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The single-row corn harvester for walking tractors is used with tractors. It is specially used for harvesting crops such as corn, sweet potato, taro, and ginger. It can harvest single ridges, single rows of three ridges or single ridges and two rows of ridges, more deeply favored by users. Today, Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester wholesale Aike to tell everyone about its advantages. Advantages of using this machine: This product has good performance and high efficiency. It is mainly used to harvest underground rootstock crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, and peanuts. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, low failure rate, light operation, no vibration, no grass blocking, fast soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life. Suitable for soil types: sandy soil, sandy loam soil, medium clay soil. Special forced vibration system, good separation effect, and strong adaptability. The collection rate is high, the damage rate is low, and the cost recovery is fast. Extracting the remaining mulch film in the soil does not affect crop growth in the next quarter. Adopt an international process, cast rubber drive wheel, reduce rack wear and extend life!
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The multi-functional peanut potato harvester is a kind of agricultural equipment commonly used in agricultural production. Its R&D and production has brought great convenience to the farmers, and it has been welcomed and used by users in many areas of China. However, some users do not know how to maintain the equipment after using the equipment for a period of time. Today, the manufacturers of Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester for Sale are here to tell you about the maintenance problems after the equipment is not in use: Technical maintenance and storage: 1. After the operation of the equipment is finished, the soil of all parts of the machine should be removed; 2.Ceck the fasteners of each part, if loose and timely tighten; 3. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible or not. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time; 4. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be taken care of to prevent rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion. The blade should be oiled.
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Epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting, non-toxic paint, after curing the formation of high molecular weight coating crosslinked structure, mechanical performance with excellent chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance and adhesion, especially the best. The coating is 100% solid, solvent free, no pollution, the powder utilization rate can reach more than 95%, is a high-quality anticorrosive coating of buried steel pipeline. Powder silica sand plant is a new type of material screening equipment, can assist in processing high quality production pipeline anticorrosion coating. The three layers of the PE process of epoxy powder with epoxy powder coating and adhesive backing polyethylene PE winding or coating formation, corrosion process of steel pipe is widely used at home and abroad, gas oil, and the oil is currently the west east gas transmission pipeline anticorrosion technology, city gas, water supply by.To get the appropriate size of high quality anti-corrosion material, powder silica sand plant is a necessary equipment for production of anti-corrosion coating. Work powder silica sand plant, vibrating motor synchronous reverse rotation of two to generate reverse exciter exciting force, forcing the mesh sieve body driven to do the vertical movement, the material on the exciting force and periodic thrown forward in a range, material screening operation to complete.
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Basically belongs to a continuous conveyor belt conveyor, with good results in some sectors of the national economy, and has been in various regions are confirmed, the different requirements and can according to the transportation process of bulk materials or the finished materials transportation, of course, these are based on the small scale crusher unit manual above requirements do, because for different materials used are different conveying belt, and belt conveyor structure are not the same, so these are to operate according to the instructions on the use of guidance. Of course, to the client, pay attention to is not only the responsibility of the division problem, more important is the small scale crusher unit to match their requirements on production lines, small scale crusher unit, wide range of the conveying of the material is one of the big advantages, at the same time, high efficiency and low energy consumption is the key factor, in addition, belt conveying capacity is particularly important, conveying capacity determines the small scale crusher unit is efficient, and whether can be competent own production line, at the same time, directly determines the profit, so be extra attention. Conveying capacity, in determining the energy consumption, scope and other aspects of the problem, it can be sure to choose the right strapping machine, in addition, transport problems about small scale crusher unit can also be used for segmentation, according to the different material requirements, can choose the level conveyer or inclined conveying, but it should not be a problem, when select the manufacturer and can fully meet the different modes of transport, but according to the application of the belt on the market a large number of production line machine, wherein the horizontal belt conveyor or select more. In a word, the small scale crusher unit learning or very large, require users to experience slowly.
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The cheap grinding disc structure generally consists of a working layer, a base body, and a transition layer. The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, consists of abrasives, binders, and fillers and is the working part of the cheap grinding disc. The transition layer, also called a non-diamond layer, consists of a binder, a metal powder, and a filler, and is a portion that firmly bonds the diamond layer to the substrate. The base body is used to receive the abrasive layer and is firmly clamped to the grinding machine spindle by a flange during use. Generally, the metal bond product is selected from steel and alloy steel powder as the matrix; the resin bond is selected from aluminum alloy and bakelite as the matrix. It is made of aluminum, steel or bakelite and functions as a supporting working layer and a chucking tool. The quality of the grinding disc and the accuracy of its use are closely related to the substrate. Due to the characteristics of diamond abrasives (high hardness, high compressive strength, and good wear resistance), diamond grinding tools are an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and hard alloys in grinding, which is not only efficient but also highly accurate. High and the roughness is good, the abrasives are used less, the service life is long, and the working conditions can be improved. Therefore, it is widely used in low-iron content metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide, high-aluminum porcelain, optical glass, agate gemstone, semiconductor material, stone, etc., which are difficult to process with ordinary abrasive tools.
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With the development of the abrasives industry, the cutting disc industry has developed rapidly in the Chinese market. Many users are also using the T41 green cutting disc size. Do you know the heat treatment process for the cutting disc? Let me tell you today. The basic heat treatment process of the cutting disc is mainly used for cutting hard and brittle stone. It is one of the main tools for producing natural stone plates. There are a series of problems in the use of traditional abrasives and equipment, such as quality, firmness, peeling and production excess. Cost, etc. They cannot win competition and profits. In order to achieve high efficiency, new equipment is being sought, which is often designed for use with superabrasive tools. The rough casting and forging can reduce many of the pre-processing steps in the production of parts. The use of new materials requires the use of a diamond wheel or a dresser with a diamond wheel for dressing and shovel sanding. The calculation of the shape of the diamond grinding wheel is quite cumbersome. Therefore, some parts such as camshafts, crankshafts, wheels, brakes, and supports are often used in production. Now it can be pressed or forged, and then processed by high-speed grinding or high-speed machining. Finishing, which can significantly reduce the time from blank material to finished parts, heat treatment technology is unreasonable or not too close, which leads to the current production level and product quality of diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting piece and diamond saw blade matrix of many manufacturers in China. the main reason. The copper foil or aluminum foil on the cylinder is grooved with a tip made of single crystal diamond, which finally makes the application of the nearly ideal cutting material in the field of superfinishing.
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A peanut picking machine is a commonly used agricultural equipment for packing peanuts. How can users use and maintain it after using the equipment? Today, let me tell you about the use and maintenance of Peanut Picker Machine price ? 1. The peanut picking machine must be adjusted and overhauled before use. Before the operation, the operator should carry out a comprehensive inspection on the picking machine to see if the picking machine is in good condition, whether the connecting bolts of each component are fastened, whether the pulleys are installed firmly, and whether the pulleys are rotated by hand to collide or not. Whether there is open welding or missing teeth; turn the hob shaft by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable; check whether the triangular belt tension of each transmission part is reasonable; check whether the diesel engine is running well; check whether the motor is running normally, whether the power cord is running or not. Leakage phenomenon. 2. The operation should be carried out according to the process flow. When feeding peanuts, the peanuts must be filled into the feeding port first, and the feeding should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to feed hard objects such as stones, wooden blocks and metal objects into the machine during operation to avoid damage to the machine and personal accidents; During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the feeding port, the fan port, and the exhaust port; the operator should tighten the cuffs when working, and the lesbians should bring a work cap; if they hear abnormal sounds or find faults during operation, they must stop the machine. In case of timely troubleshooting, it is strictly forbidden to carry the disease with the machine; it is strictly forbidden to work with the fruit picker; after the end of the work, there must be professionals to check, adjust and maintain. Such as: filling grease, repair welding, etc.; when the picking machine appears to block the drum, should check the amount of feed, peanut dryness, the tightness of the motor triangle, power supply voltage, etc.; when the peanut picker is not clean, adjust The gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen. When the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen is large, it is easy to pick up the net; when the peanut fruit contains many impurities, when the peanut fruit is sucked out, the suction port should be properly adjusted. When the sundries are sucked out, the suction port is raised.
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The grinding head is a small-sized shank with a handle that is not the same as a sharp and durable cutting wheel. It is not a through-hole and is a ceramic bond. It is mainly used for special surface grinding such as inner circle, rounded corner, groove, curved surface and tapered surface; it is also used for grinding and polishing of wood carving, stone carving, jade carving and ceramics. Grinding heads are used in electric grinders, hanging grinders, and hand drills. There are many types, including ceramic grinding heads, rubber grinding heads, diamond grinding heads, abrasive cloth grinding heads, and resin grinding wheel grinding heads. The grinding head can be divided into: cylindrical grinding head, code 5301; spherical grinding head, code 5303; elliptical grinding head, code 5305; round head cone grinding head, code 5307; hemispherical grinding head, code 5302; Head, code 5304; 60 degree cone grinding head, code 5306; with handle grinding head (52) type, the size range is the same as the type without the handle grinding head (53). Grinding head according to material: the same material as ordinary grinding wheel, ceramic grinding head: white corundum, brown corundum, single crystal corundum, microcrystalline corundum, chrome corundum; silicon carbide grinding head: black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide; rubber grinding head : Made of rubber bonding agent; abrasive cloth wheel grinding head: grinding head bonded around the metal handle with a 230*3*22 sharp cutting off wheel; diamond grinding head: a kind of super hard abrasive, made of super hard abrasive. Generally, the manufacturing process of the grinding head is relatively simple. In addition to the production of large and medium-sized abrasive tools, many small factories and family workshops also produce grinding heads. Although the grinding head is small, it is also operated at high speed. When using the grinding head, it is also necessary to pay special attention to safety.
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There are three commonly used wheel binders: ceramic binders (clay binders), rubber binders, and resin binders. The ability of the binder to bond particles is called the hardness of the low price disc for metal. If the bonding agent binds the particles very tightly, then the hard grinding wheel, the bonding agent binds the particles to the soft grinding wheel. Determination of the hardness of the grinding wheel can be carried out with certain equipment. However, the sound produced by the sand transmission line can be roughly determined. When we tap lightly with a metal rod, the crisper the sound, the higher the hardness. Each wheel has a label on the manufacturer, indicating the manufacturer's grade, abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, size, working speed, manufacturing year, and so on. In general, only the manufacturer's grade, particle size, hardness and working speed are indicated. We can choose according to the performance of the grinding wheel and the combination of needs. When the grinding wheel is working, the workpiece should be cooled, especially the planer, milling cutter, drill bit, etc., to prevent the cutting tool from annealing. China currently produces vivid grinding machines with automatic control cooling liquid pumps. It is generally not necessary to cool the saw blade or the saw blade. There is no cooling equipment sharpener, and the grinder should be equipped with a bucket or a sink. During the grinding process, each stroke is ground to a thickness. According to various materials, the grinding amount is different, about 0.012~0.015 mm for carbon steel and about 0.01 for alloy steel. ~0.02 mm. Its essence is like a diamond disc. The degree of grinding thickness is determined by the following two points, the size of the ground surface and the circumferential speed of the grinding wheel. At the same speed, the smaller the grinding surface, the greater the thickness that can be ground. Conversely, the larger the grinding surface, the smaller the grinding thickness. If the size and quality of the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal are constant, the peripheral speed is proportional to the amount of grinding.
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1. Those who are unfamiliar with the performance of the grinder cannot use the grinder. 2. The public grinder should be responsible for the person, and check frequently to ensure normal movement. 3. The operator must wear protective glasses and start the dust removal device in order to work. 4. Before starting the grinder, carefully check whether there is any debris between the grinder and the protective cover. When it is confirmed that there is no problem, start the grinder again. 5. When the grinder is seriously damaged due to long-term use, the radial runout and excessive vibration are not allowed to be used. 6. The grinder is faulty due to poor maintenance, or the 14 inches cutting disc shaft is shaking, there is no supporting tool holder, and the installation is not in compliance with safety requirements, and it is not allowed to start. 7. For new grinding wheels, the general safety procedures of the grinder should be observed. It must be carefully selected. For grinding wheels with cracks and broken wheels, or grinding wheels with poor matching between the grinding wheel shaft and the grinding wheel hole, it is not allowed to use. The diameter of the grinding wheel chuck should be larger than the nominal diameter of the grinding wheel by 1/30. A soft gasket should be installed between the grinding wheel and the chuck. When changing the screws on the grinding wheel, apply even force, not too loose or too tight. When loading the grinding wheel, it should be padded, balanced, trimmed, balanced and verified before it can be used. 8. On the same grinding wheel, it is forbidden to use the two at the same time, and it is not allowed to wear on the side of the grinding wheel. When grinding the workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the grinder. Do not stand on the front of the grinder to prevent the wheel from cracking and accidents. 9. Special grinding wheels for grinding tools are not allowed to grind any other workpieces and materials. 10. For small, large and unsatisfactory workpieces, it is not allowed to grind on the grinder. In particular, small pieces should be fastened with fixtures to prevent them from being squeezed into the grinder or squeezed between the grinding wheel and the pallet to crush the grinding wheel. 11. Grinding machine shields and transparent shields and vacuum cleaners must be inspected. 12. The distance between the holder and the working surface of the high quality cutting disc supplier should not exceed 3 mm. It should be adjusted before grinding to meet the common requirements and the device is firm. 13. After the grinder is started, it should be idle for 2-3 minutes, and it can be used when the grinder is moving normally. When grinding, it should be operated in the lateral position, and it is forbidden to grind against the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel. When grinding a workpiece or a tool, do not use excessive force and do not hit the grinding wheel.
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Grinding wheel refers to an abrasive tool made of abrasive and bonding agent, commonly known as “industrial grain”. The main components are abrasives and binders. Grinding wheels can be divided into: 1. Fine grinding rubber thin abrasive cutting disc for metal for fine grinding and medium grinding; Second, the guide wheel grinding wheel is used for centerless grinding, and the guide wheel drives the workpiece so that the external dimensions and shape of the workpiece are not deviated; Third, the cutting wheel, used for cutting machine slotting, referred to as cutting piece, super-cut cutting wheel is generally within 5mm; Fourth, the polishing wheel is mainly used for polishing and polishing. Grinding wheel introduction: A fixed abrasive having a round hole in the center made of an abrasive, a binder, an adhesive or the like. Grinding wheel is the most widely used abrasive tool. The grinding wheel rotates at high speed. It can grind, semi-finish, finely grind and superfine the outer, inner, flat and other surfaces of metal and non-metal workpieces. Grind and cut the cut. Grinding wheel classification: According to different abrasives, the grinding wheel has ordinary abrasive grinding wheel (corundum grinding wheel and silicon carbide grinding wheel), natural abrasive grinding wheel and super-hard abrasive grinding wheel (diamond and cubic boron nitride CBN, etc.); According to the shape, it can be divided into flat grinding wheel and special-shaped grinding wheel (beveled grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, dish-shaped grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, etc.); according to different bonding agents, it can be divided into ceramic bonding material grinding wheel and resin bonding material grinding wheel. Rubber bond grinding wheel, diamond bituminous bond grinding wheel, etc. The main factors affecting the characteristics of the standard cut off wheel for metal are abrasive, particle size, hardness, binder, shape, size, and tissue number. Usually, the grinding wheel is running at high speed, and the necessary inspection should be carried out on the grinding wheel before use; the rotary inspection (ensure that the grinding wheel will not burst at the highest line speed); the balance test, the static balance and the dynamic balance test (to prevent the grinding wheel from working) Causes machine tool vibration); After a period of use, the grinding wheel should be trimmed to maintain its grinding efficiency and self-sharpness.
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For example, if to screening of rough iron, recommend the use of linear mobile crusher, sieve aperture adjustment, you can directly to the coarse powder of 5mm above the selected. Author: mine powder mobile crusher with the ordinary mobile crusher what difference? Expert: embodied in full closed structure which has the main advantages of ore vibration screen, as a screening device of metal powder, one must not generate dust pollution, second iron powder with water to produce chemical reaction will cause iron rust, closed production process can effectively solve these two problems. Secondly, with the ordinary mobile crusher is different, the made a great improvement in the mode of production with the mobile crusher, increase the feeding port, processing capacity per hour of iron powder is increased by 30%. Thirdly, in order to improve production efficiency and further reduce the working pressure, mobile crusher with automatic control system, can achieve the advanced processes of a feeding and automatic feeding long screening. Author: mobile crusher more and machining process of powder more humanized.
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In many of the metal powder, the scope of application of iron is the most widely. According to available data, 80% of the powder will be used for the manufacture of mechanical parts. Mining industry with equipment parts have a density very high standards, in accordance with the particle size can be divided into coarse powder, powder, powder, medium fine powder and ultra-fine powder of 5 grade. How to realize the classification of track mobile crusher for? Let's ask the iron processing expert opinion. Author: through the mobile crusher principle for screening of powder is what kind of? Expert: Mining mobile crusher have multi screen, screen size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the mesh of iron powder.In the metallurgical industry, common iron has 325 orders, 400 orders of different level, coarse powder and fine powder will also have the professional standards division. Simple said process on iron mine of high frequency mobile crusher, is the raw material of the filtering process. Author: as far as I know, iron can be divided into reduced iron powder and iron oxide powder, processing of different materials should be how to choose the sieving equipment? Expert: Yes, according to the different processing, deep processing of iron is not the same, we will according to the different nature of the metal powder to select mobile crusher.
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With the development of cutting sheets, green cutting disc are now being used more and more widely, and their hardness is also recognized by more and more users. How much do you know about the hardness of cutting sheets, and how to use them? Let me introduce you today. The hardness of thegreen cutting disc is the main characteristic that determines the performance of the abrasive. The super-hard abrasive itself has a very high hardness, so it can process a variety of high-hardness materials, especially materials that are difficult to process with ordinary abrasives. For example, Aurora cutting uses diamond abrasives to process hard alloys and non-metallic materials such as ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete, etc., and non-metallic materials such as non-metallic materials, such as cubic boron nitride abrasive tools, tool steel, stainless steel, Heat-resistant alloys, especially ferrous metals such as high-vanadium high-speed steel, can achieve satisfactory processing results. The application field of the cutting piece is mainly divided according to the size of the cutting piece and the hardness of the cutting piece. Xi'an Huawo believes that when we are watching a movie, we must choose the right one. For different application fields, we should choose different types of cutting blades. Only when a cutting piece corresponding to the field is selected, the cutting piece can play its role.
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1. Selection of diamond particle strength. resin EN12413 cutting discs rely on grinding agents and cutting to process materials. Therefore, in the selection of diamond particles, diamonds with stable performance and not easy to be broken should be selected. 2. Enhance the degree of bonding of diamonds. A layer of strong carbon compound is plated on the surface of the diamond to form a metal element such as plated, titanium, nickel or tungsten to cover the surface of the diamond to improve the bonding of the diamond and improve the cohesive force of the diamond, which is not premature in the cutting process. Fall off and keep the diamond sharp. 3. Correctly match the diamond particles. Within a certain range, the sharpness of the cutting piece varies with the concentration of the diamond, and the higher the concentration, the sharper the China cutting disc for metal. Due to the high hardness and elastic modulus requirements of diamonds, the cutter head needs to be sharp and the thickness of the pellets is different. After many manufacturing experiments, the diamonds of the coarse, medium and coarse particles of the cutter head are the best. The ratio is 1:0.0227:0.071. 4. The fine powder is beneficial to reduce the sintering temperature and strengthen the hardness of the carcass. The prealloyed powder shortens the contact time of the powder with the air, prevents premature loss and segregation of the low melting point metal, and enhances the holding power of the diamond. 5, rare earth elements and the correct welding technology, rare earth elements can reduce the wear of the bonding agent, the correct welding, to ensure that the cutter head is not burned and can not get off the "head" phenomenon.
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Binders for bronze high efficient metal abrasive discs are resin, metal, ceramic, electroplated and brazed. Resin bond grinding wheel is mainly used for sharpening tool measuring tools, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding; bronze resin grinding wheel is used for cutting into grinding, shaping curve grinding of optical curve grinding machine, sharpening single edge cutter, grinding spiral of small drill bit Groove, also suitable for electrolytic grinding; The ceramic bond high efficient metal abrasive disc has high grinding efficiency, good shape retention, high durability and easy dressing. The bronze resin grinding wheel has a long service life and has good chemical stability due to the ceramic bond itself, heat resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The erosion can adapt to various grinding fluids and the grinding cost is low, so it has become an efficient and high-precision grinding tool; Bronze resin high efficient metal abrasive discs are suitable for high-speed fine grinding and forming grinding, as well as for efficient grinding of holes (wet grinding) and for use on coordinate grinding machines.
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As a very popular planter in agricultural equipment, the 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine is popular among users when it is on the market. But many users sometimes have some problems when using it because of improper operation. What problems do users need to pay attention to when planting equipment? 1. The machine operator should always observe whether the work of the seeder is normal during the work. In particular, it should pay attention to whether the seed meter is arranging, whether the seed tube is blocked, whether the opener is blocked by wet soil, and the work of covering the earth pressure roller. Is it normal? 2, after the completion of a crop, the seed box should be carefully cleaned to avoid seed mixing and cause seed failure. After the fertilizer tank is used, it should be cleaned in time to prevent the machine from rusting. 3 After use, it should be kept safely, and spare parts should be kept for spare parts, wearing parts, easy-to-drop parts and special tools brought by them. 4 After the sowing, the remaining seeds should be properly disposed of, and it is strictly forbidden to eat to prevent poisoning between humans and animals. 5. The planter should be placed in a dry shed, not placed with some chemically strong chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides or alkali acids.
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In the production process of ultrafine mill, the improvement of efficiency is a constant topic. In the actual production process, the efficiency is related to many aspects. The most important issue is the model of the selected mill. A suitable ultra-fine mill can better improve the production efficiency. If the selected machine itself is not suitable, it is difficult to bring good production efficiency to the production process. In the production process of ultrafine mill, the improvement of efficiency is a constant topic. In the actual production process, the efficiency is related to many aspects. Among them, the more important issue is the type of mill selected. A suitable ultrafine mill can better improve the production efficiency. If the selected machine itself is not suitable, it is difficult to bring good production efficiency to the production process. The old saying goes well: 'The workers must first sharpen their tools to achieve good results,' meaning 'to do a good job, first make the tools sharp, do one thing well, preparation is very important', especially In the mine production industry, it is particularly important to choose a suitable production equipment. The problem of the type of ultrafine mill that we are talking about is mainly because it is used to produce fine powder. If the model is not reasonable, it cannot complete certain types of properties. Grinding of materials cannot be processed normally, so the selected model is very important.
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Ultrafine mill maintenance in the work process, mainly to ensure the better work of the machine and the extension of life, maintenance is mainly for various parts and screws and bolts, etc. It can be divided into production and maintenance and preventive maintenance. The article is about the question of what the two types of maintenance mean. ultrafine mill maintenance in the work process, mainly to ensure that the machine works better and life extension, maintenance is mainly for various parts and screws and bolts, it can be divided into production maintenance and preventive maintenance, this article to The question is what the two types of maintenance refer to. The first is preventive maintenance. From the name we can see that this is a planned maintenance in advance, and that is to say, in the event that the ultrafine mill has not failed yet, some actions are taken to prevent the machine from appearing inefficiently. The purpose of doing is to prevent the occurrence of failure and effectively improve the production efficiency of ultra-fine mill; Followed by production and maintenance, it is to improve the production of production efficiency and some maintenance, in the mill work, according to the impact of different faults to carry out different maintenance, need to take different measures, but the help for production is more obvious, This is also an indispensable type of maintenance in practical applications The article mainly introduces the issues of what preventive maintenance and production maintenance mean when the ultrafine mill is working. The article makes a very detailed analysis on these two aspects. The combination of the two can better guarantee The efficiency of production.
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Albert Pujols received a special piece ofmemorabilia he wasn't sure he'dsee again.The Angels first baseman hit a grand slam down the left-field lineagainst the Twins on Saturday for his 600th career home run, and the young fan who caught itreturned the ball to the slugger for free the next day.Scott Steffel, a 23-year-old student at Cal-State Fullerton, snagged the ball with his glove and escaped a pile of scrambling fans before eventuallyendingup on the Angels' broadcast to show off his catch. But rather than cashing in on the estimated six figures the ball is worth, he decided Diamondbacks Cool Base Custom White/Teal Jersey to give it back to Pujols at the team's next game.Its unreal. It was an honor to just be a part of history, Steffel toldCBS Los Angeleson Sunday.Its not my ball, its his. He deserves it. Hes one of the best baseball players right now. Of all time.History in Anaheim with the Twins. This is Scott Diamondbacks Cool Base Sedona Red/Black Jersey Steffel who caught Pujols #600. His life might a bit different for the next few day$. Chris Withers (@ChrisWithersTV) June 4, 2017Cal State Fullerton student Scott Steffel caught Albert Pujols 600th HR, will present it to Pujols after the game CJ Fogler (@cjzero) June 4, 2017Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Albert Pujols! Cool move by fan who caught #Pujols600 to return to @PujolsFive! @Angels @Alex_Curry @MLBonFOX FOX Sports West (@FoxSportsWest) June 4, 2017Pujols, 37,became just the ninth player in MLB history Alex Avila Jersey to reach 600 homers and the fourth youngest to achieve the feat. The 10-time All-Starjoined SammySosa (609),JimThome (612),KenGriffey Jr. (630),WillieMays (660),AlexRodriguez (696),BabeRuth (714), HankAaron (755) andBarryBonds(762).