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Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring. The main component is PVC material, interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring can be made into two kinds, one is homogenous and translucent, that is, the pattern material from bottom to surface is the same. There is also a composite type, that is, the uppermost layer is a pure PVC transparent layer, and a printed layer and a foamed layer are added below. Plastic PVC sports special floor, good shock absorption, excellent shock absorption, good elasticity, anti-fouling, easy maintenance and long service life. It can protect athletes from harm more effectively. Mainly used in: indoor professional basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis court, gym and so on. The detachable indoor sport surface is divided into a conductive floor R ≤ 106 ohms according to the requirements of the resistance value of the place of use; the antistatic floor 106 ohm ≤ R ≤ 108 ohms. The electrostatic floor can effectively prevent and reduce the damage of static electricity to high-precision electronic equipment, and also reduce the accumulation of dust in the environment. Suitable for installation in clean rooms, electronics workshops, hospital special areas and operating rooms, as well as computer rooms. PVC floor is made of high-molecular-weight polyvinyl chloride as the main material, with good decorative effect, wear-resistant and anti-use, clean and hygienic. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields. Linseed oil flooring is a pure natural ground elastic material formed by mixing linseed oil, rosin, softwood powder, dye and stone powder. It is the world's most environmentally friendly floor in addition to unpainted wood flooring. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields. The rubber floor is produced by high temperature vulcanization. The structure and performance of the rubber floor are stable, and it has the advantages of no deformation, anti-smoking head and super wear resistance. Mainly used in: education, medical, office, airport, shopping malls and other fields. Note: We say that the “plastic floor” we usually refer to mainly refers to the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court used indoors. Different people have different understandings. The main ones are: ◆ Think that “plastic floor” means PVC floor covering sheets and coils; ◆ Think that “plastic floor” is a plastic sports floor; ◆ Think that “plastic floor” is PVC coil floor ◆ Think that “plastic floor” is a combination of PVC floor, linen floor and rubber floor. It should be said that the concept is rather vague. In fact, the name "plastic floor" is not standardized. The formal name should be "PVC floor". As long as the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material is "PVC floor". Everyone has a lot of names for “PVC flooring”, such as plastic flooring, PVC plastic flooring, PVC sports flooring, rubber flooring, plastic flooring, floor leather, floor rubber, stone plastic flooring, stone plastic floor tiles, etc.
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In the future, there will be a large market demand for Construction waste crusher. The traditional construction waste disposal is mainly based on landfill and stacking, which causes great damage to the ecological environment. Therefore, the construction waste disposal in the future is mainly based on crushing and recycling. So how is construction waste recycled and utilized? Which crusher is best for building construction waste? Today, Huacheng Heavy Industry introduces several construction waste disposal equipment for everyone. Concrete block construction waste treatment: the simple concrete concrete block is mainly treated by ordinary hammer. If the concrete block is large, the heavy hammer crusher can be selected; Demolition of Construction Waste Recycling Plant: treatment of demolition of construction waste, mainly based on crushing-magnetic separation-sieving. The most critical equipment is crusher. The most suitable equipment for demolition of construction waste can be selected as heavy hammer crusher. The main characteristics of large feed size and strong crushing capacity are that the construction waste with steel bars can be fully broken when it enters the heavy hammer, and then the steel bars are separated by magnetic separation. Finally, the light debris is sorted by sorting and sifting. Separation, through the process of crushing, magnetic separation and sieving, the construction waste will become waste. In view of the strong mobility of construction waste crushing, our company has specially designed a mobile construction waste crushing station, which effectively solves the shortcomings of the traditional construction waste crusher. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of construction waste treatment equipment, including: European version of E-break, European version of counter-attack, heavy hammer, ordinary hammer, vibrating screen, magnetic separator and other complete construction waste treatment equipment, please call for advice.
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Nowadays, no matter what kind of goods we buy, we often pay attention to the price, because this is a question of our funds. In fact, the purchase of prefabricated elastic flat PP mat sport flooring is the same, the first concern is the price, followed by the quality. This has caused many sports flooring manufacturers to use their hands and feet in the production of indoor sports flooring, and to deceive consumers under the banner of the manufacturers. Consumers will have many hidden dangers after purchasing these products, because indoor sports flooring is not only It is for decoration. It is also an auxiliary material to protect the safety of athletes. Since everyone cares about the price, let's take a look at how the sports venues choose interlocking elastic flat PP mat sport flooring and usage precautions to understand the cost of installing the sports floor. We have to choose trees with moderate hardness and not easy to produce wood thorns. Reduce the likelihood of athletes being injured during exercise. Suitable for sports flooring made from maple and eucalyptus in common tree species. The main features are as follows: 1. The sports floor ball made of maple and eucalyptus has good rebound performance and is effective in earthquake resistance and sound insulation. Sports floor installation costs 2. Basically no breeding of termites, construction is pollution-free. 3. It is not easy to deform and will not damage the original ground. 4. The texture is soft and moderate, and people have a good feeling when they are exercising on the floor. The use of the sports floor is a very worthy thing to pay attention to, only to increase the service life of the sports floor, in order to play a better role. In the process of using the sports floor, we need to do some sand and stone protection work, because these sands will cause some traumatic wear on the sports floor. Under such wear, the service life of the sports floor can be greatly shortened. . Secondly, when using the prefabricated elastic flat wood look indoor sport flooring of the sports field, it is necessary to pay special attention to the handling of various equipments of the sports floor. Once the moving floor is damaged in the handling process, it is very serious and worthy of everyone's deep thought. Third, we also need to pay attention to the fireworks problem in the sports field, which has a great impact on the current sports floor. In fact, there are many price reference factors. The nature of the proposal is public or personal. More importantly: the people facing it, the level of consumption, the budget, and so on. Manufacturers will design and manufacture according to the ideas of the demand side.
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The Thresher has many advantages over traditional threshing methods, especially at the working rate. So what can extend the useful life of Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller? Let's take a look at it together and hope to help everyone. 1. Add lubricant to the peanut thresher equipment system on time, which can effectively reduce the degree of machine wear. 2. Operate the peanut thresher according to the instructions for use. Do not operate at will to avoid damage to the components. 3. Regularly inspect the various components of the peanut thresher and replace the parts that are naturally worn out in the peanut thresher, so that various safety hazards of the machine can be eliminated in time. As long as the above points are used during use, the service life of the peanut thresher can be effectively extended.
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For a professional basketball floor, the effect of the post-stage use is not only related to the quality of the floor, but more importantly, the quality of the construction is also ensured, as this will directly affect the normal use of the player. Today, the Euclidean floor mainly introduces the construction conditions and precautions for the elastic flat PP mat volleyball sport flooring in the basketball hall. Let’s take a look at it: 1. Basketball sports floor construction conditions 1) Generally speaking, before the construction of the sports floor, the civil works in the interior should be completed. The important construction conditions require that the site of the construction site be clean and tidy. The quality of the ground construction should meet the requirements of the architectural design. It has been waterproofed and moisture-proof. , gas and other basic treatment. Construction conditions and precautions for the interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring of the basketball hall 2) The installation of water, electricity, steam, ventilation, etc. in the venue is over. After the water network pipeline has been completely tested, it is confirmed that the design requirements have been met before it can be used normally. 3) Cross-construction should be avoided. If cross-construction is really required, it must be negotiated by the general contractor, the project supervisor, and the installation team to clarify responsibilities, reach consensus, and form a written summary. 4) Determine the moisture content of the sports flooring material as well as the indoor ground humidity and atmospheric humidity. 2, some things to pay attention to when installing basketball sports floor Construction conditions and precautions for the sports floor of the basketball hall 1) Site inspection must be carried out to clean the ground debris and clean the ground, in order to ensure that the sports floor can be completely flat and integrated with the ground during the installation process. 2) It is the installation work of the mezzanine, mainly to ensure that the sports floor has two functions of cushioning and shock absorption. This is the important installation part of the sports floor. The sports floor must be professionally installed during the installation process. The personnel to operate can ensure that the performance of the detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring manufacturer can be better played. 3) Laying the surface layer, the surface layer is an important key factor to determine the level of the sports floor, which can be selected according to the needs of the venue. 4) Standard acceptance should be done on the material. For important paving materials such as surface flooring, wool flooring, wood-based panels, keels, elastic pads, and floor nails, these materials must meet national standards before they can be used in the venue, especially for The problem of the moisture content of sports flooring is particularly important.
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The sand production line, also named Working Principle Of Grinding Mill production line, is a dedicated production line for the sand and stone production of buildings, highways, railways and other industries. The main equipments of the production line include Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, Hammer crusher, crushing machine,sand making machineand so on. The stone production line is generally applicable to the limestone, river gravel, quartz sand and other materials. Among them, the river gravel belongs to the higher hardness materials. So in crushing and processing the river gravel with crushing equipment, except for the regular maintenance and repair, we should also pay special attention to some other aspects.

1. The maintenance of the Jaw crusher in the Artificial Sand Making Plant production line. The maintenance work of jaw crusher usually includes two main parts, one is the lubrication and the other is the maintenance. Pay attention to the lubrication work of the friction surface work can ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of the machine. In the maintenance of jaw crusher, it is necessary to change the components and check the whole equipment regularly, at the same time, do the maintenance record well. If crush the hard materials, the wear of the equipment will be more obvious, therefore, for the quick wear part of jaw crusher, such as the jaw plate and the wrist plate, it is necessary to establish a detailed use detection, being familiar with the operation limit of the equipment.

2. The maintenance and advantages of the Impact crusher in the sand production line. 1) The impact crusher should have large feeding throat, high crushing chamber to adapt to the high material hardness, big volume and less product powder. 2) Leave a clearance between the impact plate and the plate hammer, which makes it easy to adjust the equipment, control the feeding size effectively, and get suitable particle shape. 3) The impact crusher should be compact in structure and have strong machine rigidity, so that the rotor will have a large moment of inertia. 4) With the high chrome plate hammer, the impact crusher has great performance in impact resistance, abrasion resistance and attack force. 5) With the seamless connection, the impact crusher is economical, reliable and easy to maintain. 6) The impact crusher has full crushing function, high productivity, small parts abrasion, and high comprehensive benefits.

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The moisture content of the wooden floor of the sports hall is very important. We all know that the climate difference in China is large. The floor sheet must be dried and dehydrated before processing. The unfinished products of the wooden floor must be baked twice, the same finished product. The moisture content of the interlock detachable elastic double tier sport flooring should be between 8-12%. With the development of domestic sports, not only are athletes more demanding on sports venues, but some social sports enthusiasts are gradually upgrading their requirements for stadiums. Therefore, now that the gymnasium wants to upgrade its grades, it is different from the general gymnasium. It needs advanced training equipment and tools. Secondly, it needs to provide a comfortable sports environment for sports enthusiasts. This is inseparable from professional sports wood flooring. Basketball sports solid wood floor construction site demand is clean, all kinds of pipelines to the installation is completed. After installing the basketball sports solid wood floor, it is necessary to check the material appearance of the construction site to see if the ground is clean and the application requirements are met. It is necessary to pay attention to the need to install various lines and pipes before installing the elastic double tier sport flooring. After that, for example, the installation requirements for water and electricity can reach a certain standard of application before the installation of the wooden floor. Maple Sports Solid Wood Flooring - The unique feature of Maple is the light yellowish reddish brown color, straight texture, uniform structure, wood toughness and close connection, strong impact resistance. The wood table obscures the gloss of the face and does not have any special odor. The material has high strength, large density and good corrosion resistance. The overall quality is the floor material of the Mahayana, and the processing is easy to light, mill, spin, drill and Polished for easy nailing. Maple Sports Solid Wood Flooring - The unique feature of Maple is the light yellowish reddish brown color, straight texture, uniform structure, wood toughness and close connection, strong impact resistance. The wood table obscures the gloss of the face and does not have any special odor. The material has high strength, large density and good corrosion resistance. The overall quality is the prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring of the Mahayana, and the processing is easy to light, mill, spin, drill and Polished for easy nailing.
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The arrival of construction waste not only occupies a large area of ​​cultivated land, pollutes the water source, but also has a great impact on the environment we rely on. In fact, construction waste is a kind of misplaced “gold”, if handled properly It can be used as a rich and cheap raw material to provide high quality sand and gravel aggregates for construction, road and railway industries. Mobile Crusher is a terrible gravel weapon that eats construction waste into the stomach, spit out sand and gravel aggregate, and the granularity can be adjusted according to needs. With wheeled mobile crushing station, building Garbage disposal can be done easily. Various configurations, sand making and crushing can be done The wheeled mobile crushing station can be operated in a single machine or in multiple machines. In the production and processing of construction waste, the user can configure suitable crushing and sand making according to the hardness, feed size and finished product specifications of the materials to be processed. , screening machines and other equipment. Intelligent operation, flexible operation and low investment cost The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the structure is compact, the floor space is small, and the digital intelligent control system is adopted. The machine can be remotely controlled, and one or two people can complete the control of the machine, which can effectively reduce the labor cost. Free walking, environmental protection, efficient work The Construction waste crusher is assembled from a walkable frame and equipment such as crushing and sieving. It can be directly opened into the raw materials without the need for a license plate (whether it is spacious, small, flat, rugged, etc.). Environment, it can adapt), high efficiency of crushing and sand making, strict sealing design and various dust removal and noise elimination equipments, not only make the operation noise low, but also effectively reduce the dust splash in the production process, realize users Efficient and environmentally friendly operations.
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Sports wooden floor anti-skid maintenance treatment process: 1, thoroughly clean up the site, such as utensils, obstacles, seats, the site must be thoroughly cleaned up; 2, sanitary disposal, due to the long-term use of sports flooring, there will be a lot of stolen goods Such as chewing gum, stickers, etc., must be completely cleaned up by wallpaper knife; especially the gap, dead corners. 3, the elastic pro sport court for basketball is cleanly disposed, wring the water with a wet mop, remove the stains on the surface of the sports floor, add some detergent. 4, clean with water twice, so that the surface of the sports floor is completely clean; after drying, you can do maintenance and care; 5, sports floor maintenance and care, the sports wood floor maintenance and treatment oil in the watering can, alone The uniform spray is scattered on the surface of the sports floor. The other person uses a flat mop pad to push the towel evenly on the floor surface. Note: In order to prevent the floor maintenance and treatment of the essential oil from atomizing, the two need to be close and appropriate, no Can delay the time is too long; 6, after the sports floor maintenance and recuperation, can not enter within 24 hours, otherwise the predecessor will be abandoned, until the natural air dry thoroughly, can be used. Huiji sports wood flooring manufacturer The installation process of the wooden portable elastic pro sport court of the indoor basketball court, we should understand the responsibility of its structure, so when we choose the wooden floor of the basketball hall, we must not only look at the material of the floor, but also need to find a professional construction team, because the basketball floor of the basketball hall The installation requirements and acceptance criteria are quite strict, and some standards have been promulgated internationally. Huiji sports wood flooring manufacturer There are many advantages to the reasonable maintenance of sports wood flooring, such as maintaining the use and performance of the floor, as well as increasing its service life and saving costs for customers. The daily maintenance of sports wooden floors is generally carried out by the cleaning staff assigned by the venue. When they are carrying out the maintenance of the wooden floor, they are very easy to maintain mistakes because they do not understand the characteristics of the sports wooden floor. Huiji sports wood flooring manufacturer The selection of the material of the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court of the sports hall cannot be ignored. The two floors that look similar are actually very different in price. Do you know that the price specifications of the same material are very different? Of course, the same material is assumed. However, there is a difference in price, in fact, the difference in performance is not large. However, different tree species that look like the same specifications have very different differences in the application of special conditions.
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Digital camera imaging principle: the detected object reflects light, and is refracted by the custom high purity LBO nonlinear crystal to generate an analog current signal on the photosensitive sensor (CCD or CMOS). This signal is converted to a digital signal by an analog-to-digital converter and then transmitted to the image processor to obtain The image is then passed to the computer via the [Optical Lens] communication interface for subsequent image processing analysis. The imaging principle is summarized as shown below. Since the electrical signal generated by the photosensitive element is too weak and a large amount of voltage loss is generated in the process, the analog-to-digital conversion cannot be directly performed. Therefore, the output data must be uniformly amplified. This task is performed by the CCD sensor. The amplifier is specifically responsible for, after processing by the amplifier, the electrical signal strength of each pixel is increased by the same amplitude; since the signal is amplified by only one amplifier, less noise is generated. Since the CCD camera itself cannot convert the analog signal directly into a digital signal, it also needs a special analog-to-digital conversion chip for processing, and then outputs it to a dedicated DSP processing chip in the form of a binary digital image matrix. CMOS camera working principle: CMOS is the abbreviation of complementary metal oxide semiconductor. Each photosensitive element in CMOS sensor directly integrates amplifier and analog-to-digital conversion logic. When the photodiode receives illumination and generates analog electrical signal, the electrical signal is first The amplifier in the photosensitive element is amplified and then directly converted into a corresponding digital signal. In other words, in a CMOS sensor, each of the photosensitive elements can produce a digital output, and the resulting digital signals are combined and sent directly to the DSP chip for processing. The problem occurs precisely here, and the amplifiers in the CMOS photosensitive elements are analog devices. There is no guarantee that the magnification of each image point will be strictly consistent, so that the enlarged image data cannot represent the original appearance of the captured object - reflected in the output of the latter, that is, a large amount of noise appears in the image, and the quality is significantly lower than that of the CCD sensor. However, the current technology in this area has been greatly improved. Since the CCD is a unified amplification of the signal, the noise is small, and the CMOS is separately amplified by the signals of the respective photosensitive components, resulting in a large noise, but the advantages of the CMOS sensor are large resolution, low cost, small size, etc. Currently at industrial related exhibitions, It is unsightly to see the figure of CCD, and it also shows that CMOS will be the mainstream of future high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal sensors. The main differences between CCD cameras and CMOS cameras are summarized in the following table: Black-and-white optical lens imaging principle: Taking a black-and-white optical lens with 8-bit data depth as an example, each pixel converts the light intensity into 256-level data, black is recognized as "0", and white is recognized as "255", thus each will The light intensity received by each pixel is converted into numerical data, that is, a gray value. A black and white picture is a checkerboard arranged in pixels and stored as a combination of a series of ordered gray values. Color optical lens imaging principle: The imaging mode of the color optical lens has a 3-chip mode and a bayer mode. 3 chip mode: The prism is used to divide the incident light into three beams. Each beam of light is filtered by a different built-in grating to extract one of the three primary colors, and then respectively sensitized by using three CCDs. These images are then combined to produce a high resolution, color accurate image. This method requires three photosensitive chips and is relatively expensive to manufacture. Bayer mode: Bayer mode was proposed by Mr. Bayer, and only one image sensor is used to solve the color recognition. His approach is to set up a filter in front of the image sensor, which is covered with filter points, one-to-one correspondence with the pixels below. That is to say, if the sensor is 1600x1200 pixels, then there are 1600x1200 filter points on the upper layer. Each filter point can only pass one of red, green and blue, which means that there are only four colors in the lower layer of the pixel: red, green, blue, black (indicating that no light passes) . The arrangement of the filter points on the Byer filter is regular: around each green dot, there are 2 red dots, 2 blue dots, and 4 green dots. Since the human eye is more sensitive to green, the green is twice as much as red and blue. Light is synthesized into a color image by a Byer filter with only three colors, which requires a later algorithmic processing - adjacent interpolation. Taking yellow light as an example, it is a mixture of red and green light. After passing through the filter layer, the pixels below the red dot and the green dot will have values, but the pixels below the blue dot have no value, so look around a pixel. The color distribution -- red and green, but no blue -- can be inferred that the original color of this pixel should be yellow. This method of calculating color is called "demosaicing." The lower part of the figure below is the "mosaic" image generated by the image sensor. All the pixels are only red, green, blue and black. The upper part is the effect of "de-mosaic". This is the result of algorithm processing. . The original mosaic image is the raw format. Optical lens imaging is divided into black and color. The difference in imaging color is closely related to the sensor chip (CCD/CMOS). CCD optical lens working principle: customized large size and special shape CaF2 optics is the abbreviation of charge-coupled device. After the photosensitive image point receives illumination, the photosensitive element generates corresponding current, and the current magnitude corresponds to the light intensity. Therefore, the electrical signal directly output by the photosensitive element is simulated. In the CCD optical lens sensor, each photosensitive element does not further process this, but directly outputs it to the next register, and outputs the analog signal generated by the component to the third register, once analogy, knowing the combination A register can be used to form a uniform output.
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For the use of Vertical Mill Grinding Roller machine, is now very common , not just mining, industrial , and many scientific research, high-precision industries were using this mill, although the use of this model to a wide range of ten rounds , but many industry in the use of the above does not fully play out its strengths and role , it is best according to their own needs, the corresponding function machine for more in-depth detailed understanding of the function so that the mill can play a more thorough.

Ring medium speed micro powder Advanced Raymond Mill ( calcite powder mill, powder mill, limestone , calcium carbonate powder mill, talc powder mill, powder mill, barite , gypsum powder mill, marble powder mill , feldspar micro-grinding machine, fluorite powder mill ) is mainly applied to ultra-fine powder processing of medium and low hardness , Mohs hardness ≤ 7 level non- explosive brittle materials , such as calcite , chalk , limestone, dolomite , carbon black , kaolin, bentonite, talc , mica, magnesite , illite, pyrophyllite , vermiculite , sepiolite, attapulgite , rectorite , diatomite , barite , gypsum, alunite , graphite, fluorite , phosphate rock, potassium ore , pumice and other 100 kinds of materials , fine product size be adjusted.

Ring medium speed micro powder mill advantage

First, the iron content is low: The mill is particularly low in the use of a feature that is made out of flour iron content, so for some of the metal content requirements more demanding industries use very helpful , can be well ensure the quality of the powder , and it does not matter for some accuracy requirements for the iron industry, this feature of this mill is not much effect. Second, long-term work : use of ultra-fine grinding machine to another big advantage is that you can work for long-term treatment , even 24 hours non-stop operation can be sustained and steady grind of work , in the middle you can load large quantities of production process does not interrupts , can provide users with the most efficient grinding efficiency , and in the grinding process, you can always have a special design for lubrication and oiling treatment to ensure the machine is not running conditions.

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In modern automated production processes, machine vision systems are widely used in the field of condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control. The high precision ZnS optics are mainly composed of a lighting system, a lens, a camera, an image acquisition card and an image processing system, and the image capturing and processing system is matched by an imaging device such as a visual light source, an optical lens and a CCD camera to perform product inspection and recognition, etc., the technology can be It greatly reduces the burden of quality of manual visual inspection products, effectively improves detection efficiency, and is conducive to production management. The lighting system is an important part of the optical accessories and is the key to ensuring the quality and application of the captured images. In the modern automated production process, optical components are widely used in the field of inspection, finished product inspection and quality control. The multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics are mainly composed of an illumination system, an optical lens, an industrial camera, an image acquisition card and an image processing system, and the image acquisition and processing system is matched by an imaging device such as a visual light source, an optical lens and a CCD camera to perform product inspection and recognition, etc. Technology can greatly reduce the burden of quality of manual visual inspection products, effectively improve detection efficiency, and facilitate production management. Lighting system is an important part of optical accessories, which is the key to ensure the quality of image acquisition and application effect. Vision optics is the core of lighting system. Its main function is to provide different illumination brightness and illumination for specific applications, thus improving The quality of the illumination source provides high quality images. At present, [optical accessories] produced by most domestic manufacturers are manually adjusted or communicated through RS232 and Pc communication, which is inconvenient to use, low in efficiency, and high in cost. Kangnaide intelligent optical accessories, with the STM32 microcontroller STM32F107VCT6 based on ARM Codex-M3 core of Dongguan Conrad Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., communicates with the Pc machine through plug-and-play, high-speed USB interface. Real-time setting of optical accessory parameters by the Pc end application software. The STM32 on-chip timer is used to realize PWM digital dimming, as well as pulse frequency, large-scale adjustment of duty cycle, and precise timing through the cooperation between timers. In addition, the custom LiF optics implements three illumination modes, normal mode, strobe mode, and external trigger mode. This design is flexible enough to adapt to machine vision inspection systems in different situations. Traditional visual inspection systems require a computer (desktop, laptop, or industrial computer) as the control center to connect external devices such as monitors, cameras, and barcode scanners. The performance of visual recognition software depends on the processing power of the host computer. Thus, for different configured hosts, the effect is identified.
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The overpressure type mill is a kind of trapezium mill. Firstly, the stone material is mixed by the screw equipment in the equipment, and then the soil in the stone guess is mixed with water and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The stone material is gradually selected by the action of the screw device, and is discharged from the discharge port at the top, and then the cleaning and picking action of the sand stone material is realized. If you want to purchase a more excellent over-pressure trapezium mill equipment, then you have to carefully purchase, but because we are not very familiar with these equipment, so introduce some about the purchase of overpressure ladder type A small method of grinding machine, under the premise of ensuring quality and output value, select equipment with lower cost. First, when purchasing the overpressure trapezium mill, it is more common to question the customers from the aspects of the multi-step ladder mill. For example, the functions and features of the overpressure ladder mill equipment, Quality, quotation, after-sales service, etc. are questions. However, many customers in the purchase of overpressure ladder mill products, many customers do not know what to ask when they face the manufacturers, care for some embarrassment, wait until the time is missed, only to think of a lot of questions have not asked, Regarding this situation, it is recommended that customers write it on this book. Although it is a bit earthy, it is good for you. Second, how to grasp the quotation of overpressure trapezium mill equipment? About this question, we have to shop around, in dealing with a plan, it is more than just the quality of the three products, but also the price. Liancai is our ideal dizziness. Third, the higher the price of the overpressure ladder mill is to judge the quality of the sand washing machine. This is an unwise move, and it is the location of most customers. Fourth, on how to determine the function of the raymond mill, this situation should be determined according to the output value of the crop. We need to analyze the specific conditions to select a suitable stone washing equipment. It is not always possible to listen to their sales staff saying that such a good customer chooses the type, and the customer needs to have the backbone. Fifth, on how to determine the quality of the ladder mill, the first thing we have to do is to shop around, the second is to listen to word of mouth, and ultimately to see their after-sales service.
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The process of cement Impact Crusher Boot Sequence production involves complicated procedures and machines. Among the entire process of cement production, the crusher is used to turn big-size stones to small particles, which paves the way for next steps. PEW series jaw crusher is suitable for primary crushing, even in the most challenging conditions. So, that is why it is highly evaluated as the most popular cement crusher in Pakistan. Nowadays, many cement investors choose our PEW series jaw crushers as their selection of small scale cement crushing machinery in Pakistan. The cavity of PEW series jaw crusher employs the V-shape structure, so that the actual width of feed is the same as nominal width. Besides, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, so it is very convenient when replacing jaw plates, easy to maintenance. As for the capacity of this cement crusher in Pakistan, it can achieve to 650 t/h.

Third, energy saving Excellent: The Bentonite Mining Processing Plant savings in electricity very use of the above , to the best energy-saving effect , the need for large-scale use or prolonged use of industry, one month down , the electricity savings is a pen very considerable expense , we can say good reduces the subsequent investment of the machine, while the mill is also in the installation and maintenance of fully continue this style , for the user, which is a mechanical device without additional charges.

Fourth, dedicated blade : the use of the above , there is a dedicated ultra -fine grinding of feed blade , you can make the machine feed and grinding efficiency has been greatly improved, such devices also need to pay attention to the user who because after use, the blade needs to be cleaned and maintained every time , can help maintain a more efficient use of the machine effect , extend the life of the device, so that the mill can be more long-term , outstanding land use.

Large-scale aggregate production line process

When a large aggregate production line work, chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder gigantic jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing the stone from the conveyor belt to the crusher further broken. Chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing stone after by belt conveyor to a crusher for further crushing; stone after crushing by the belt conveyor sent vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different sizes of stones, gravel to meet the size requirements of the finished product by the belt conveyor sent to the finished product stockpiles; gravel does not meet the size requirements of the return expected by the belt conveyor to counterattack the crusher again repeated to form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to the user’s needs, protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

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The cone crusher has a wide range of applications in the mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal and other industries. During its operation, spindle breakage is a common fault that can seriously affect the normal operation of the crusher. Therefore, effective measures must be taken to avoid the occurrence of this failure. There are three reasons for the fracture of the Cone Crusher: 1. Due to the unique working characteristics of the crusher, the spindle suffers from frequent mechanical shocks and fatigue damage. 2. Too much feed, causing the equipment to run overload. 3. During the mining and transportation process, the ore is often mixed with some waste metal materials. When these objects pass through the electromagnets at the upper end of the tape, the electromagnet cannot be removed due to the weak adsorption capacity of the electromagnet and the metal characteristics of the manganese-containing steel material. These materials are mixed into the crusher in the ore and mud, causing frequent iron, which causes frequent impact on components such as the main shaft. The main cause of fatigue damage is the main shaft fracture. Precaution: 1. When the on-site maintenance personnel perform maintenance work, the replaced parts should be recycled and placed in the designated location. It is strictly forbidden to discard all kinds of metal waste into the ore. 2. When the maintenance personnel in the ore dressing workshop are not ready for maintenance, strictly observe the operating procedures and avoid leaving the maintenance tools and debris in the equipment. 3. Through the procurement and relying on its own technical strength, the existing metal detectors are updated or modified to improve the ability of metal detectors to detect and exclude metals. 4. The operator who cares for the feeding tape of the crusher should strengthen the sense of responsibility, increase the inspection intensity of the materials, and find that the foreign objects should be sorted out in time. 5. The crusher operator will not be ready for inspection in time, and find that abnormal conditions such as current and sound should be handled and reported in time to prevent accidents from expanding. 6. Regularly use ultrasonic instruments to inspect the components such as the spindle to understand the actual condition of the equipment. 7. Strengthen the training of operators in each section, strive to improve the actual operation level of the operators, strengthen the maintenance of equipment, and ensure that the equipment is in a good technical state in time for the large and medium repairs of the equipment. 8. For the spindle, body and other key equipment components that can affect the production of the whole system, do the procurement of spare parts for inventory, so as to avoid the special system to stop production after the special circumstances.
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Machine vision is the use of machines instead of the human eye for measurement and judgment; machine vision systems mainly include industrial cameras, industrial lenses, visual light sources, image processing systems and actuators. Optical components, as an important part of them, are directly related to the success or failure of multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics. In the vision system, the image is the core. Choosing the right optical component can present a good image, which can simplify the algorithm and improve the stability of the system. If an image is overexposed, it will hide a lot of important information; when it appears, it will cause edge errors. Judgment; uneven image will result in difficulty in threshold selection. Therefore, to ensure a good image, you must choose a suitable light source. Machine vision involves a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, packaging, printing, food, and medical. Therefore, we are faced with a variety of testing products: different shapes and sizes, different color materials, different testing environments and indicators. Below, let's take a look at the common optical component characteristics. Ring light source The LED lamp bead is arranged into a ring with a certain angle of the circular axis, and has different illumination angles, different colors and the like, which can highlight the three-dimensional information of the object; solve the problem of multi-directional illumination shadow; the image can be arranged with a diffusing plate. Let the light spread evenly. Applications: screw size defect detection, IC positioning character detection, circuit board solder inspection, microscope illumination, etc. 2. Strip light source The LED lamp bead is arranged in a strip shape. It is mostly used to illuminate objects at a certain angle on one or both sides. The edge features of the protruding object can be freely combined according to the actual situation, and the illumination angle and the installation distance have a good degree of freedom. Applicable to larger structural objects. Applications: Electronic component gap detection, cylindrical surface defect detection, package printing inspection, drug bag contour detection, etc. 3. Coaxial light source The surface light source is designed with a beam splitter. It is suitable for surface areas with different roughness, strong reflection or unevenness, detecting engraving patterns, cracks, scratches, low reflection and high reflection areas, and eliminating shadows. It should be noted that the coaxial light source has a certain light loss after the spectroscopic design needs to consider the brightness, and is not suitable for large-area illumination. Applications: Glass and plastic film profile and position detection, IC character and position detection, wafer surface impurities and scratch detection. 4. Dome light source The LED lamp bead is mounted on the bottom and diffuses and reflects the object evenly through the reflective coating on the inner wall of the hemisphere. The overall illumination of the image is very uniform, suitable for reflective metal, glass, concave and convex surface, curved surface detection. Applications: Dashboard scale detection, metal can character scanning code detection, chip gold wire inspection, electronic component printing inspection, etc. 5. Backlight The LED bead is arranged in one side (the bottom side is illuminated) or one circle (side side illumination) from the periphery of the light source. It is often used to highlight the contour of an object. It is suitable for large-area illumination. The backlight is generally placed on the bottom of the object. It is necessary to consider whether the mechanism is suitable for installation. The higher parallel detection can enhance the parallelism of the light to improve the detection accuracy. Application: Measurement of mechanical parts size and edge defects, beverage level and impurity detection, mobile phone screen light leakage detection, printing poster defect detection, plastic film edge seam inspection, etc. 6. Point light source High-brightness LED, small size, high luminous intensity; used in conjunction with telecentric lens, an indirect coaxial light source with small detection field of view. Application: Invisible circuit detection of mobile phone screen, MARK point positioning, glass surface scratch detection, LCD glass substrate correction detection, etc. 7. Line source: High-brightness LED arrangement, using light guide column to collect light, the light is a bright band, usually used for line array camera, using side or bottom illumination, line light source can also use the condenser lens to divergence light, increase the illumination area A spectroscope can be added to the front section to convert to a coaxial line source. Application: LCD screen surface dust detection, glass scratch and internal crack detection, cloth textile uniform inspection. LED light source has high degree of freedom in design and can meet different detection requirements. It is a common custom LiF optics. A good visual light source can bring high-quality effects to the vision system, so it plays an important role in optical components.
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In the grinding production, the higher the efficiency of the Raymond Mill, the greater the output, and the higher the economic benefits for the company. It can be said that the grinding efficiency of Raymond mill is directly related to the user's benefit. Therefore, improving the milling efficiency of Raymond mill is a concern of every user. Is there any way to improve the efficiency of Raymond mill? In fact, pay attention to the following points during work, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of the equipment. 1. Avoid excessive material. In the grinding production, if the particle size of the grinding material is too large, it will not only affect the processing difficulty of the material, but also reduce the milling efficiency. It may also occur that the material cannot be fully ground and affects the quality of the milling. Therefore, for materials with too large particle size, we can carry out the crushing treatment before production, which can effectively improve the milling efficiency. 2. Maintain a uniform feed. When feeding, if the feed is too fast or the feed amount is too large, the material will accumulate in the grinding chamber, and the grinding speed will be too slow, which will affect the milling efficiency. If the feed is too slow and the feed amount is too small, the material will be cut off, which directly affects the production efficiency and output of the Trapezium Mill. Therefore, when feeding, it is an important condition to improve the efficiency of Raymond grinding. 3. In the grinding production, the grinding roller grinding ring is the accessory that directly contacts the material. With the operation of the Raymond mill, the wear is gradually increased. Once the wear is serious, the material grinding is insufficient and the material is prolonged. Wear time. Therefore, the wear of the wearing parts is often checked, and the parts with severe wear should be replaced in time, so that the production efficiency of the grinding machine can be effectively improved.
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In recent years, companies that often make precision measurements of machine vision will hear some newer terms, such as bilateral telecentricity, unilateral telecentricity, object-distance, and telecentricity, which were not often mentioned before. The optical concept makes people confused, I don't know how to understand, and the collected data is often not highly specialized. It is today from the practical point of view to outline the relevant principles of wholesale infrared Germanium lenses. Convex lens imaging principle: Feature 1: All light passing through the optical center does not change its direction of propagation Characteristic 2: The convex lens has a converging effect on the parallel light, and the imaging of the lens utilizes this. Optical lens imaging principle: Principle: By placing a diaphragm in the middle of the lens, the light entering and exiting the lens is parallel light, and other light is blocked by the diaphragm, and cannot reach the imaging chip. Each side is a telecentric object, such as a telecentric lens. The object side solves the problem of depth of field and solves the problem of magnification change. Problems solved by optical lenses: Resolution problem: The resolution of ordinary wholesale large size infrared Silicon optics can't keep up with the improvement of chip resolution. It is subject to the principle of optical imaging. The ideal state can only be about 10um. It can be used with 1000W pixel camera. High resolution cameras and high precision measurement inspection requirements. Depth of field problem: The depth of field of a normal lens is relatively small. When an object to be measured is out of range in the depth direction of the lens, detection or measurement cannot be performed. Magnification problem: Magnification changes as the distance changes. This feature can lead to intolerable errors when our vision system is used to perform precision measurement tasks. FAQ: Q: Why is the size of the optical lens usually large? A: Because the optical lens is parallel light in and out, it needs a large area of ​​parallel light to enter, so it needs a large area of ​​the lens barrel. Therefore, the optical lens is usually large in volume, and the larger the field of view, the larger the volume. The bigger. Q: How to choose an optical lens? A: Mainly pay attention to the following points: field of view, compatible CCD target surface, interface type, etc. meet other requirements, such as working distance, depth of field range, external dimensions, etc. as long as it does not affect the use. Q: What kind of light source does the multispectral/cleartran and standard CVD ZnS optics work with? A: Since the telecentric lens only accepts parallel light, it filters out almost all the diffuse light sources, so the imaging is dark in the natural environment, so the parallel light source can be used to limit the advantages of the optical lens and make the edge of the measured object Clear, stable, and effectively remove noise during the detection process.
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The key part of the optical system designed for low price YLF laser crystal applications is the reflected light on the surface of the object. The geometry, gloss and color of the surface of the object determine how the light reflects on the surface of the object. The choice of optical lens application light source is based on how to control the light reflection of the object. If the reflected light is well controlled, the acquired image can be controlled. The optical lens is the optical lens light source controller whose main purpose is to supply power to the light source, control the brightness of the light source and control the illumination state of the light source (bright\off), and also realize the strobe of the light source by triggering the signal to the controller, thereby greatly extending the light source. life. Commonly used controllers on the market include analog controllers and digital controllers. The analog controllers are manually adjusted, and the digital controllers can be remotely controlled by a computer or other device. Although human vision excels at qualitative interpretation of complex, unstructured scenes, custom BBO nonlinear crystal excel at quantitative measurements of structured scenes, for example, on production lines, by virtue of speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Machine vision systems can detect hundreds or even thousands of components per minute. With the right resolution camera and optics, the optical lens system makes it easy to check the details of items that are too small for the human eye to see. Application areas of optical lenses: Identification: Decoding of standard one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Confirmation (OCV). Detection: Color and flaw detection; The presence or absence of a part or component is detected; Target position and direction detection. measuring: Size and capacity testing; The measurement of the preset mark, such as the distance from the hole to the hole; Robotic guidance; The output space coordinates guide the robot to precise positioning. In addition, since the direct contact between the inspection system and the component to be inspected is eliminated, the custom high purity KTP nonlinear crystal can also prevent component damage and also avoid maintenance time and cost of mechanical component wear. Optical lenses also offer additional safety and operational advantages by reducing manual involvement in the manufacturing process. In addition, the optical lens prevents the clean room from being contaminated and protects workers from the dangers of a hazardous environment.
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After more than 20 years of development, SBM Raymond mill Factory has accumulated rich experience and technology in the Raymond mill industry. It has won unanimous praise in the industry for its quality, and its products are sold with good reputation. To and from home and abroad. Through the dynamic analysis and simulation analysis of the hydraulic lifting roller pressing system and the grinding system of the vertical Raymond mill, the factors affecting the performance of the vertical Raymond mill are obtained, which provides the theory for the optimization of the vertical Raymond mill. According to the above, the vertical working stability of the vertical Raymond mill is improved, the wear amount is reduced, and the cost is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced. Now Raymond mill has developed to a fairly advanced level, a variety of high-pressure mills, pendulum mills, gradient mills, ultra-fine mills, etc., used in a variety of fields, continuous refinement, more professional. The above analysis shows that the grinding force and grinding area of ​​the vertical Raymond mill are constant compared to the pendulum Raymond mill, which determines that the output of the vertical mill is higher than that of the pendulum Raymond mill. The structure analysis of the main machine of the vertical mill shows that the grinding roller rotates around the central axis under the action of the centrifugal force F2, and also swings parallel to the longitudinal axis, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring outward in parallel, thereby ensuring the grinding roller and The grinding ring is in contact with the largest face. SBM Heavy Industry Raymond Machine Factory combines its own professional understanding of milling equipment to summarize the following. I hope everyone has a deeper understanding of Raymond mill. Now with the wide use of Raymond mills, it will inevitably lead to its rapid replacement, because the use of large quantities, the machine will be worn out, to a certain extent, it needs to be replaced.