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Consumers should clearly know the proper use of the high quality GI steel coil with spangles when they use them, because only knowing what is the benefit of cleaning galvanized steel coils will not cause any problems when they are used. Let’s talk about them in detail. How to operate correctly, in the process of cleaning the GI steel coil, in order to ensure the stability of the rolling process in the future, the emulsion is used, so that the rolling force can be reduced and the surface quality of the galvanized steel coil can be ensured. When using the emulsion, not only the emulsion but also an additive is added to the emulsion to improve the performance, so that the lubricant forms a network-like adsorption film on the metal surface to ensure the GI steel coil. The surface quality allows it to have toughness and compressive strength in future use. Since the adsorption of polar molecules and metal surfaces in the emulsion is large, the additive improves the rolling performance of the emulsion on the one hand, and ensures the stability of the rolling. On the other hand, the polar molecules and the emulsion in the additive Impurities such as oily components, fine iron powder, and leakage oil in the rolling mill hydraulic system are stably present in the uneven surface of the GI steel coil by the strong polarity (adsorption) of polar molecules.
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The application of sports flooring is very wide, from commercial to civilian, from the factory to the school, from the institution to the hospital, from the stadium to the vehicle everywhere can see PVC flooring. Even if this is not the case, PVC flooring is suitable for all places. The application of interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring is to pay attention to functionality and applicability. Similarly, the choice of PVC flooring is also based on the different functions of the flooring. For example, the floor used in hospital wards must require the floor to be wear-resistant, stain-resistant and antibacterial. Basic requirements for environmental protection, fire prevention, safety, and sound insulation; for shopping malls and supermarkets, the basic characteristics of the wear resistance, stain resistance, shock absorption, fire resistance and applicability of the floor should be considered; Floor wear resistance, stain resistance, safety, environmental protection, anti-slip, impact resistance, sound insulation; the sports floor used in sports venues must first consider the safety, applicability, compliance with sports requirements, and then Considering the characteristics of wear resistance, stain resistance, environmental protection and impact resistance of the floor; for the floor of the electronic workshop and the electronic equipment room with anti-static requirements, in the case of ensuring the floor is wear-resistant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, clean and easy to clean. It must be ensured that the floor does not generate static electricity. It can be seen that different places need to use different PVC floors, which cannot be generalized. To choose a sports floor, you must first understand the functionality of the place you use. What are the requirements for the floor? You must ensure the main functions of the place of use, and then master the main parameters of the floor and the applicable place of the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring. Choose according to your space design concept. Floor. There are many technical parameters to choose the floor. I will introduce you to some simple and easy knowledge of floor recognition for your reference when choosing the floor. 1. PVC flooring has the distinction of the coiled floor and sheet floor. Under normal circumstances, the coiled floor is more suitable for use in places with high ground cleaning requirements, such as hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, corridors, stairs, sports grounds. It is used in gyms, clubs, science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls, pharmaceutical factories, bus buses, subways, train cars, etc. The sheet flooring is mainly used in commercial places, office buildings, corridors, halls, and other places. 2, PVC floor color pattern is richer, all kinds of patterns are realistic, three-dimensional and texture, but PVC floor is suitable for indoor use of the floor, whether it is coil or sheet is not suitable for outdoor use, if used in semi-closed corridor Be sure to choose a floor with better anti-aging properties. No matter how the floor will change color, PVC floor is not suitable for use in places with strong sunlight. If it has been selected, it must be protected. 3, PVC floor thickness is a lot, the floor on the market is mostly the thicker the floor, the higher the price, so many people mistakenly misunderstood the price of the floor, the quality is related to the thickness of the floor. The thickness and price of the floor are determined by the number of raw materials invested, and the quality of the floor cannot be determined. The quality of the floor mainly depends on the wear resistance of the floor. The wear resistance of the PVC floor of the homogenous body is divided into four grades of F, M, P and T. The wear grade of the floor of the F grade is the worst, the best of the T grade. The wear resistance of the PVC floor of the composite is based on the wear-resistance test of the detachable indoor sport surface. The test-type tool is used to perform the pressure-grinding test on the composite PVC floor. The grinding is performed once per revolution, and the wear-resistant layer that has been polished to the floor is polished. The number of grinding revolutions until the printing layer is broken is the degree of wear resistance of the floor, and the higher the number of grinding revolutions, the better the abrasion resistance of the floor. Our country has two standards for the abrasion resistance test of PVC floor (with a base layer), one is the universal type, code name is G; the other is the durable type, code name is Ha. The universal type of floor wear resistance is more than 1500 rpm; the durable type is more than 5000 rpm. The general-purpose floor is only suitable for use in places with low wear resistance such as clean room and home. It is not suitable for use in commercial places such as hospitals, offices, schools, factories, etc. Commercial places can only use durable floors, or resistant to Grinding the floor with a number of 10,000 turns.
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Before the construction, the ground should be cleaned, not sand, drum or dusty oil. The error of the ground flatness within 2 square meters is within 2 mm. For special floors (such as tiled floors), brick joints of less than 2 mm and bricks and bricks with no height difference can be directly applied; floors with brick joints larger than 2 mm must be leveled (recommended for self-leveling). Self-leveling construction precautions 1. Ensure that the ground temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, self-leveling is prone to brittle fracture and looseness occurs. 2. The primer should be evenly applied before the self-leveling construction. Self-leveling construction shall be completely dry, uniform without liquid accumulation, and the primer shall be completely absorbed by the base layer; during the construction, a pack of self-leveling cement shall be poured into the mixing tank containing water according to the specified water-cement ratio, while pouring Stir. In order to ensure uniform self-leveling, it is necessary to use high-power, low-speed electric drill with a special agitator to stir, stir to a uniform slurry without agglomeration, and let it stand for about 3 minutes, then stir briefly, the amount of water should be strict. According to the water-cement ratio. Too little water will affect the fluidity, too much will reduce the strength after curing; the agitated self-leveling slurry will be dumped on the detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer, and the thickness will be controlled by the self-flowing tweezers, which will flow and level the ground by itself; If it is less than or equal to 4 mm, it needs to be scraped with a special tooth plate. Then the construction personnel should wear special spikes to enter the construction ground and use a special self-leveling venting roller to gently roll on the self-leveling surface to stir. The air mixed in is released, avoiding the bubble surface and the interface height difference; please close the site immediately after the construction is completed, and it is forbidden to walk for 5 hours. Avoid heavy impact within 10 hours and lay the ground after 24 hours. In winter construction, the laying of the removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track should be carried out after 48-72 hours. If self-leveling is required for fine grinding and polishing, it should be carried out after self-leveling is fully dried and solidified; the specific construction method is in accordance with the instructions of the self-leveling cement manufacturer. Precautions when laying sports flooring 1. After the ground is leveled, it should be cleaned up, not sanded, drummed or dusty or oily; 2, the area of scraping each time when scraping glue should not be too large, generally about 50-60 square meters each time, to avoid excessive drying time of glue, affecting the strength of adhesion; 3. The room temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius during construction; the interlock commercial basketball court surface should be placed flat 24 hours before construction to keep it at a constant temperature with the construction site. 4, the floor can not be squeezed too tight during construction, should retain natural expansion joints; (+10 degrees below construction is not allowed. +10 degrees to +20 degrees should be left 0.2mm-0.3mm; +20 degrees to +35 degrees Can be left naturally) During the construction process, 50KG-60KG (or a small roller when rolling) will be rolled and rolled back in front of the construction, and the remaining gas will be drained to completely bond the floor to the ground.
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China Peanut Picking Machine 8000/6000 is a very useful agricultural machinery in our agricultural machinery. Its production and use have brought great convenience to the development of our industry, but if we can't use it well in the process of use. Maintenance and maintenance will also cause trouble for our agricultural production, so we need to know some of its usage rules and maintenance knowledge before using the peanut picking machine, in order to lay the foundation for our better use in the future. Below we have a professional China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer to give you a detailed introduction to how we need to ensure the quality of the peanut picking machine in use. The appearance of the peanut picking machine has brought us great convenience, overcoming the difficulties at the time of harvest, and getting rid of the traditional harvest form, making the agricultural harvesting efficiency more rapid. The use of this equipment is an important sign of the early realization of the process of agricultural mechanization, but how to maintain the peanut picking machine in order to extend its life? The picking machine needs regular maintenance inspections, especially for the small parts of the picking machine. If the parts that are worn out for a long time need to be replaced in time, it is necessary to eliminate all kinds of troubles of the peanut picking machine in time and extend the machine. The service life guarantees the normal operation of the peanut picking machine. It is necessary to check the lubrication of the machine frequently, and it is necessary to continuously add lubricating oil, which can reduce the degree of machine wear and increase the working efficiency and increase the use time. The above is the place where the professional manufacturer introduces some attention to its use. We must pay more attention to the knowledge of the product during the use of agricultural machinery. Only in this way can we calmly deal with the mechanical use process. In the event of a fault, the picker equipment can be used better.
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In the spring, during the use of PVC floor, we must pay attention to keep the PVC floor dry and clean. In general, the moisture content of the removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring is maintained at 8%-13%. However, if it is improperly laid and used, it will cause quality problems in the pelvic floor, such as no moisture treatment when laying; wet with water or scrub with soda water or soapy water, which will destroy the brightness of the paint; the bathroom and the room floor are not made. Good isolation; no attention is paid to the curtains in the summer, so that the PVC floor in front of the window is discolored and cracked after exposure to hot sunlight; or the temperature of the air conditioner is too low, causing the temperature difference between day and night to change too much, causing the PVC floor to expand or contract too much. Cause deformation and cracking, etc. In addition, moisture resistance is the most important technical indicator of wood PVC floor. The commercial prefabricated interlocking running track with poor moisture resistance performance, under the long-term "steaming" of geothermal heat, once the moisture enters, the edge of the PVC floor must be lifted, causing damage to the PVC floor. The high-quality PVC floor uses a high-density substrate, which has excellent moisture resistance, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate is much smaller than the national standard. In addition, the special wear layer, decorative paper, and balance layer can “close” the substrate well, which ensures the overall moisture resistance of the PVC floor is better. Three-point quality seven-point installation There has always been a saying in the PVC flooring industry that the wooden PVC floor is a "three-point PVC floor seven-point installation", that is, the installation is good or bad determines 70% of the PVC floor quality. The PVC floor is not ideal, and it is largely caused by the PVC floor covering. The PVC floor covering problem has become a stubborn disease restricting the use of PVC flooring. To avoid unpleasant PVC floor repairs, it is more important to do a good job in sales. Professionals told reporters that before the installation of PVC floor, the staff must carry out four different aspects of measurement preparation, which can be used for later construction. Intermittent ventilation can discharge moisture In the event of rain, try to close the doors and windows in the south or southeast direction (ie, the direction of the wind), and only open the doors and windows in the downwind direction to reduce the moisture entering the room. When the weather turns fine, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water. At the same time, because the air humidity in the room at noon is at the highest value, it is not advisable to open the window. It is best to open the window to adjust the indoor air in the afternoon or evening when the climate is relatively dry. Unlike winter PVC flooring, which needs moisturizing, after entering the spring, the indoor tennis court interlocking mat needs to be protected from moisture. At the same time, because there are a few rainy and rainy days in the north, some consumers tend to ignore the moisture and mildew treatment of PVC flooring.
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Advantages: simple construction; low requirements for construction personnel; fast construction speed; low material loss; sheet with UV treatment layer composite, good stain resistance, wear resistance, antibacterial property; easy to lay and change personality patterns; The floor is resistant to indentation and sound absorption; the environment is free of formaldehyde; the floor has good anti-skid performance; the floor damage is easy to replace; the floor quality is light and can effectively reduce the load of the building; the fire performance is B1. Defects: the floor elasticity is not good for the coil floor; there are many seams on the floor; it needs to be waxed and cured frequently; it is afraid that the surface of the floor has water soaking; the dimensional stability of the floor is poor; the sheet of homogenous body is resistant to dirt, abrasion, and resistance. The impact is poor. The scope of application: Sheet commercial synthesis indoor tennis court is generally suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, corridors, passages, homes, offices, halls, schools, and other places. PVC coil flooring Advantages: wide choice of floor price; wide application range; good stain resistance, acid resistance, maintenance-free; flexible, anti-slip performance; wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, no insects, mildew; good dimensional stability, no It will be affected by temperature and humidity; it is safe and environmentally friendly, free of formaldehyde; sound and noise reduction, comfortable feet; rich colors and patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design; fire performance B1; lightweight, lighten the building, interlock double tier sport flooring joints less. Defects: high construction requirements; fear of cigarette burns; flood damage is not easy to replace. The scope of application: schools, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, automobiles, ships, subways, trains, homes, laboratories, laboratories, scientific research, stairs, nursing homes, libraries, theaters, and other places. Reasons for the unevenness of sports floor paving and prevention points First, the reason why the sports floor pavement is uneven: 1. The surface of the base layer has poor flatness and unevenness. 2. When the operator applies the adhesive, the gesture is light and heavy, so that the scratched adhesive has an obvious wave shape. When the detachable grid unity sport flooring is pasted, the thinner in the adhesive has evaporated, the fluidity of the colloid is poor, and it is not easy to be smoothed when pasted so that the surface layer is wavy. Second, to prevent this quality problem, we must: 1. Strictly control the surface flatness of the adhesive base layer, and flatten the surface with the concave and convexity greater than? mm. 2. Use a toothed scraper to apply the adhesive to make the thickness of the adhesive layer thin and uniform. When scraping, the direction of the coating on the adhesive surface of the base layer and the plastic plate should be intersected vertically and horizontally, so that when the surface layer is laid, the adhesive layer on the adhesive surface is uniform. 3. The construction temperature should be controlled at 15 to 30 degrees, and the relative humidity should be no higher than 70%.
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How to use the equipment after a purchase of the Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400? Let me tell you about it today. 1. Peanut picking machine fault removal 1) The body is unstable. The machine oscillation may be due to the fact that the swings of the two hair diggers of the harvester are not common, or the shovel may cause a sensation of the machine after the shovel hits. At this moment, it is only necessary to adjust the swing of the two hair diggers, that is, the length of the conditioning rod is adjusted to deal with the sensation of the machine. The connecting rod in front of the V-belt serves as an adjustment for the left excavation shovel, and the connecting rods at the center of the two vertical shafts serve as adjustments for the right excavating shovel. When adjusting, lift the harvester off the ground, and make the tractor work at idle speed, loosen the connecting rod lock nut, adjust the corresponding connecting rod, pay attention to investigate the swinging and undulating of the double-sided excavating shovel, and remove the protective plate with two ends. It is advisable to adjust until the swing is common and then lock the nut. 2) The soil is not good. Peanut de-soil is not good. It means that the soil on the peanuts after harvest is not shaken clean. The reason is that the excavation of the shovel into the soil is deep and the rocking strength is reduced. The length of the center rod can be adjusted to improve the depth of the shovel into the soil. Properly shorten the length of the center tie rod so that the rear end of the strip is separated from the ground by 3 to 5 cm, which can handle this problem. 3) Lose more fruit. Peanut fruit falls in the ground and needs to be picked up by one grain. Therefore, once the appearance of fruit drop is found, the demand needs to be dealt with in time. The fruit drop is mostly due to the excavation shovel being raised too high, and the adjustment center rod can be used to adjust. Contrary to the unsatisfactory conditioning method, by extending the length of the center rod, you can deal with the problem of fruit loss. 2. The key to the protection of peanut picking machine The careful protection of the peanut harvester is an effective way to improve machine utilization and extend the life of the machine. 1) Protection after shift work. After the end of each shift of the peanut harvesting machine, the soil on the components of the harvesting machine should be removed to avoid rusting of the machine, and then the hood is opened to remove the weeds surrounding the parts. 2) Apply for protection after one week. Fill the joints, bearings, etc. with butter and check and make up for other smooth spots. Check the wear status of the peanut harvester belt. If the wear is severe, replace it in time. 3) Protection after work every season. After all the work in each season is over, you can not just clean the machine, but also relax the triangle. After the bearing of each working part is replaced, add enough butter. 4) Protection at the time of registration. To select the local area for ventilation and visor, use a brick or other item to cushion the rack so that the excavating shovel and the depth-limiting wheel are off the ground. Finally, cover the peanut harvester with a plastic sheet.
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For a long time, because peanut cultivation, harvesting, and processing are mostly completed by hand, the labor intensity is high and the power is low. In the whole process of peanut production, the employment in the harvesting process accounts for more than 1/3 of the whole process, and the working cost accounts for more than 50% of the total cost of peanut production. It is of practical significance to carry out the mechanization of peanut harvesting, to reduce the cost of work, to improve the work power, and to increase the income of farmers. So how do you choose when buying a peanut picker? Today, the Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine exporter will give you a summary. The peanut harvesting machine refers to the crop harvesting machine that finishes the work of digging fruit, leaving the soil, laying strips, picking up, picking fruit, and clearing in the process of peanut harvesting. In practice, the demand is based on the needs of the individual and the characteristics of the peanut harvester, to select the right equipment. Peanut picking machine. Used to remove peanut pods from vines and roots. There are two types of machines in China: one is a nail-toothed cylinder and a concave-plate type, similar to the nail-toothed drum type threshing equipment. The removed peanuts are leaked through the concave screen hole, and the dust is removed by the fan airflow and then falls into the fruit box. The vine with peanuts is suitable for drying in the north; the other is to make the peanuts pass through the gap of two relatively rotating nail-toothed rollers, and the removed pods fall onto the oscillating sieve, and the debris is removed under the cooperation of the fan airflow. Fall into the fruit box, suitable for the south side of the vines.
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(1) The name of customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring is easy to cause people's misunderstanding. It is mentioned that PVC is more about plastics. Many people will also confuse sports flooring with PVC pipes. Plastics contain toxic substances and are harmful to the human body. But sports flooring and plastic are not the same things at all. PVC can also be called polyvinyl chloride. Sports flooring is 100% free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and it has no radiation. It belongs to green environmental protection decoration materials. The human body causes damage. Some people are worried that the glue used for construction will contain formaldehyde. When the sports floor just entered the Chinese market, the quality of the glue used by many merchants is not good, and it will contain toxic substances. But now the glue used by some international brands is Special glue is a green environmentally friendly glue, so you don't have to worry about releasing harmful substances such as formaldehyde. (2) Due to the unique advantages of sports flooring and huge development prospects, many domestic enterprises have begun to produce sports flooring. After more than ten years of research and development, they have gradually mastered the production technology of sheet materials. Many early starters have been able to produce very competitive sheet flooring. However, due to the strict control and monopoly of PVC coils by foreign manufacturers, domestic manufacturers are still unable to produce high-quality coil products, and a few domestic manufacturers can only produce medium and low-grade coils. The sports flooring currently on the market, especially some building materials cities in various places, are small manufacturers. They compete mainly for the low-end market. In order to cater to consumers, the price is very low and the quality is naturally not guaranteed. As a result, the phenomenon of poor quality sports flooring is flooding the market, and the people naturally have misunderstandings on the customized synthesis wood look indoor sports flooring. (3) Sports flooring is mainly used in engineering projects in China. Many manufacturers only pay attention to large tooling projects and pay insufficient attention to home improvement. This is also the need for people in the sports flooring industry to improve. If manufacturers encounter resistance for various reasons, they will not promote their efforts, and naturally, they will not promote the popularity of sports flooring in China. (4) The concept of Chinese people is still relatively conservative. Many products are popular in foreign countries for a long time before they are accepted and recognized by the Chinese. The development of any new thing will have a process of acceptance and recognition. In addition, the Chinese people are pursuing naturalness and pursuing high-grade. They mistakenly believe that only wood flooring is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. It is mistaken that only marble flooring is high-grade. The decoration concept of Chinese people really needs to be changed. After the Chinese people can correctly understand the advantages of the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court, the sports floor will be more recognized. The trend of sports flooring as an alternative to wood and marble flooring is unstoppable. (5) During the decoration process, many decoration companies also talked about a problem, saying that the construction process of the sports floor is not understood, and the professional construction personnel is lacking. It should be said that this is also a reason for its popularity. In fact, the construction of the sports floor is not as difficult as people think. The construction of the sheet is relatively easy, but the construction of the coil is a little more complicated. The technicians can quickly master construction technology through simple training. (6) There is a phenomenon of heavy and light construction in the market. Many manufacturers do not pay attention to construction. The quality of the floor is very good, but the construction has problems, which seriously affects the overall effect and service life, leading to consumers misunderstanding the sports floor. Here, we must remind the consumers that when choosing a sports floor manufacturer, we should not only pay attention to the quality of the floor. The quality of the construction is just as important. There is a saying called “three-point quality and seven-point construction”. If the construction cannot guarantee the quality, it will affect the service life of the floor.
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1. Use security. Many consumers are reluctant to choose PVC products, mainly worried about his chemical composition of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). There is actually a misunderstanding here: because as a polymer, PVC products are very stable and will not endanger human health; The threat to the human body is those residual monomers that are not polymerized during the polymerization process. We call it “vinyl chloride (VCM)”, and the residual vinyl chloride monomer in the PVC raw material is difficult to remove in the subsequent production process of the detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer. Therefore, the choice of raw materials for the sports flooring factory directly affects the residual amount of vinyl chloride monomer in the sports floor. At the time of purchase, the hospital may require the manufacturer to issue a test report issued by the national testing center according to GB18586-2001 "Limited Hazardous Substances in PVC Flooring". The impurity of "vinyl chloride monomer" is preferably "undetected." ". GB5761 requires a VCM residue of less than 10 ppm in polyvinyl chloride. (Purchase requirements for imported Fudas flooring in the Czech Republic are less than 1ppm) 2. The thickness of the wear layer. The multi-layer composite sports floor has two thickness indicators: one is the total thickness; the other is the thickness of the uppermost transparent pure PVC layer, also called the “wear layer thickness”. The thickness of the wear layer directly affects the service life of the product, the cost of the product, and the aesthetics of the product. The thicker the wear layer, the higher the product cost and the better the quality (rather than the thicker the total thickness, the better). Some manufacturers make the total thickness of the product very thick, but the wear layer is very thin, in fact, in order to save costs and steal the concept. The ultra-thick wear-resistant layer is especially suitable for laying in areas with high traffic, such as hospitals, schools, office buildings and factories. In recent years, with the application of removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track in some hospitals in China, consumers have become more rational when they choose. Many top three hospitals clearly stipulate in the tender: the floor that is required to be purchased should be a multi-layer composite compact sports floor for European and American brands. The total thickness of the product is 2.0mm, and the wear layer is not less than 0.7mm. This conclusion is the experience summarized in the actual case. When purchasing sports flooring products, the hospital may require manufacturers to provide a report on the thickness of the wear layer issued by the national testing center. In Europe and the United States, there are also corresponding detection methods that are characterized by excellent wear resistance, such as abrasion resistance test (European EN660-1). This test simulates the wear condition of the ground material under daily use. The measurement result is measured in mm, which means that the product has been tested. The thickness of the wear", the smaller the value, the higher the wear resistance of the material. According to the European EN649 wear test standard, elastic PVC flooring with different degrees of wear can be divided into 4 different wear levels: T: wear degree 0.08ram (T grade is the highest possible multi-layer composite sports floor) Rating); P grade: 0.0 8 ITl m < wear degree 0.15ram (P grade is the highest rating that can be achieved with homogeneous core sports flooring); M grade: 0.1 5 1TI iTI < wear degree 0. 30ram; Class F: 0.3 0 Ffl m < wear degree 0.60ram. In addition, there are many hidden conditions that affect the quality and final cost of the interlock commercial basketball court surface. At the time of purchase, the hospital must shop around. Do not only choose the color and price. It is necessary to combine the indicators to select the most suitable product.
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First, when paving the sports floor, any one of the telescopic gaps is less than 1 cm, especially when the door edges and corners and the hidden parts are paved, the expansion gap or the sawing board is roughly estimated so that any part of the floor is in contact with the fixture. As long as any part of the removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring is in contact with the fixture, the force and reaction force will occur, and the part or all of the arch will be lifted. In severe cases, the joint will be cracked or warped. Second, the cement floor is less than three months old, or three months after completion, but the doors and windows of the room are closed, airtight, non-ventilating, and excessively humid. In this case, the time for the sports floor will be slightly longer. Arching or seam cracking and warping. Third, before the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track, although the geothermal heating room has already done the heating experiment, because the geothermal construction unit did not reach the highest temperature in order to cope with early work or save money, there is no continuous observation of the temperature change, and the local surface has a temperature and then stops. Experiments, in this way, a large amount of moisture and warm air did not come out. After the local board was paved, once the heat was supplied again, the tide and moisture that could not be emitted increased sharply. Or even if a complete experiment is done, the geothermal temperature does not increase gradually after paving but is raised once in place, so that the moisture, moisture, and hot air generated by the excessively rapid increase to the extreme temperature cause the floor to erect or crack. Bubbling phenomenon. Fourth, after the sports floor pavement, it does not enter the room for several months. When the doors and windows are closed for a long time, the indoor air does not flow and the humidity is not enough. Especially in the winter and summer seasons, the "squeaky board" in this environment is prone to arching and cracking. Fifth, the user did not maintain the floor according to the paving instructions and the “warranty card”. In particular, when cleaning the floor, the floor joints were poured into the water or the seams were often wetted, resulting in joint cracking and corner lifting. Sixth, in the sports floor paving, the paving workers in order to grab the time to grab the time, or simply rely on the experience to not carefully follow the "Pavement Manual" operation, the following illegal pavement phenomenon: A. The size of the head stitching is a beat paving; B. When the tapping is too hard or the position of the mat is improper, there is damage to the lock and it is not found; C. The installation is too strong, so that the seam is too tight, there is a slight arching; D. repeated beats, Destroyed the lock seam; 5. Knocked weak, no fastening seams. Seventh, when the sports floor is paved, the individual floor locks are not standardized (too loose) or tight, the locks are broken, and they are not picked out, but are mixed well and cause problems. Eighth, winter paving, due to the increase in water absorption rate of the indoor tennis court interlocking mat and the “hibernation” of the sports floor, there is no need to place the floor in the user's room for more than 12 hours for temperature adaptation and “freezing and waking up”, so after the floor is laid for a while, cause problems. When paving, the floor mat is not staggered, especially if the mat seam is completely sealed with a dry tape, so that the moisture is pulled out from one place. In this case, the seam is not cracked, or is bubbling or slanting. This is the most common and most common cause.
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With the development of various sports programs, the variety of sports venue materials continues to increase. Currently, commercial synthesis indoor tennis court has occupied a mainstream position in sports venues. Due to different process technologies, sports flooring can be divided into multiple categories. In general, sports flooring, sports flooring, rubber mats, outdoor plastic basketball courts, etc. all belong to the sports floor. Sports flooring has different classifications according to different classification criteria. 1, according to the use of sports flooring can be divided into sports flooring (track and field sports field), tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, gymnastics sports mats, swimming pool bottoms, handball courts, racecourses, etc. Types of. 2, according to the types of synthetic materials, sports flooring can be divided into polyurethane PU, neoprene, PVC PVC materials, polypropylene, EVA materials, acrylic resin, etc., as well as composite materials of the above various materials, etc. 3. According to the different production processes, the sports floor can be divided into two types: on-site pouring sports flooring and pre-bonding sports flooring. 4, according to the structure of the different points, interlock double tier sport flooring can be divided into all-plastic sports flooring, hybrid sports flooring, composite sports flooring and breathable sports flooring. According to the form of the site, the sports floor can be divided into two types: fixed sports floor and movable sports floor. Among them, the movable sports floor can also be called the sports floor. The outdoor plastic basketball court is a sports field that has been widely used in recent years, and it attracts people with various excellent characteristics. At present, the outdoor plastic basketball court has become the designated sports venue for many professional basketball games. What are the advantages of outdoor plastic basketball courts? First, the outdoor plastic basketball court can be used around the clock and is less affected by weather changes, meeting the schedule of various professional competitions. Because the waterproof performance of the outdoor plastic basketball court is very strong, the rainwater can be removed in a short time after the heavy rain, and normal use can be resumed. Therefore, the outdoor plastic basketball court has been loved by many sports venues, and more and more basketball venues have begun to switch to detachable grid unity sport flooring. Sports flooring is also commonly used in some athletics venues. One of the biggest advantages is that these sports flooring can be used for all-weather use in sports, leisure, competitions, etc. Second, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor plastic basketball court are simple. Due to the frequent use of basketball courts, various competitions, basketball games, etc. often appear, which inevitably brings a lot of garbage and other pollution problems. Therefore, the daily cleaning problem of the basketball court has become a headache for the staff. The outdoor plastic basketball court uses a plastic floor, which requires only a simple cleaning. If there is more dirt, you can use clean water or add a proper amount of detergent in the water to wash it. Moreover, the maintenance of the outdoor plastic basketball court is very simple and does not require complicated maintenance work. In addition, the outdoor plastic basketball court is flexible and more wear-resistant and has a longer service life than traditional basketball courts.
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The emergence of high-performance peanut pickers is to improve the efficiency of agricultural operations, but with the continuous advancement of the times, users still can not meet the production efficiency when using peanut pickers, so how to improve the efficiency of peanut pickers has become an urgent desire of many users. Know a question. Today, Aike, a manufacturer specializing in the production of agricultural equipment, will give you a brief introduction on how to improve the efficiency of High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000. After purchasing the peanut picking machine, the user must first look at the structural shape of the picking claws of the picking machine and the arrangement on the drum, which has a great influence on the quality and production efficiency of the peanut picking. The peanut picking machine adopts a closed-shaped drum and a knife-shaped nail tooth, and the fruit is broken, the stolon's integrity rate is poor, and the production efficiency is low. Through repeated practice, the knife-shaped nails have been changed to cylindrical picking claws. At the same time, in order to reduce the forced impact on the stolons and avoid hanging, the claws are made slightly curved at the top. This improvement has resulted in a significant increase in the quality of the picked fruit. In order to improve the production efficiency of the peanut picking machine, the quality of the fruit picking and the uniform load of the fruit picking roller, the picking claws are arranged on the toothed rod according to the principle of three spiral lines. That is, when the drip roller rotates one turn, there will be three picking claws at a certain point, that is, the peanut stalk can be struck and pushed three times at a certain point, which not only improves the picking rate but also improves the picking rate. Productivity. In order to make the production simple and easy to install, the toothed rods are made to 6 according to the dimension. When installing, every other one counts down. Then, the claws are fixed on the rack, and the arrangement of the claws on the circumference forms three spirals. If the claw is fixed after installation, be careful to keep the bending direction of the claws consistent. The above is some of the methods for improving the production efficiency of the picking machine equipment, and hope to help you better use the picking machine equipment.
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The Fundamentals of Path of Exile Builds Revealed Usually Mine builds don't possess the very best reputation, a lot of people tell you they are exceedingly clunky and therefore not fun in the slightest. As usual, Reddit turns out to be a wonderful resource in regards to gaming banter and advice. Race leagues can last anywhere from 12 minutes to a single month, and they're essentially a competition to find out who can find the most amount of experience within the established time limit. It's possible to also utilize conc effect rather than ele focus. This ascendancy isn't encouraged for beginners as it's mainly for energy shield builds. It has the capacity to push T18. You will discover a high number of them hanging around. You won't need to be concerned anymore if certain item sets will cap your resistances or in the event you will be in a position to successfuly begin mapping in the gear you've resolved to buy on your own. Use whatever you are able to find that gives you the absolute most DPS output. With over 150 maps to select from in Path of Exile, there's a great deal of techniques to approach late game in regard to shaping your atlas. The foremost and most important factor you need to know about character creation in Path of Exile is the simple fact which each class can access just the very same passive and active skills. Also, take some time and study the Guide cautiously, it should provide you with all answers you could be seeking for. The Upside to Path of Exile Builds This challenges players to finish the game without dying. If you die, your character is going to be demoted to the typical league. For those who haven't yet picked up this game now might be a fantastic time to pick this up and take a look. What's Really Happening with Path of Exile Builds Learning from your mistakes will cause you to be a better brewer in the long run. You may manually refill life and mana by employing the proper sort of flask. You may get to any node no matter in which you begin. And we are all aware that PoE isn't friendly to beginners, it's difficult to get in for a new ARPG player, so I want to share some basic guides to assist you in. If you're hesitating precisely where to purchase Poe Exalted Orb, PoeCurrencyBuy will be an ideal choice. As soon as you approach level 50 or so and get started grinding Merciless be certain to re-read this loot guide and remember all items you will need to pick up. The ideal ARPG is one which occupies me without demanding all my attention. In truth, it's almost needed. When it's the start the league and additionally you can't find an Oni-Goroshi yet, going Chieftain, for now, is a significant option (ascendancy points within the ascendancy part of the guide). Amulets are a genuine toss-up. If you are able to afford it, you should utilize Battle-Scarred Augment Runes to boost your main stat. Dexterity armor pieces grant the capacity to evade enemy blows more frequently. For the large portion, they could be studying tools for beginners to ease them inside the game. The Delve works with Checkpoints, very similar to in-game zones, after you finish one you'll have the choice to go to that checkpoint and begin a new Delve from there. Because waypoints don't appear in each area, you are going to want to control your trips beyond town carefully. The degree of the transformation varies from League to League, although the changes are almost always really hard to miss. The build can be adapted to be somewhat HC-viable. Facts, Fiction and Path of Exile Builds Newer players will most likely find this to be quite a comfortable build in Delve due to Totem Darkness immunity too. Finding a better Shield is extremely noticeable when utilizing this skill. It's also perfectly fine to have a whole point spent here and there in various different Abilities as a way to unlock different Skills (like those mentioned below). That's HUGE and should not be neglected. Even then, your bag will surely be fill up quickly in the event you pick up each item you encounter. You don't need to select a whole lot of decent upgrades only to terminate the chain on a useless ability. Don't pick up each parcel of loot you find Every bit of loot you acquire takes up varying quantities of room in your bag. It is all dependent on the kind of gear you find. They are really valuable and hard to find and best used on the maximum high quality gear, or even traded for decent products. You could also use a regret orb to receive 1 respect point. Push through the opening and you'll discover a surprising quantity of variation on the total grimdark theme, but all the horrors and haunts are barely more than backdrop for the principal feast, and that's the wonderful machine that's the loot system. There are scores of powerful recipes that need the sacrifice of unique combinations of beasts which you have collected. All About POE Items Builds Devoto's would most likely be outstanding taking into consideration we don't have movement speed boots. Luckily for you and I, there appear to be players who are ready to deliver the details on a few of their favourite builds so that others can reap the advantages. Fortunately, this overview was developed to help you choose the profession that'll best fit your digital deathdealing playstyle. Ascendant is the very best Ascendancy for Elemental Hit builds that are really popular because they are able to do all content with a little investment. If you want to find out more about this click the hyperlink. The key is going to be the crafting tables that we'll receive from their site. Please be aware that buying an account doesn't mean immediate success. These Ascendancies often do the job really well in spite of no investment. Aside from the customary Fortnite account, modded accounts are also popular with players that are seeking to purchase an account. As soon as you finish that tutorial-like introduction to the game however, you'll receive your first selection of suit, and you'll be able to choose any one of the four. Therefore, you must choose one which is highly reflective of your type of play to be successful later. While there are lots of viable choices for the chest slot, so as to farm the end game content the Xoph's Blood amulet is going to be required.
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What are the adaptation areas of rice-wheat electric rice mills? How much do you know about this device? Do you have a deep understanding of the Rice and Wheat Electric Motor Mounted Rice Milling Machine Price? Let me introduce them to you today. Rice and wheat electric rice milling machine Suitable for processing peeled rice into rice, millet and sorghum, as well as peeling of corn, wheat and soybeans, small and medium grain processing plants and food processing workshops for processing millet rice and sorghum peeled rice, and corn , wheat, barley, mung bean, soybean and other whole grains and peeling of Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia and glutinous rice, especially the corn has been removed from the hard hull and germ part, which improves the taste of corn and expands the application of corn. Scope, corn peeling after corn peeling processing corn noodles are very popular. Device parameters: Equipment model: xy-200 Production; 150-200 (kg/h) Power: 3 kW Equipment model: xy-330 Production; 350-400 (kg / h) Power: 7.5-10 kW Equipment model: LX-450 production; 600-800 (kg/h) Power: 11-15 kW Operational precautions 1. Place the rice mill on the workbench smoothly and plug in the power plug. 2. Determine the whitening time and adjust the timing knob. 3, take out the pressure wheel in the hopper, take 17-20g of brown rice (water content is not more than 15% is appropriate) into the feeding hopper, let it flow into the whitening room. Press the power button to start, then lower the pressure roller. 4. At the specified time, the rice mill will automatically stop, first remove the hopper and remove the mink. Then insert the hopper, then take out the pressure roller, turn the front rotation handle to the right to , so that the polished rice of the whitening room falls into the receiving hopper, turn the timing knob to 0 position, press the power button to make the grinding wheel idle for a few seconds, so that The rice grains in the whitening room are all dropped, and then the rice is pulled out and sieved to obtain the polished rice.
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In China's annual busy season, farmers' friends must first shell the corn after harvesting corn. At this time, the corn sheller should be used. The user often uses the Cheap Factory Price Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller. Corn shelling machine, but in order to use the safety of the operator, it is necessary to use the shelter safely. Next, let's introduce how to safely use the corn sheller. Pay attention to the following when using the corn sheller: 1. Since the working environment of the shelling machine is very bad, it is necessary to conduct safety operation education for the personnel participating in the operation in advance so that they can understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as the sleeves to be tight, the masks and protective glasses should be worn. 2. Before use, it is necessary to carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible and non-colliding, whether the adjusting mechanism is normal, and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the machine, the lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil. 3. The working site should be cleaned before starting the machine. Some debris not related to threshing should not be placed; children should be prohibited from playing on the side of the site to avoid accidents. 4. The corn cob should be fed evenly during work, and the stone, wooden sticks and other hard objects should be prevented from feeding into the machine. 5. The joint of the transmission belt should be firm; it is strictly forbidden to pick up the belt or touch any object to the transmission part while the machine is running. 6. The transmission ratio between the supporting power and the thresher should meet the requirements, so as to avoid personal injury caused by the high speed of the thresher and the vibration, causing damage to the parts or loose fasteners. 7, can not continue to work for too long, generally work about 8 hours to stop inspection, adjustment, and lubrication, to prevent friction caused by wear, heat or deformation. 8. The sheller is generally powered by a diesel engine. A fire hood should be worn on the exhaust pipe to prevent fire. 9. If the sheller fails during the operation, it should be stopped and repaired and adjusted.
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First, the purpose of pvc floor cleaning and maintenance 1. Improve the appearance: timely remove the dirt generated in daily use, so that the detachable futsal sport floor tiles fully exhibits its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss. 2. Protect the floor: protect the elastic floor from accidental chemicals, cigarette butts, shoe prints, oil and water, minimize the mechanical wear on the surface, and make the durability of the plastic floor itself fully extended. The service life of the floor. 3. Convenient care: Due to the tight surface structure and special treatment of the elastic floor itself, pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance, which can make the floor easier to care for and prolong the service life. Second, pvc floor care notes 1. All kinds of dirt on the ground should be removed in time. 2. It is absolutely forbidden to soak the floor in clear water. Although some floors use waterproof glue to cut off the water source (such as floor drains, water rooms, etc.), long time being soaked by water will seriously affect the service life of the floor. In the cleaning process, the sewage is drained by a water absorbing machine in time. 3. For places with more people and more wear, the maintenance cycle should be shortened and the number of waxing of high-strength wax should be increased. 4. It is absolutely forbidden to use hard and rough cleaning tools (such as steel balls, scouring pads, etc.) to prevent sharp objects from colliding with the elastic floor. 5. It is strongly recommended to place a foot pad at the entrance of a public place with high traffic flow to prevent the stained floor material from being contaminated by dirt and sand. Third, the method of curing pvc floor in different stages: (1) Cleaning and maintenance after the wholesale detachable grass protection tiles is laid/before use 1. Remove dust and debris from the floor surface. 2. Use a scrubber to add 3M red grinding disc or similar products to clean at low speed (diluted with strong universal cleaner 1:20 and added to the scrubber) to remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the floor surface. Drain the sewage with a water suction machine. 3. Wash with water and blot dry. 4. 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax as needed. Cleaner: Strong universal cleaner High-strength wax Tools: Grinding Machine Red Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Water Squeezer (two) pvc floor daily cleaning and maintenance 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. (Drag the dust on the ground, dry it and push it.) 2. Wet drag. (Use a floor cleaning polish to dilute with water 1:20 with a semi-wet mop.) If necessary, you can also use a scrubber with wash & shine for low speed cleaning. Detergent: ground dragging agent, floor cleaning polish Tool: dust push mop (three) regular cleaning and maintenance of pvc floor 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. 2. The detachable wood look indoor sport flooring cleaning varnish is diluted with water 1:20, and mopped or mixed with a high-speed polishing machine and a red lap. 3. Upper 1-2 layers of high-strength wax. 4. If necessary, it can be polished with a high-speed polishing machine and a white polishing pad. Cleaner: floor cleaning glazing agent Tools: Dust Push Grinding Machine Red, White Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Press (4) Complete renovation 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. 2. Dilute with a strong de-waxed water 1:10 and spread evenly on the ground. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Use a scrubber and a red grinder to clean and dewax at low speed. Use a water suction machine to dry the sewage in time. 3. Wash with water and blot dry until no residual detergent is left on the floor. 4. 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax as needed. Cleaner: floor cleaning glazing agent Tools: Dust Push Grinding Machine Red, White Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Press (5) Treatment of special dirt on pvc floor 1. Oil stain: Partial oil stain, the water-based degreaser stock solution is directly poured on the towel to wipe; large area oil stain, the Wei Te water-based degreaser is diluted 1:10, and the grounding machine is added with a red grinding disc to clean at a low speed. 2. Black offset printing: use spray cleaning and maintenance wax with high-speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad polishing treatment. For long-term black offset printing, the strong black offset remover can be directly applied to the towel for wiping. 3. Glue or chewing gum: Use a professional strong degumming agent to pour it directly onto the towel and wipe it off.
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The badminton sports floor must have excellent load-bearing performance, high shock absorption performance, and anti-deformation performance of the detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer. And the friction coefficient of the surface must reach 0.4-0.7, too slippery or too sturdy will cause damage to athletes. Excellent shock absorption performance can effectively prevent athletes from being injured by sports. As a sports wooden floor for badminton, it is also necessary to have more than 90% of the body bounce ability. So what is the structure of the badminton sports floor? The badminton sports floor is a high-shocking continuous fixed suspension sports wooden floor system composed of a moisture-proof layer, an elastic shock-absorbing layer, a moisture-proof plywood layer and a panel layer. The panel layer is generally made of maple, oak and eucalyptus, and the thickness is 20mm. , 60 mm wide, 300 mm to 900 mm length groove and flange. The putty, primer and varnish paint process of the panel layer is very important. It is a high-grade surface layer material with a service life of more than 12 years and a warranty of 1 year. The domestic sports wooden floor can be used for the construction of removable synthesis indoor sport surface, basketball court floor and badminton sports floor. The price of sports wooden floor can be negotiable according to the situation. Badminton structure Moisture barrier: PE geotextile film Elastic cushion: The elastic cushion material has different kinds of PU, rubber, recycled rubber, PVC, etc., mainly providing shock absorption performance for the system. Pvc flooring (commonly known as plastic flooring) has been popular in East Asia and Southeast Asia in South Korea and Japan. With the popularity of heating technology, pvc flooring has gradually become popular in China. Today, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan are also the future of the Chinese mainland, following the pace of the great era. The seven advantages of pvc flooring (commonly known as plastic flooring) support it to lead the trend! 1. Waterproof and non-slip: The surface is made of high-density special structure, and the wooden pattern is simulated. The water is more and more slippery, and the home paving can relieve the safety concerns of the elderly and children. Its characteristics are unmatched by stone, ceramic tiles, etc. 2, super wear-resistant: the wear resistance of the ground material depends on the material and thickness of the surface wear layer, not just the total thickness of the floor tile. The surface of Pvc floor covers 0.1-0.5mm thick polymer special material and high wear resistance, which is the longest service life of similar products. Comparing a thin layer of transparent film on a composite wooden floor or a layer of glaze on a tile is more than that. 3, quality: the weight after construction. It is 10 times lighter than the synthesis grass protection tiles after construction, 20 times lighter than the tile construction, and 25 times lighter than the stone after construction. The weight of the building is reduced, the safety is guaranteed, and the handling is convenient. 4, convenient construction: no need for cement sand, no need to move wood, special glue to paste, fast and simple. There are many kinds of products, such as plate rock, gravel, marble and wood grain, which are freely matched, save time and effort, and OK once. 5, good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, and the foot feels appropriate, to provide the highest guarantee for the family's daily life. 6, good thermal conductivity: heat conduction takes only a few minutes, heat dissipation is uniform, there is no cold feeling of stone, tile, winter barefoot, not afraid. 7. Convenient maintenance: It can be scrubbed with a common water mop. If it is stained, it can be cleaned with an eraser or thinner.
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Sales of PVC coil flooring have increased year by year in recent years, especially in the medical industry, where most hospitals are expanded and used. At present, PVC flooring has become very popular in the medical industry in large, medium and small cities across the country, which is mainly related to the good characteristics of PVC flooring. But now there are many dealers who mislead consumers and promote better performance of homogenous PVC flooring. In view of this, this paper focuses on the performance comparison of interlocking elastic flat PP mat sport flooring and composite PVC flooring. The main material of PVC floor is polyvinyl chloride. The homogenous PVC floor is mainly processed by PVC and stone powder. The texture and material of the floor are basically the same from top to bottom, so it is called homogenous PVC floor. According to the difference of the proportion of added stone powder, different proportions of the floor are produced. The proportion of the stone powder is large and easy to break. The proportion of the coiled stone powder is small, and it is suitable for the curl to be broken. Composite PVC flooring is a composite of multi-layer materials, generally 4-5 layers. The surface layer is a UV treatment layer, most of which is added with natural silver and treated with polyurethane, so the floor has stain resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-iodine, impervious, easy to clean, and maintenance saving ( The characteristics of the waxy floor are less than that of the homogenous body; the homogenous PVC floor has a poor density of stone powder, is not stain-resistant, and is highly susceptible to colored pollution (especially iodine), so after the floor construction is completed It is necessary to wax 3-5 layers of wax water at a time to protect the floor from pollution, and the wear resistance is not as good as the composite type. The floor has no antibacterial and antibacterial effect. The second layer is a color layer, rich in color, diverse, with various lines, marble, tiles, carpets, wood grain, individual patterns, realistic texture, real floor bump effect; homogenous floor only a single processing stone effect. The third layer is the glass fiber layer. The dimensional stability of the glass can ensure that the floor is less subject to thermal expansion and contraction. Most of the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is made of fiber fabric, not glass fiber. It can be placed in 80 degree water for 6 hours. It will not deform and stratify; the homogenous floor has a large coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction, especially for sheet flooring, and the floor laid in winter may be drummed in summer. The fourth layer is made of foamed PVC material (used for sports flooring) or non-foamed PVC material, so the floor has a carpet-like foot feel; the homogenous body feels a little worse. The fifth layer is made of non-woven fabric (the base layer is made of non-foamed material), which improves the adhesion of the floor. In addition, the impact resistance of the homogenous floor is also worse than that of the composite PVC floor, which is easy to leave pits due to external impact. Due to these problems in homogenous PVC flooring, many foreign PVC flooring manufacturers absorb the characteristics of the UV treatment layer on the composite floor surface and increase the UV treatment layer on the homogenous floor surface, thus greatly improving the resistance of the homogenous floor. The problem of pollution, abrasion resistance, antibacterial and mildew, cleaning and maintenance, in order to reduce the cost and increase the content of stone powder in the homogenous floor, the floor of such homogenous body currently appearing on the market is actually changed. The composite homogenous floor is not a true homogenous floor and is generally more expensive than a homogenous floor. This kind of floor feel is still not comparable to composite PVC flooring. Because most people think that outdoor tennis court interlocking mat is afraid of cigarette burns, it can't be treated after burns. Actual homogenous and composite homogenous floors are afraid of burnt cigarettes. If the cigarette is seriously burned, it may burn black floor 1-1.5mm or more. How can 2mm floor be treated? Therefore, we believe that it is still necessary to look at the place of use to choose PVC flooring. Can not simply think that the homogenous PVC floor is good or the composite PVC floor is good.
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1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: The main raw material used in indoor tennis court interlocking mat is polyethylene plastic. Polyethylene plastic is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been used in people's daily life for a long time, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags. Wait, its environmental protection is no need to worry. Second, ultra-light and ultra-thin: plastic floor is only 2-3mm thickness, only 2-3KG per square meter, less than 10% of ordinary floor materials. In the high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage for building weight and space savings. At the same time, it has a special advantage in the renovation of old buildings. Third, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant: composite plastic floor surface has a special high-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, its wear-resistant rotation number can reach 300,000 rpm. In the traditional floor materials, the wear-resistant laminate flooring has a wear resistance of only 13,000 rpm, and the good laminate flooring is only 20,000 rpm. The homogeneous plastic floor, because it is the same from the top to the bottom of the table, the material pattern color is the same, so only in the case of grinding, the ground material will be destroyed, so it is super wear-resistant. Because of its super wear resistance, prefabricated interlocking running track is becoming more and more popular in shopping malls, supermarkets, and transportation vehicles with large traffic. Fourth, high elasticity and super impact resistance: the plastic floor texture is soft, so the elasticity is very good, and it has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, so it can greatly reduce the slip to the fall of the personnel, and also has the impact damage to the heavy objects. Very strong elastic recovery. Will not cause damage. 5. Non-slip: The wear layer of the surface of the plastic floor has special anti-slip property, and compared with the ordinary floor material, the plastic floor is more sturdy in the case of sticky water, and it is not easy to slip. Because of the super slip resistance, public places with high public safety requirements such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. are the preferred floor decoration materials. Sixth, fire prevention: plastic floor can achieve B1 fire protection, which is the highest standard for fire protection of building materials. 7. Waterproof: Since the main component of plastic flooring is plastic, it is naturally not afraid of water. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged. Eight, sound absorption: plastic floor has ordinary ground material can not compare sound absorption, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so in the need for quiet environment such as hospital wards, school library, lecture hall, etc. use kindergarten interlocking outdoor soft elastic flooring, you no longer need to The sound of high heels and ground knocking affects your mind. Nine, antibacterial: the surface of the plastic floor has a special antibacterial treatment, which has a strong ability to kill most bacteria. Ten, small seams and seamless welding: special color blocks are strictly installed and installed, the joints are very small, the special varieties can hardly see the seams, and the plastic floor of the coil can be completely welded with seamless welding technology. Seamless, this is not possible with ordinary materials. It is the ideal choice for environments where the overall effect of the ground is high, such as an office, or for environments with high requirements for sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms. 11. Cutting and splicing is simple and easy: you can cut it with a good utility knife. At the same time, you can use the combination of materials of different colors to give full play to the designer's ingenuity and achieve the desired decorative effect. Twelve, quick installation and installation: the installation of plastic floor is relatively fast, no cement mortar, it can be used after 24 hours. Thirteen, a wide variety of colors: plastic flooring has a lot of color varieties such as carpet, stone, wood floor, etc., and even can be customized. The lines are realistic and beautiful, with colorful materials and decorative strips to decorate the beautiful decoration. 14. Environmental Recycling: Plastic flooring is the only ground material that can be recycled. It is of great significance to protect our natural resources and ecological environment.