences. If the printed layer of the floor is less than 1000 rpm, it will be destroyed, indicating that the floor does not have 1500 turns, which is the unqualified floor. 5. The elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is made of PVC material. PVC is PVC, which is plastic. Plastic is formaldehyde-free. Because PVC composite floor is multi-layer structure, the bonding of the floor requires certain processing technology and technology. Manufacturers with immature technology often use glue to bond, so that the sports floor contains harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Therefore, when buying sports flooring, don't forget to smell the floor with a pungent smell. Under normal circumstances, the sports floor will have a slight smell. The processing technique is better. The smell of the sports floor is almost inaudible, even if there is no Will stimulate the respiratory system. The floor produced by many domestic sports flooring manufacturers can't be dispersed after a few months of laying. 6. The fireproof rating of sports flooring is Bf1. Any floor below Bf1 cannot be used in public places (hospitals, office buildings, schools, stadiums, scientific research institutions, social structures, automobiles, etc.). The fire rating of building materials is strictly classified. The floor is mainly divided into 7 grades of A1fl, A2 fl, B fl, C fl, D fl, E fl and F fl. The fireproof rating of the sports floor is Bf1. 7, the color of the sports floor is more abundant, because the color of the sports floor is printed, so regardless of the manufacturer, the floor produced, even a model of the floor, the floor of different production batches have color difference, a production The color of the floor of the batch should be similar. If the gap is large, the floor manufacturer is not under strict management or the floor color difference processing technology is still immature.
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With the increasing demand for harvester equipment in the market, many types of harvester equipment have emerged, especially the production of High-Quality Multi-function Mini Rice Wheat Crop Grain Reaper Binder, which have been sought after by the users. Let me introduce you to the performance of this device today. The harvester adopts 920 mm widening bridge and adopts double-chain transmission. It has strong feeding ability, fast speed, and no clogging, and the harvesting efficiency is greatly improved. The 920 mm plate tooth roller, 920 mm concave plate sieve and 920 mm vibrating screen are used. 1700mm long threshing drum, better matching, fast de-granulation and good effect, more adaptable to wet and lodging crops; high-speed super high-position unloading grain, the height of unloading grain can reach up to 2.8 meters, and unloading grain is more convenient. The operation is more efficient; the advantages of the TB series product chassis technology are absorbed, the passability is better, the applicability is stronger, and it is more suitable for crop harvesting in the Central Plains region; the large fuel tank is added to extend the working time, and the collection is more and more efficient; The equipment is equipped with Yuchai and Quanchai 160 horsepower Guosan engines. It has strong power, high reliability, and green environmental protection. The innovative header fast-hanging device can be equipped with 2.58/2.75 m headers and optional automatic cutting device for cutting. Easy to operate, faster and more reliable. The industry's first air-conditioning anti-high temperature water tank heat-dissipating dust shield reduces the number of cleanings during operation, and is easy to maintain and maintain; the header anti-winding device is more suitable for humid grain harvesting and more reliable operation. New color and shape, stylish atmosphere, compact structure, stable center of gravity, new polymeric material cover, less vibration, leading the new style of harvester, new sealed cab, better driving environment, higher comfort, more noise Low; equipped with GPS positioning system, reversing image and radar system, the operation is more convenient and safe; it is a good helper for agricultural production now.
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First, when paving the sports floor, any one of the telescopic gaps is less than 1 cm, especially when the door edges and corners and the hidden parts are paved, the expansion gap or the sawing board is roughly estimated, so that any part of the floor is in contact with the fixture. As long as any part of the removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring is in contact with the fixture, the force and reaction force will occur, and the part or all of the arch will be lifted. In severe cases, the joint will be cracked or warped. Second, the cement floor is less than three months old, or three months after completion, but the doors and windows of the room are closed, airtight, non-ventilating, and excessively humid. In this case, the time for the sports floor will be slightly longer. Arching or seam cracking and warping. Third, before the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track, although the geothermal heating room has already done the heating experiment, because the geothermal construction unit did not reach the highest temperature in order to cope with early work or save money, there is no continuous observation of the temperature change, and the local surface has a temperature and then stops. Experiments, in this way, a large amount of moisture and warm air did not come out. After the local board was paved, once the heat was supplied again, the tide and moisture that could not be emitted increased sharply. Or even if a complete experiment is done, the geothermal temperature does not increase gradually after paving, but is raised once in place, so that the moisture, moisture, and hot air generated by the excessively rapid increase to the extreme temperature cause the floor to erect or crack. Bubbling phenomenon. Fourth, after the sports floor pavement, it does not enter the room for several months. When the doors and windows are closed for a long time, the indoor air does not flow and the humidity is not enough. Especially in the winter and summer seasons, the "squeaky board" in this environment is prone to arching and cracking. Fifth, the user did not maintain the floor according to the paving instructions and the “warranty card”. In particular, when cleaning the floor, the floor joints were poured into the water or the seams were often wetted, resulting in joint cracking and corner lifting. Sixth, in the sports floor paving, the paving workers in order to grab the time to grab the time, or simply rely on the experience to not carefully follow the "Pavement Manual" operation, the following illegal pavement phenomenon: A. The size of the head stitching is a beat paving; B. When the tapping is too hard or the position of the mat is improper, there is damage to the lock and it is not found; C. The installation is too strong, so that the seam is too tight, there is a slight arching; D. repeated repeated beats, Destroyed the lock seam; 5. Knocked weak, no fastening seams. Seventh, when the indoor tennis court interlocking mat is paved, the individual floor locks are not standardized (too loose) or tight, the locks are broken, and they are not picked out, but are mixed well and cause problems. Eighth, winter paving, due to the increase in water absorption rate of the floor and the “hibernation” of the sports floor, there is no need to place the floor in the user's room for more than 12 hours for temperature adaptation and “freezing and waking up”, so after the floor is laid for a while, cause problems. When paving, the floor mat is not staggered, especially if the mat seam is completely sealed with a dry tape, so that the moisture is pulled out from one place. In this case, the seam is not cracked, or is bubbling or slanting. . This is the most common and most common cause.
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Sports flooring is a type of industrial coating that has developed extremely rapidly in recent years. In general, coatings containing more epoxy groups in the composition are collectively referred to as epoxy floor coatings. The main variety of commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is a two-component coating consisting of epoxy resin and curing agent. There are also some single-component, self-drying varieties, but their performance is somewhat different from that of two-component coatings. The main advantage of sports flooring is that it has strong adhesion to inorganic materials such as cement and metal; the coating itself is very resistant to corrosion; it has excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance and impact resistance; it can be made into solvent-free or high-solid coating; it is resistant to organic solvents. Heat resistant, water resistant; coating film is non-toxic. The shortcoming is that the weather resistance is not good. If the sunlight is exposed for a long time, there may be chalking phenomenon, so it can only be used for primer or interior paint; the decoration is poor, the gloss is not easy to maintain; the construction environment is high, and the film is coated at low temperature. The curing is slow and the effect is not good; many varieties require high temperature curing, and the investment in coating equipment is large. Floor paint engineering epoxy resin coating is mainly used for floor coating, automotive primer, metal anti-corrosion, chemical anti-corrosion and so on. Is it necessary to play the keel when paving the solid wood sports floor? What is the demand for the installation of the solid wood composite sports floor and the reinforced composite sports floor? The installation of interlock double tier sport flooring is a crucial link. The installation of solid wood sports flooring directly affects the life of wooden sports flooring. Solid wood sports flooring installation needs to play keel. Solid wood sports flooring is a naturally produced sheet, so it is extremely expensive. The lower part needs to be keel. It is because the solid wood sports floor is afraid of acid, alkali, flammable, and more tightly, it is afraid of moisture infiltration. The preferred floor material for the high-end home floor. Solid wood composite sports floor can be used to play keel, you can also choose not to play keel, solid wood composite keel will make the foot feel better, step on it is very soft, this mainly depends on private needs. The solid wood composite sports floor keel installation covers the wooden keel and plastic steel keel paving method, which is required to be a wooden keel. The solid wood composite sports floor also has a suspension paving method: that is, it is suitable to use a moisture-proof film or a moisture-proof pad to install, and this method is a popular form until now. This is not necessary to play the keel. Consolidate the bottom layer of the composite sports floor to be a moisture-proof layer. Since this place has a moisture-proof layer, it is not necessary to hit the keel, and the price is the lowest. It can be seen from the above that whether the wooden sports floor needs to play the keel is mainly based on the category of detachable grid unity sport flooring. Solid wood sports flooring must be keel, solid wood composite sports floor can play keel or not keel, and reinforced composite sports floor does not need to play keel.
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1) All synthetic materials are based on high-standard foundation construction. The quality of the plastic foundation directly affects the quality of the plastic surface. Some construction units cut corners during the construction of detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer, such as the imbalance of the proportion of the gray soil layer, which does not meet the requirements of the Sanqi lime soil; some loess has poor texture and sandstone, and is used without treatment; the inorganic mixture layer is not used. Some of the official manufacturers' products use low-grade products; the medium-grained stone-grained asphalt concrete is too thin and the surface is uneven; in addition, the tonnage of the road roller is small, and the number of rolling is small, which does not reach the specified compactness. This kind of foundation can not guarantee the service life of the plastic surface layer. 2) The removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track reference pile point is not accurate. After the sports floor is repaired, the line is not allowed, and the distance of the game is not accurate, which has a great impact on training and competition. The reason for this is that the level of measurement technicians in the construction unit is poor, and it is measured with a tape measure or an uncalibrated steel ruler, which causes the standard sports floor data to be distorted. 3) The surface of the sports floor is not flat and does not meet the flatness required by the rules of various sports. As we all know, the plastic surface layer has no pores, so the requirements for inclination and level are very strict. Otherwise, there will be a pond at a low place, and the plastic surface layer will retain water for a long time, which will increase its aging degree and affect its use. life. 4) The plastic surface layer is not laid according to the design requirements and the thickness is not enough. For example, the track and field runway plastic should be 13mm thick, while some should only be about 10mm; the third-level long jump, pole vault, javelin-assisted runway and high jump take-off area should be 25mm thick, while some are not thickened or only about 18mm. Basketball and volleyball courts should be paved with 8mm, while some only have 5~6mm. Because the plastic surface is too thin, the softness is small, resulting in less elasticity. The impact of the foot on the ground during the athlete's game increases, resulting in injury. happened. 5) The surface of the plastic is severely detached. There are two reasons for the separation: 1 In the plastic paving process, the technology is not skilled, and there is no good timing to sprinkle the particles. Because the timing of sprinkling the particles is related to the climate temperature and temperature at that time, it is determined immediately. The particles will sink in the early morning, and the particles will not bond well in too late; 2 Some construction units use the material fish to mix the beads, replace the polyurethane rubber particles with EPDM rubber particles, and the affinity of EPDM rubber and polyurethane plastic is poor. , the adhesion is not strong enough, causing the particles to fall off. Why use EPDM? From the shape, it is neatly cut, and the gloss is more beautiful than polyurethane, but it is much cheaper than polyurethane. In order to prevent the particles from falling, some construction units spray glue on the surface of the rubber particles, and the manufacturer brushes a thick glue. This seems to fix the particles on the surface layer, but this layer of glue forms a hard film and thus loses. The role of non-slip particles makes it easy for athletes to slip and fall when exercising. According to the International Athletics Association Federation's Track and Field Flooring Standards Manual, “An important requirement for athletics is to ensure that there is no slip between the athlete's foot and the interlock commercial basketball court surface. This is the case in wet and dry conditions.” It is recommended that when laying the track and field plastic track, do not add a layer of glue to the surface of the anti-slip particles for the health of the students. In order to prevent the particles from falling off, a secondary laying synthesis process can be used, which ensures that about 95% of the particles will not be removed. 6) The plastic ingredients do not meet the relevant regulations of the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, causing the ratio to be seriously out of balance, resulting in premature aging and fracture of the plastic, which does not meet the quality standards of 8 to 10 years. In the plastic ingredients, Group A polyurethane is the main raw material, and its price is the most expensive. Group B consists of curing agent, color paste, flame retardant, anti-oxygen anti-UV agent and filler, among which filler talcum powder, clay and chlorinated paraffin (Liquid) The price is low. If the ratio of Group A and Group B exceeds 1:2.5~3, some indicators of the quality of plastic products will not reach the relevant standards. Some manufacturers reduce the amount of polyurethane, increase the amount of filler, and achieve the ratio. At 1:4 to 5, the quality of such plastics must be unqualified. There is also a kind of plastic filler called black granules, which is mainly processed from old rubber products. Its price is low, the ratio is about 20% to 25%, and some construction ratios are about 50%. Can not guarantee the quality. The problem described above will definitely appear.
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With the continuous development of China's agriculture, the corn planting area is also growing. Every season of corn harvesting, corn harvesters have become a good helper for farmers to harvest corn. The corn harvester has now become a relatively comprehensive mechanical equipment in agricultural equipment. The equipment can perform corn picking, peeling, threshing and stalk treatment at the same time, but we must do the lubrication and maintenance work of the corn harvester. Regarding the main precautions for the lubrication and maintenance of corn harvesters, how much do you know about it? Today, Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester wholesale manufacturers to give you a detailed understanding: 1. The equipment used for oil should be clean. Wipe grease and dust from grease nipples, filler ports, and lubrication parts before lubrication. 2. Lubrication means that the injection point should be filled with butter once per shift. When filling the butter with a grease gun, it must be added. When the filling is not entered, the lubrication part can be rotated and added until it is full. 3. Exposed rotating parts such as chain and exposed transmission gears should be lubricated and maintained every day. When lubricating, stop, remove the sludge on the chain and evenly brush the lubricating oil. In addition, the sleeve roller chain should be removed every 3 to 5 days, cleaned once in gasoline with a brush, and then immersed in hot oil for 15 minutes. 4. Always check the working temperature of the friction parts such as bushings and bearings. If the oil seal leaks and the working temperature is too high, it should be repaired and lubricated immediately. If it can not be repaired immediately, the lubrication interval should be shortened. For each lubrication part, detachable bearings, bushings, sliders, etc. should be combined with maintenance, cleaned with oil, and filled with lubricating oil after assembly. For oil-containing bearings, remove them after the end of each year and soak them in the oil for 2 hours. 5. After the trial operation of the Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester, or after a long period of operation, the gearbox gear oil and the engine oil pan oil should be replaced or filtered before use. Generally, it is checked once a week. It is found that the corn harvesting machinery oil leakage should be searched for reasons to eliminate the fault. When the oil level is insufficient, first check whether the residual oil is emulsified and deteriorated. If it has deteriorated, it should be completely replaced. If it has not deteriorated, add the same lubricating oil as the original model. To the required oil level. 6. After the end, each oil filling point should be filled with oil. Unpainted surfaces such as open drive gears and knives should be oiled and rustproof. The drive chain of each part should be removed, and then cleaned and immersed in the stock by oil.
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There are many advantages to installing a multi-purpose harvester in a walking tractor. It also brings great productivity to the user when it is used. Today, the manufacturer of the Walking tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper for sale is ready to introduce the equipment. What are the advantages and production benefits? Advantages and benefits: 1. Supporting power 1E40 F-5A, the engine adopts Japanese technology, the power is strong and stable, the cylinder wall is chrome-plated, and the crankshaft is strengthened to extend the engine life and the performance is matched. 2. The blades are made of high-quality manganese steel. The transmission part adopts advanced high-frequency quenching technology, which has strong wear resistance. The connecting parts of the transmission part are accurate and compact, and the operation is smooth, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user. 3. Configure protective equipment such as waist parts to provide effective protection for the comfort and safety of users. 4. Harvested, laid neatly, can be laid or stacked. 5. Replace the corresponding tool or work head, install a safety shield, and harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds, and tea plantation branches and flower slabs. 6. The use cost is low, the cost recovery is fast, and the harvest of a mu of rice and other crops is calculated based on the current market price of 90# and 93# gasoline, and the oil consumption per mu is about RMB 4.00. 7. Eliminate the phenomenon that the electric harvester is frequently stuck due to insufficient power so that the user's harvest is smoother.