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add to favorites Cone crusher constantly upgrades the processing technology Pc  
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When compared with other several crushers, aggregate processing plant appeared relatively late, in 1927, it was formally used in industrial production. At that time, due to the limited production technology, the material is not very good. With the slow progress, cone crusher is also carrying on the technical upgrading road. Cone crusher spare parts mainly include a frame, a horizontal axis, a movable cone, a balanced wheel, an eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), low crushing wall (movable cone), hydraulic coupler, lubrication system, hydraulic system and control system.

Cone crusher is basically the spring type before, in the late fifty's countries, it began to appear cone hydraulic crushing type, which makes the manufacturing technology of cone crusher improve to a new stage, the end of the seventy's is a big development period for cone crusher. The emergence of a large conical SMG800 crusher has made certain upgrades in the interior design, which makes gypsum processing plant produce more fine products. It can be used for crushing ore and rock with not more than 250MPa compressive strength, which can be used for crushing hard and medium hard materials in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other departments. The device adopts the spring overload protection device to make iron and other impurities passing through the crushing cavity without damaging the machine. Now cone crusher still does not stop the technological upgrading road, now cone crusher conducts the primary upgrade of its production material, which uses the current best steel to make good wear resistant equipment. It makes the service life of cone crusher greatly increase. We believe that in the future, cone crusher technology upgrade o road will continue to go on, and go farther and farther.

Our company is experienced in the production of crushing equipment, and we have cone crusher for sale, which has complete models, reliable performance and high efficiency. Due to the reasonable cone crusher price and thoughtful after-sales service, we have been fully approved by customers from home and abroad.

add to favorites Daily overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant Pc  
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Mobile crusher plant is also referred to mobile crushing station, mobile construction station and mobile screen station in industry, which is the more advanced mobile equipment among current mining equipment. In our using process, mobile crusher station can conveniently move the overall equipment, which is of flexibility, convenience, strong maneuverability and saves a large number of infrastructure and relocation costs. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity, chemical industry, etc, stone quarry plant is good equipment of material relocation operations. We can configure different mobile crushing stationsaccording to difference of materials to be crushed and processed. As the applications of mobile construction station increases gradually, overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant become even more important. Here, we will briefly introduce overhaul and maintenance of mobile construction station.

1. Daily Maintenance

The equipment should be lubricated according to requirements. Medium and small equipment mainly uses lubricating grease and lubricating oil to lubricate on a regular basis. Large-scale equipment like cone crusher and jaw crusher is generally equipped with forced lubricating system. At this time, you should often observe oil temperature, oil pressure, quantity of flow and other parameters. Besides, it's necessary to tighten the loose fasteners.

During the running of equipment, you should always pay attention to noise and vibration of equipment, if it appears excessive noise or vibration, you should quick stop to check the machine. After troubleshooting, you should restart the machine with no-load according to starting sequence. Additionally, you should also pay attention to quality and productivity of product, when quality and production rate are abnormal, the machine is likely to be clogged or worn.

2. Overhaul

In order to keep the equipment in good performance, you should also carry out minor repair, repair and overhaul in addition to normal maintenance. Repair schedule of mobile construction station is put forward according to inspection requirements of each machines used in silica sand plant. Due to the difference of repair schedule of each machine, when conditions allow, you can replace some machine to carry out overhaul, thus reducing down time and improving utilization rate of equipment.

add to favorites Little Moneybags is the best strategic game I’ve ever played! Pc  
As shown in the Little Moneybags game screenshot, if you want to upgrade your Consortium, you need to get a certain amount of industries. How do you acquire the industries? First, we can see that there are three classes of Business War: Low, Medium and High. New players in Little Moneybags should start with Low. Once you win a Business War, you’ll get some industries (higher class means obtaining more industries). Don’t worry, losing a Business War won’t cost you any industry you’ve already earned. Karen continued: "Put the letter in the box. Remember to include your child's name and address on the letter and they’ll get a letter from Santa.During the festive season many of us carry an excessive amount of money around on us so that we can pay our bills and spoil our loved ones. Next to Normal, the musical about bipolar disorder, was so dark that it could only run in the “risk slot” in January. Yet director Robert Hupp astutely recognized that Normal is redefining the entire genre, and has to be presented. Blessed with a sunny-looking but subtle leading lady, Judy McLane as Diana, Hupp gracefully navigated the rapidly shifting tone. For all the moments of lightness, including a riff on The Sound of Music, the show is about human suffering. The three key winning chances in this race are all last-start winners; Beauty Way, Al Galayel and Masculino. Beauty Way won stylishly at Pakenham earlier this month over 1600m, finishing over the top of Listed Kilmore Cup runner-up Torgersen who then was runner-up to So Si Bon at Caulfield on Boxing Day in the Listed Lord Stakes (1700m). Beauty Way performed well over this distance in England during his three-year-old season. Al Galayel profited from a tactically perfect Craig Williams ride at The Valley over this track and distance on December 1. He shouldn’t find this assignment much harder despite rising to open handicap level. Masculino should have gone close to winning the aforementioned Kilmore Cup before needing the length of the Flemington straight to edge out Kentucky Breeze last start. The rise in distance is exactly what he requires at this stage of his prep. This year’s Horsham and Kyneton Cup winner Another Coldie didn’t have the clearest run when contesting the Werribee Cup (2000m) last start. He’s always a threat over this distance range but does have the task ahead conceding at least 5kg to the market leaders. During a Business War, you will claim victory as long as you have the advantage in 2 out of 3 different types of funds. Therefore, you can give priority to 2 types of fund so that you have a better chance of winning. If you fear that you didn’t allocate sufficient fund, you can carry out an Emergent Injection during the first 5 seconds of a Business War by using Diamonds. You also have a chance to get industries via the Lucky Draw. Can’t wait to see you back in the game! PC site: Mobile site:
add to favorites Application of flotation column in ore dressing plant Pc  
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The industrial flotation equipment in the mining mechanical market has made great development achievements in recent years, and the improvement of the flotation machine technology significantly enhances the output and production efficiency of the ore beneficiation plant.The flotation method of the flotation column which is one of the crusher plant in pakistan originated from Canada and it is originally used in the concentration of molybdenum concentrate. In 1980,a double-column flotation unit was installed in the molybdenum return circuit in the mine of Gaspe, Canada and achieved good ore dressing effects.

This flotation column unit replaced the mechanical flotation machine of the concentrate series. From then on, many countries in North America installed the flotation column in the copper and silica sand plant to concentrate molybdenum minerals and the flotation column began to spread to other countries in the world and was used for coarse and sweep separating various ores and rocks. The flotation column has been the topic of the international conference for twice in three years.

After comparing the flotation results of chromites by the flotation column and traditional flotation cell, we can see that the separating effect of the flotation column is better. After researched by technicians, the flotation column has been used in the flotation of coal powders. And in the future it will have wider application in processing rocks and ores to be deslimed and concentrated after being fine ground.

add to favorites To focus on product quality and efficiency of mobile crusher Pc  
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The crusher machines have been developed for many years in mining machinery market, which make great contributions to mining industry. In order to make mobile crushing plant develop faster and base on market longer, our company pays more attention to product quality and efficiency of mobile crusher and enhance overall quality of mobile crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher and other crushing equipment so as to forge more perfect crushing equipment to win trust of customers.

After many years of innovative development and baptism of mining machinery market, mobile type crusher has formed a certain scale. With the gradual deepening of economic globalization, the cost advantage of domestic mobile crusher is increasingly outstanding. China has a huge market and abundant industry resources, which provides sufficient raw materials and support for mining machinery industry. Product quality of mobile rock crusher involves in lots of details, design, selection of raw materials, welding technique and large-scale production and transport. our crusher equipment has superior process technology and scientific technology. The reliability and availability of our stone crusher equipment have provided customers with safe production, wide applications and excellent benefits. In order to reward the trust of our customers, our company will provide more qualified crusher equipment.

In addition, we also solves a variety of problems in production and operation of crusher equipment for customers with many years of experience. our company is a good trustworthy manufacturer. Hence, mobile crusher from our company does very well in both product quality and after-sales service. Besides, our company continuously expands product channels and vigorously promotes quarry crusher machines, sand washing equipment, ore beneficiation equipment and so on in mining machinery market, which continuously enhances reputation in such a fierce market competition. In the future, our company will continue develop mining equipment and be aimed at making our be one of the best high-end mining machinery enterprises in domestic cities.

add to favorites Stone crusher machine has a wide application range Pc  
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stone briquette machine is mainly used for pressing stone powder, slime, coke powder, coking stone and metallurgical powder, cold pressed pellet and refractory materials. For the powdery materials, grinding machine is needed to complete the required pressing. stone briquette machine can produce the stone with proper particles to achieve efficient processing of stone resources. Burning clean stone is one of the most rapid and effective ways to limit waste gas emissions, which not only improves the air quality to meet environmental requirements, but also brings great economical benefits for related industries.

As the manufacturer of stone crusher machine, our company is a modern production enterprise. The stone crusher in our company can press briquette into balls at one time, which has high yield and high strength. It has been put into use in a number of metal smelting companies, steel melting factories, mining companies and other industries. The stone briquette machine production line developed by our company has created a new situation of the briquette pressing industry and truly realize the recycling of resources. It turns waste into treasure, and creates more economic and social benefits, which is in line with national sustainable development policy. Our company has simple processes of stone briquette production line, which is available for customers to conduct on-site testing.

Our company is specialized in producing crusher machines, in addition to stone crusher machine, and we also produce dry powder briquette machine, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, mineral powder briquette machine, stone powder briquette machine, etc. Our products have excellent quality and favorable prices. If you are interested, please leave us a message or send emails to us, we will answer you as soon as possible!

add to favorites Why is quarry crusher suitable for making sand? Pc  
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There are many machines to make sand-stone aggregates with different features and qualities, so how can we choose the best one from them? Quarry crushers are the most important equipment that needs to be selected carefully. We need to consider the mineral elements if we want to choose the proper quarry crusher type. Selecting a reliable quarry crusher manufacturer or supplier is also important because the supplier market share and actual using effect are the most useful reference indexes.

Among so many crushers, which one may be the suitable machine for the production line of sand aggregate considering all factors? The answer is the stone crusher with three main advantages for customers: 1. it can produce very fine crushing granularity and is not afraid of very hard and wet materials; 2. it is quite simple to maintain and suitable for middle and small enterprises; 3. it is effective and energy saving which saves the running cost of the equipment.

Extending the industry chain has been considered the only road for Chinese cement enterprises to upgrade and transform. In recent years, more and more cement companies are trying diversified development in the upstream and downstream industry field and marching to the sand-stone aggregate industry becomes the first choice to realize upgrading and transforming.

add to favorites What is a high quality 9'' grinding wheel? How to use it? Pc  
There are three main types of high quality 9'' grinding wheel: one is ordinary abrasives, including corundum series and silicon carbide, resin abrasives, ceramic abrasives, etc.; the second is coated abrasives, including abrasive cloth, sandpaper, abrasive belt, etc.; Hard materials, mainly diamond grinding wheels, cubic boron nitride and products. Grinding is an irreplaceable and gradual expansion of machining methods in machining. Analysis of high quality 9'' grinding wheels, after the world entered the new century, grinding processing is still ranked third in the popular machining method. Although hard turning has replaced many grinding processes, due to advances in bonding technology and the use of advanced abrasives, diamond grinding discs remain an important part of the machining process. Grinding is material-driven today, and diamond grinding wheels may be difficult to compete with conventional machining materials for milling, planning and turning, but when it comes to a new generation of materials such as ceramics, cermets, composites, reinforcement Materials, and ultra-high temperature alloys do not have to compete. These materials can only be ground with diamond grinding wheels. The high quality 9'' grinding wheel use conditions: 1. The cutting line speed of the grinding wheel must be greater than 80 m / s. 2. The grinding wheel must be cooled with water when cutting. The cooling water flow is not less than 2.4 liters/min. 3. The new grinding wheel must be trimmed with a special correction plate before use. 4. The cutting depth of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel is determined according to the thickness of the grinding wheel and the cutting material. Generally, the large cutting depth is within 3 mm. 5. When selecting the grinding wheel, in order to ensure a good cutting effect, the grinding wheel with the corresponding abrasive grain size should be selected according to the different cutting materials. 6. The normal cutting speed of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel (the moving speed of the object to be cut) is determined according to the requirements of the cutting material and the cutting precision, and is generally within 0.5-200 mm/sec.
add to favorites The performance of stone crusher has been continuously improved Pc  
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With the long time development, the quality of stone crusher has been improved, which continues to develop a broader market field. The SBM stone crusher adopts innovative high allocation timely to meet the different needs of customers. O company is persistent to walk out its own unique areas, so as to promote their continuous growth. Just take the energy saving and high efficiency as the main trend of the market competition to occupy more space in the international market.

In the research and development process of stone crusher, under the premise of ensuring the energy saving and high efficiency, make the pursuit of innovation and efficiency to the maximum extent. stone crusher is used for crushing various ores and rocks, coarse, fine. It is especially appropriate to be used as the required high iron construction sand building material of stone processing equipment. As the important mineral processing equipment, stone crusher also plays an important role in high-speed railway construction industry. During the structure transformation of stone crusher, lining board is the main parts, so its replacement for a certain period of time should be paid attention to. The biggest advantage of stone crusher is reflected in its scope, which can almost crush any type of rock, and it has very low crushing requirements. Whether it is crushing hard rock, cobble and all kinds of ore, stone crusher can perfectly crush them successfully to get the required size for customers with large crushing ratio. stone crusher is processing from the top of the crushing chamber, through the discharge port; it can be arranged to a minimum size, so as to improve the crushing ratio. The design of lining plate angle makes the material more in the crushing cavity at the bottom of the stroke to improve the through ability of materials.

stone crusher has great impact on aggregate quality, and the building materials will have an important influence on the high-speed rail construction engineering quality, thus its importance in railway construction is very obvious. stone crusher is one of the long history production equipment of our company, so its technology is very mature, which can effectively control the production cost. We have many types of stone crushers such as stone stone crusher, mini stone crusher and small stone crusher for sale.

add to favorites Technical efficiency improvement of the stone grinding plant Pc  
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In the stone grinding production line or stone grinding plant, to improve the technical efficiency means much for the improvement of ore beneficiation indicators. So how can we improve the technical efficiency of the SBM grinding plant? The answer is to adopt the closed circuit grinding technological process.

The reasonable grinding flow means that mineral grains should be discharged quickly from the grinder once they are ground and separated. For the existing stone grinders, its very difficult to realize the material grain gradation. Therefore, we usually adopt the classifier or fine screener to gain the qualified granularity grade and those coarse material grains will return to the grinding machine again. This process is called sand return.

In the closed circuit grinding flow, the grinder will add returning sand to the new materials. When more materials pass through the grinding machine, the grinder will run faster and the grinding time will be shortened. The closed circuit grinding process requires the unqualified materials moves into and out of the grinding machine again and again till they become qualified ones.

With a large amount of coarse sand fed into the grinder, the closed circuit grinding flow increases the coarse fraction content of the feeding materials. Besides, the proper sand return will remove the vibration of the new materials and bad influence on the granularity of minerals.

add to favorites Method for cutting grinding wheel by diamond grinding wheel Pc  

Using diamond abrasive as raw material, respectively, using metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metal as bonding agent, the circular fixed abrasive with central through hole is called diamond grinding wheel.

First, the grinding wheel is easy to collapse when cutting in and out: When cutting the thin flat cutting disc with a tool with a large main angle, the cutting edge is easy to collapse. In order to solve this problem, a circular blade is used to change the main yaw angle, so that the cutting and cutting are smooth. When the feed amount is 1 to 1.5 mm, no chipping occurs.

Second, the chips are in powder form: the chips of the cutting wheel are powdery, and the form of tool wear is the flank wear, which mainly bears the wear of the diamond wheel abrasive.

Third, the cutting force and cutting temperature is low: the diamond composite sheet has a high thermal conductivity, 1.5 to 9 times that of the cemented carbide, and 2 to 6 times that of the copper, so that the temperature in the cutting zone is quickly transmitted. Therefore, the temperature of cutting a resin bond or a ceramic bond wheel with a diamond compact tool is many times lower than that of a cut metal.

4. With the traditional turning tools, the diamond composite sheet has almost no dust flying during the turning process, and the noise is effectively reduced. The working environment of the diamond grinding wheel is further improved, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the employees.

add to favorites Method for cutting grinding wheel by diamond grinding wheel Pc  

Using diamond abrasive as raw material, respectively, using metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metal as bonding agent, the circular fixed abrasive with central through hole is called diamond grinding wheel.

First, the grinding wheel is easy to collapse when cutting in and out: When cutting the thin flat cutting disc with a tool with a large main angle, the cutting edge is easy to collapse. In order to solve this problem, a circular blade is used to change the main yaw angle, so that the cutting and cutting are smooth. When the feed amount is 1 to 1.5 mm, no chipping occurs.

Second, the chips are in powder form: the chips of the cutting wheel are powdery, and the form of tool wear is the flank wear, which mainly bears the wear of the diamond wheel abrasive.

Third, the cutting force and cutting temperature is low: the diamond composite sheet has a high thermal conductivity, 1.5 to 9 times that of the cemented carbide, and 2 to 6 times that of the copper, so that the temperature in the cutting zone is quickly transmitted. Therefore, the temperature of cutting a resin bond or a ceramic bond wheel with a diamond compact tool is many times lower than that of a cut metal.

4. With the traditional turning tools, the diamond composite sheet has almost no dust flying during the turning process, and the noise is effectively reduced. The working environment of the diamond grinding wheel is further improved, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the employees.

add to favorites Grinding wheel forming requirements Pc  
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(1) Adhesive: This adhesive is different from the adhesive for producing a nonwoven felt, the former being an emulsion type adhesive and the latter being a solvent binder. In order to make the abrasive and the fiber firmly bond, and the heat generated in the polishing process, the surface of the polishing wheel is as high as 150~180 °C, so in addition to good bonding ability, it must be It has high heat resistance. At present, modified phenolphthalein resin, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin are generally used in foreign countries.

(2) Sticking sand: Generally completed on a special finishing equipment. In order to ensure the uniformity of the abrasive on the product, the abrasive application method is particularly important. At present, the dusting method is generally adopted. standard cut off wheel for metalThe structure is a hopper with abrasive material on the top. The hopper is equipped with a discharge roller with elastic card cloth. The discharge roller rotates, and the abrasive falls evenly into the clothing, on the side of the discharge roller. A vibrator with a wire brush is attached, and the abrasive falling into the card clothing is peeled off by vibration and falls onto the non-woven mat. Another method is sprayed onto the non-woven felt by a spray gun, but the uniformity of the abrasive is difficult to ensure, and the abrasive wears on the nozzle. After the abrasive is dusted or sandblasted, the adhesive is sprayed to make the abrasive and the fiber firmly adhered. The knot finally forms a grinding wheel of practical value.

Finally, the grinding wheel is reworked into various types of polishing wheels, which can be divided into four types: shot type, laminated type, pleated type and attached type. Shot type: Cut the sand felt into long squares of the required size. Arranged radially around the wheel core. The inner ring is bonded with an thin flat cutting discand its density is increased from the outside to the inside.

Laminated type: The sand felt is cut into layers of the required size, and the product is laminated and compacted, and the density is uniform inside and outside. Pleated type: The sand felt is cut into long squares of the required size, folded into a circular ring and fixed with a hexagonal steel buckle.

Axis type: Cut the sand felt into long squares of the required size and arrange them radially around the wheel core and insert them into the center shaft. The sand felt has better precision on the working surface than the first and second grades of the fabric, the surface is flat, the wear is small, and the falling sand is small, which is suitable for the mass production of mechanization; the disadvantage is that the abrasive and the fiber are only bonded by the adhesive, bonding The point is small and there is some abrasive falling off.

add to favorites Crusher of mobile crusher plant Pc  
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Our company is a professional crawler crusher mobile manufacturing company and there are mainly three models of crawler mobile stone crusher plants in our company.Crawler mobile crusher plant as well as Screening Station is usually of high cost-performance percentage, and it is reliable inside performance and decent in structure. Crawler Mobile phone Crusher applies the leading-edge technology with the world-wide level.Mobile crushing, portable breaker and screening plant arewidely used in highway bridge construction, metallurgy or anything else.

It can certainly eliminate the obstacles of the smashing places and circumstances, and present the high efficiency as well as low cost project plants for the client. It is the best option. For contracting, our Exploration and Construction Concept offers the most comprehensive portable solutions worldwide (space) altogether 9 varied track models of which several are equipped with a tv screen. Demanding contract bashing and screening tasks require proven track LT Show mobile crushing crops. These self-contained plants could certainly operate coal mining independently and in combination to form comprehensive, mobile systems.

Our company-one rather famous rock and additionally mineral processing supplier in the world is introducing a new comprehensive handheld plant for effective fully mobile killer. mobile crushing plants are compact yet pebbly. They work in constrained places and shift readily, yet endure years of high level production. Versatile, reliable mobile crushing vegetation provide cost-efficient and flexible solutions with your contract bashing opportunities.

add to favorites New thinking of forming grinding wheel Pc  

The emergence of new abrasive new binders continues to improve the processing efficiency and quality of thin flat cutting discs . In addition to micro-crushed abrasive grains, such as SPW, a new abrasive that combines single and multiple crystals, this high performance cutting disc also achieves very good results in the grinding of iron-based materials, except for the large resistance to grinding. In addition to the reduction in cutting force, the reduction in the dressing interval also increases the production efficiency. The HW mixed abrasive is a new breakthrough in the grinding wheel manufacturing technology. Since the different abrasive grain characteristics enhance the self-sharpening effect of the grinding wheel, it has exerted an unprecedented effect in the field of forming and grinding.

The lifting agent of the bonding agent is the key to the self-sharpening effect of the grinding wheel, and is also the main determinant of the hardness of the grinding wheel. In terms of forming and polishing, in addition to balancing the cutting force and the shape retaining force, if the heat dissipation and the grinding ratio can be further improved, the polishing efficiency will be greatly improved. With a unique technology, the amount of binder is reduced, and the grinding ratio is greatly increased. The reduced binder is also equivalent to the space for the pores, which increases the space for heat dissipation and reduces the chance of clogging.

The choice of the forming grinding wheel is not as high as the hardness, and it is necessary to avoid the blind spot of the grinding wheel hardness. In fact, more attention should be paid to the basic performance of the grinding wheel such as cutting force, uniform organization and heat dissipation, so that the most suitable product can be selected.

add to favorites OnePiece Hot Lanuch Even ——Come and join us! Pc  
Have you heard the Anime OnePiece? Several days ago the game which a turn-based action-adventure RPG game on the H5 platform has been launched by instantfuns. Here’s the launch even: Event1: 7-Day Sign-in Content: Sign-in daily to claim rewards! Rewards: Sign-in for 1 Day, you can receive Beli*10000, Mizu Mizu Meat*3, Seafood rice*1 Sign-in for 2 Days, you can receive Blue Crystal*1, Mystery Fruit*1, Pudding Set*1 Sign-in for 3 Days, you can receive Diamond*50, Purple Crystal*1, Mizu Mizu Meat*1 Sign-in for 4 Days, you can receive Beli*10000, Blue Crystall*3, Mystery Fruit*2 Sign-in for 5 Days, you can receive Beli*100000, Mystery Fruit*3, Diamond*50 Sign-in for 6 Days, you can receive Mystery Fruit*3, Salvage Rope*5, Medal*1 Sign-in for 7 Days, you can receive Beli*1000000, Mystery Fruit*5, Pudding Set*3 Event 2: Hot Party Content: During event period, host parties reach requirement to claim rewards! Rewards: Host 1 Time, you can receive Seafood rice*1 Host 2 Times, you can receive Grandpa’s Rice*1 Host 5 Times, you can receive Grandpa’s Rice*1 Host 10 Times, you can receive Sky Pumpkin*1 Host 20 Times, you can receive Sky Pumpkin*3 Host 50 Times, you can receive Dinosaur Meat*1, Mystery Fruit*1 Host 100 Times, you can receive Dinosaur Meat*2, Mystery Fruit*1 Host 200 Times, you can receive Hatchan Takoyaki*1, Mystery Fruit*1 Event3: Sea Adventure Content: During event period, defeat Pirates in Treasure reach requirements to claim rewards! Rewards: Defeat Pirates 10 Times, you will receive Silver Coin Bag*1, Mystery Fruit*1, Pirate Bento*3 Defeat Pirates 20 Times, you will receive Silver Coin Bag*3, Mystery Fruit*2, Pirate Bento*5 Defeat Pirates 30 Times, you will receive Gold Coin Bag*2, Mystery Fruit*5, Pirate Bento*10 Defeat Pirates 40 Times, you will receive Gold Coin Bag*5, Mystery Fruit*10, Mizu Mizu Meat*3 Defeat Pirates 50 Times, you will receive Gold Coin Bag*5, Mystery Fruit*10, Mizu Mizu Meat*4 Defeat Pirates 100 Times, you will receive Gold Bars*5, Mystery Fruit*10, Mizu Mizu Meat*5 Defeat Pirates 150 Times, you will receive Gold Bars*7, Mystery Fruit*10, Pudding Set*3 Defeat Pirates 200 Times, you will receive Treasure Box*3, Mystery Fruit*10, Pudding Set*3 Defeat Pirates 250 Times, you will receive Treasure Box*5, Mystery Fruit*10, Pudding Set*7 Defeat Pirates 300 Times, you will receive Treasure Box*10, Mystery Fruit*10, Pudding Set*10 Event4: Invincible Content:During event period, defeat opponents in Arena reach requirements to claim rewards! Rewards: Defeat Opponents 1 Time, you will receive Medal*2, Grandpa’s Rice*1, Silver Coin Bag*1 Defeat Opponents 4 Times, you will receive Medal*4, Grandpa’s Rice*2, Silver Coin Bag*1 Defeat Opponents 8 Times, you will receive Medal*6, Grandpa’s Rice*3, Silver Coin Bag*2 Defeat Opponents 15 Times, you will receive Medal*8, Grandpa’s Rice*4, Silver Coin Bag*3 Defeat Opponents 25 Times, you will receive Medal*10, Grandpa’s Rice*5, Silver Coin Bag*5 Defeat Opponents 40 Times, you will receive Medal*12, Grandpa’s Rice*8, Gold Bars*1 Defeat Opponents 60 Times, you will receive Medal*15, Grandpa’s Rice*12, Gold Bars*2 Defeat Opponents 90 Times, you will receive Medal*20, Sky Pumpkin*1, Gold Bars*3 Event5:Daily Top-up Content:Daily Top-up reached requirement to claim rewards! Rewards: Total Top-up reach $1.99, you wil receive Diamond*30, Mystery Fruit*2 Total Top-up reach $5.99, you wil receive Diamond*50, Mystery Fruit*3 Total Top-up reach $15.99, you wil receive Diamond*100, Blue Crystal*3, Purple Crystal*3 Total Top-up reach $29.99, you wil receive Diamond*150, Pink Crystal*3, Yellow Crystal*3 Total Top-up reach $55.99, you wil receive Diamond*250, Mystery Fruit*3, White Gem*3 Total Top-up reach $109.99, you wil receive Diamond*400, Red Gem*5, Purple Gem*5 Total Top-up reach $209.99, you wil receive Diamond*800,Green Gem*10, Yellow Gem*10 Event6:Total Top-up Content:Weekly Top-up reached requirement to claim rewards! Rewards: Total Top-up reach $39, you wil receive Diamond*188, Pri Treasure Box*1 Total Top-up reach $59, you wil receive Diamond*288, Med Treasure Box*1 Total Top-up reach $129, you wil receive Diamond*488,Adv Treasure Box*1 Total Top-up reach $329, you wil receive Diamond*888,Adv Treasure Box*5 Total Top-up reach $669, you wil receive Diamond*1888,Ace*1 Total Top-up reach $1000, you wil receive Diamond*3888,Adv Treasure Box*10 Total Top-up reach $1666, you wil receive Diamond*6888, Kuma*1 If you are interested in this classic game OnePiece, click the links below: PC site: Mobile site:
add to favorites Introduction to molding and grinding Pc  
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Molding and grinding refers to a method in which a grinding wheel having a certain shape and a workpiece are moved relative to each other, or a forming grinding wheel having a predetermined shape is used, and a grinding processing method by the same turning grinding process is used.

Molding and grinding is widely used in various types of cutting tools, mold parts and stencils. The grinding wheel plays a major role in the transformation. Therefore, the performance of the grinding wheel has a very important influence on the quality and efficiency of the forming grinding.

There are three main requirements for formingthin abrasive cutting disc for metal :

1 shape retention:

Since it is a form grinding, the most important thing is naturally the shape retention ability of the grinding wheel! Good shape retention ensures precision after grinding, while reducing dressing frequency and increasing machining efficiency!

2 surface roughness after grinding

Many molded and finished products are used to move parts to each other. Therefore, good surface roughness reduces the resistance to actuation and increases product life.

3 easy to trim

If the shape retention is good, but it is not easy to trim, it will also reduce the processing efficiency.

add to favorites Mirror surface grinding effect Pc  

Mirror surface refers to a description of the good roughness that can be obtained after mechanical grinding. Just like a mirror, it is shiny and smooth, and it can be clearly called out the metal surface of the object.

Mirror surface grinding generally uses high-quality grinding wheels to achieve excellent surface roughness through precise grinding, while at the same time taking into account the good dimensional accuracy of the knife; the purpose is to effectively improve the mechanical life, reduce the cutting resistance, and in order to obtain a smooth finished product. Molds, etc. Usually the workpieces that are mirror-polished are mostly molds or workpieces that require friction to act on each other. Therefore, to achieve mirror polishing, high performance cutting discs are required. To achieve high performance cutting blades, the following requirements must be met:

Wear resistance: The rougher the surface, the smaller the contact area, the greater the pressure per unit area and the easier it is to damage.

Stable: uneven, unstable, as if driving on uneven roads.

Corrosion resistance: Roughness can easily corrode corrosive gases or liquids from the valleys, causing corrosion of the surface of the grinding wheel.

Anti-fatigue: When fatigue testing is concentrated at a certain point or part, it will amplify the fatigue strength of the grinding wheel.

Sealing: Roughness prevents parts from being tightly bonded, and gas and liquid penetrate through the gaps in contact with the surface of the grinding wheel.

Mirror surface grinding is a kind of precision grinding. The ground material can be placed on the grinding disc, the grinding wheel rotates, the correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, the gravity is pressed to press the workpiece, and the workpiece and the grinding disc are relatively operated to rub. Grinding and polishing purposes. The grinding disc dressing mechanism adopts the hydraulic suspension guide rail to reciprocate back and forth, and the diamond shaving cutter precisely trims the grinding surface of the grinding disc, so that the grinding disc obtains an ideal plane effect.

The mechanical processing methods for obtaining mirrors are: material removal method, no cutting method: the material removal methods mainly include: grinding, grinding, polishing, and electric spark. The material removal method must have a large amount of equipment investment; skilled and experienced technical workers; expensive grinding wheels and other prerequisites, mirror grinding still requires cost considerations without special needs.

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Our advanced construction waste crusher is a large-sized rock crusher that follows the high-performance crushing advantages of cone crusher and absorbs foreign advanced technology. This equipment adopts advanced hydraulic crawler-type walking device as well as the design of multiple chamber type to satisfy coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and superfine crushing needs and create sand and stone aggregates with excellent particle shape. It has been widely used for the crushing and screening of ores and rocks with different hardness such as iron ore, copper ore, granite and basalt and the highest output can reach 500t/h.

Mobile cone crusher plant has been proved to have excellent performance when applied in aggregate production and mine topsoil and it has high output and high efficiency. It adopts new type of cone crusher as the main crushing machine, uses variable speed hydrostatic direct drive, and what is more, it is installed overload protection system and adjusts the discharging mouth through hydraulic pressure.

Our mobile cone crusher offers pre-screening module as the selective piece which is able to screen out the fine particles before the materials go into the crushing chamber, which is conducive to improving the service life of the quick-wear parts of the crushing machine. The receiving hopper and feeder machine with large capacity is equipped with all automatic metal detection system and discharging system, which can protect cone crusher and reduce the stoppage losses caused by the clearance of metal materials in the discharging chute. In addition, this equipment has such features of fast installation, easy and simple check and repair, big crushing ratio, high capacity and yield and advanced electronic control system.

Our mobile cone crusher plant is an advanced crushing machine specially designed for granite, basalt, limestone and marble, and it is able to crush the materials to stone and sand that conforms to the needs in large-sized hydropower station, mixing station and construction field according to the customers needs. In addition, there are needle-shaped particles in the final products, which greatly ensure the project quality, and what is more, its advantages of high crushing efficiency, energy conservancy, environmental protection and high-performance crushing advantages make it have good development tendency in the crushing and screening field of construction waste.

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1. Superabrasive grinding wheels made of diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) abrasives have been widely used in all aspects of grinding because of their excellent grinding performance. Diamond grinding wheels are special effects tools for grinding hard and hard materials such as cemented carbide, glass, ceramics and precious stones. In recent years, with the rapid development of high-speed grinding and ultra-precision grinding technology, higher requirements have been placed on the cut off disc for stainless steel. The grinding wheel of ceramic and resin bonding has been unable to meet the production needs. The metal bond grinding wheel has its bonding strength. high performance cutting disc, good formability, long service life and other significant characteristics have been widely used in production. The metal bond diamond grinding wheel is mainly of two types of sintering and electroplating depending on the manufacturing method. In order to give full play to the role of super-hard abrasives, foreign countries began to develop a new type of grinding wheel by high-temperature brazing process from the early 1990s, namely single-layer high-temperature brazing super-hard abrasive grinding wheel. At present, this kind of grinding wheel is still in the research and development stage.