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Mechanical shutter The mechanical shutter uses springs or electronic or electromagnetic means to control the opening and closing of several blades, and "slides" the image field window from top to bottom with a certain width of the gap. In the optical lens, the global shutter is not an electronic shutter, which is a different concept. Electronic shutter Common electronic shutters are available in both rolling shutter and global shutter. The rolling shutter is sequentially rotated line by line, and the lines are exposed in sequence. When the global shutter is used for exposure, all pixels are exposed at the same time. The electronic shutter part should separate the CCD camera from the low price YLF laser crystal camera. The principle of taking images by CCD and CMOS is different, which causes the shutter to be different. Ccd take image: get the pixel into the register --> read from the register line by line Cmos take image: is to get real-time pixel address, get one by one by row This makes it very easy to implement a global shutter on a CCD camera because the CCD comes with a "register". First save the image into the "register", like the freeze, and then export. Cmos is the effect of rolling shutter. If cmos wants to achieve global shutter, it is necessary to add a memory to each cmos, which will reduce the pixels, resulting in insufficient use of incident light. Generally, the global shutter custom BBO nonlinear crystal will use large pixel size. The bottom to make up for this deficiency. The electronic shutter has the advantages of low vibration and high speed, but it cannot completely replace the mechanical shutter in professional photography. Because the mechanical shutter is not well synchronized with the high-speed flash, all professional fields are still mechanized electronic hybrid shutter. Each has its advantages. In the industrial field, there is no need to use a flash lamp, and the industry prefers the low vibration and long life of the electronic shutter. If you want to dynamically detect the camera we use the global shutter, you can avoid the jelly effect and the slope phenomenon. If it is a static shot, the rolling shutter will be very suitable. One reason is that the global shutter has a higher dark current. (Dark current: refers to the tiny current generated in a pixel even when the pixel is completely dark. The typical dark current generation region includes the depletion region of the PN junction and the surface of the silicon. Dark current is one of the main sources of pixel noise) Will affect the quality of the image; The second reason is that it can save costs, and can effectively utilize incident light energy, reduce exposure time, and improve shooting efficiency. The quality of custom high purity KTP nonlinear crystal cameras is getting higher and higher, and the tide from CCD to CMOS is irreversible. The CMOS global shutter solution will also lead to development.
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The sand production line is also called the sand production line, which is mainly composed of a jaw crusher, an impact crusher, a vibrating screen, a sand washing machine and a belt conveyor. Depending on the process requirements, configure it with the right type of equipment for optimum performance. Sand production line requirements for the site: It is necessary to have suitable transportation conditions: road transportation should be convenient to connect with national highways, and water transportation should be convenient to share existing terminals or select suitable locations for new terminals. In general, the sand making machine site should be close to the quarry and the material application site. There should be better engineering geological conditions: the site should be avoided under faults, landslides, and flood levels, and should avoid the bad areas or cultural relics such as dissolved mud, silt, humus, and ancient wells. The general requirements for soil loading are not less than 200kN/mz, and it is not suitable to build factories in the frequent earthquake areas or in the collapsible loess areas above the second level. It is necessary to implement the principle of land conservation: whether it is built on a hillside or on a flat land, the premise of production needs is to occupy as little land as possible, especially to occupy less or not. Water supply conditions: Under the premise of ensuring that the water quality and water quantity meet the production and living needs, the site should be as close as possible to the water source, and attention should not be made to compete with agriculture. It is necessary to save transportation costs as much as possible, and strive to achieve self-flow or semi-self-flowing transportation when conditions are met, and care must be taken to prevent waste from causing harm or pollution to the environment, rivers, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery production and residential areas. Power supply conditions: Breaking through the rough processing of sand making machine in stone materials, it is better to have reliable power supply, and to shorten the transmission line as much as possible. Anyone who uses the power network for power supply should be used as much as possible to avoid increasing investment and operation by self-built power plant. Management costs.
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Vertical roller mill work for some time after the need for cleaning, then cleaning, we need to pay attention to what is the problem? How to clean it? Ultrafine grinding in use, at regular intervals need to be carried out maintenance work is for its parts overhaul to see the wear and tear, and then check the lubrication conditions, these aspects of the inspection is to make the machine better Of the work, in the maintenance, in addition to maintenance of parts, but also pay attention to the cleaning of the various components, such as the lubricant container for cleaning, this is done for the purpose of better and better lubrication , And then for the cleaning of the grinding chamber, the purpose is to vertical roller mill at work, can get better finished product to prevent the residual material is too abrasive, so that the finished product particles unreasonable phenomenon, Is to ensure that the finished product, then how do we clean the mill room? When cleaning, we have a few points to note: The first is to be sure to power down, this is to ensure personal safety, if not cut off, it may occur sudden operation of equipment or electric shock and other endanger the personal safety of the phenomenon, so off Electricity is very necessary; followed by the remnants of the material clean-up work, the cleaning of the time to collect the remaining material; again for the wear of vertical roller mill chamber inspection, and then carry out maintenance according to the actual situation Or is replaced, in addition lumen and the base of the connectivity also need to be checked, if the contact surface is larger, then need to re-install;
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The optical lens is mainly designed to correct the parallax of the conventional large size YVO4 laser crystal. It can make the image magnification not change within a certain object distance range. This is very important for the case where the measured object is not on the same object surface. application. Telecentric lenses have always been favored for machine vision applications where lens distortion is critical due to their unique parallel light path design. Optical lenses are important imaging components in machine vision systems. If the system wants to fully function, the optical lens must be able to meet the requirements. At the beginning of the 21st century, with the wide application of machine vision systems in the field of precision inspection, ordinary optical lenses are difficult to meet the testing requirements. To meet the shortcomings of ordinary lens applications, and to meet the needs of precision detection, telecentric lenses have emerged. Optical lenses are based on their unique optical properties: high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion and unique parallel light design, which brings a qualitative leap to machine vision precision inspection. When choosing a telecentric lens, customers should first understand when to choose a telecentric lens when needed. According to the principle characteristics and unique advantages of the telecentric lens, when the inspection object encounters the following 6 conditions, the better choice is to use the telecentric lens: (1) When it is necessary to detect an object having a thickness (thickness > 1/10 FOV diameter); (2) When it is necessary to detect objects that are not in the same plane; (3) When it is not clear what the distance from the object to the lens is; (4) When it is necessary to detect an object with an aperture and a three-dimensional shape; (5) When low distortion is required and the brightness of the image effect is almost identical; (6) When the defect is detected only in parallel illumination in the same direction. The optical lens is mainly designed to correct the parallax of the conventional high precision YVO4 laser crystal. It can be within a certain object distance range, so that the image magnification will not change with the object distance, which is not the same in the object to be tested. The situation on the surface is a very important application. The closer the target object of a normal optical lens is to the lens (the shorter the working distance), the larger the image will be. When using a normal lens for dimensional measurement, there are the following problems: (1) The difference in magnification is caused because the objects to be measured are not in the same measurement plane; (2) Large lens distortion (3) Parallax means that when the object distance becomes larger, the magnification of the object also changes; (4) The resolution of the lens is not high; (5) Uncertainty of the edge position of the image due to the geometrical characteristics of the visual source. The telecentric lens can effectively solve the above problems of the ordinary lens, and there is no judgment error of this nature, so it can be used in high-precision measurement, measurement and measurement, and the like. The telecentric lens is a high-end wholesale YLF laser crystal that usually has superior image quality and is especially suitable for dimensional measurement applications.
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PETroleum coke is a product obtained by separating crude oil from heavy oil by distillation and then thermally cracking the heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is a black block of irregular shape and size. Shape (or granule), metallic luster, coke particles with a porous structure, the main element composition is carbon, accounting for 80wt% (WT is the English abbreviation for Weight is the weight percentage. 5WT% is equivalent to 50000PPM (PPM) It is in millions of parts.) Above, the rest are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements. Petroleum coke has a broad market prospect. In this field, professional petroleum coke production equipment can improve the quality of finished products and market competitiveness, thus creating considerable profits and value. Vertical mill grinding machine manufacturer SBM has accumulated valuable experience in the production of petroleum coke powder. The production capacity of petroleum coke powder production equipment is also large and low energy consumption, and the working principle is scientific. It provides more reasonable oil focus according to the selection requirements. The price of vertical roller mill meets the needs of the industry and is favored and favored by customers. The market prospect of petroleum coke powder is very broad. What kind of petroleum coke powder production equipment is popular? SBM can be said to be a professional mill provider. In many years of experience, SBM has accumulated rich experience in machining manufacturing. The powder industry offers many excellent mill equipment and selection options. In the field of petroleum coke powder, SBM's vertical grinding mill petroleum coke powder production equipment has many advantages such as high productivity, low energy consumption, low noise, good finished product quality and stable performance. It is a professional grinding powder favored by many customers. device. The petroleum coke powder production equipment manufacturer SBM provides the vertical grinding mill for the field with high grinding efficiency. The whole set of equipment is scientifically ideal, the whole machine runs smoothly and the performance is reliable. It is an excellent choice for many customers. The principle of petroleum coke china roller mill is: under the action of early grinding roller pressure, the material is crushed, milled and sheared, so as to be crushed, the material after grinding is blown up, and the coarse particle size falls into the grinding disc and then re-pulverized. Grinding, qualified fine powder is ground with the airflow and collected by the pulse collector to become the finished product. Many customers are interested in the price and selection scheme of the vertical grinding mill for petroleum coke production equipment, which is an important parameter for purchasing mills. SBM has always been customer-focused and has been manufacturing many excellent grinding equipments. It is widely used in petroleum coke powder, marble powder, limestone powder, barite powder, etc. When it comes to the price of mills, SBM uses accurate data as the data. Reference, according to the customer's grinding fineness, production capacity, production area and other information to develop a reasonable plan, while giving a more reasonable price of petroleum coke powder vertical mill grinding.
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The number control sand machine is a new type of sand making machine developed by our company. The v-type crushing chamber type, automatic lubrication device and intelligent control device greatly improve the sand making efficiency and save the labor input cost. In the field of dry powder mortar, the new system The sand machine can be used very well. In the field of dry powder sand making, the requirements for sand making machines are relatively high. Firstly, in terms of grain type, it must conform to the standard of dry powder sand, and the finished product must be cube. The new sand making machine designed by our company uses impact and The principle of counterattack is to realize the crushing of materials. The three-layer rotor crushing cavity type is adopted, and the principle of mechanics is scientifically utilized, which not only improves the crushing efficiency, but also ensures the fineness of the finished grain type. For the dry powder field, the finished product size is below 3mm. According to the characteristics of dry powder sand, the new sand making machine developed by our company adopts automatic lubrication and intelligent control device, which can realize the timing fixed lubrication of the bearing, firstly guarantee the long-term stability of the equipment. The operation, the intelligent control device can realize the automatic adjustment of the rotor, and the size of the discharge can be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed. The finished product size can reach 120 mesh, which can fully meet the requirements of dry powder sand. The hammer head and the lining plate inside the new sand making machine are all made of new wear-resistant materials. As for the limestone, the service life of the hammer head is up to about half a year, which reduces the cost of the customer.
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The automatic hay straw baler and packaging machine will increase the production efficiency and greatly facilitate the user when packing the hay for some users and is now welcomed and used by the majority of users on the market. However, some users don't know much about the device before purchasing it. Let Automatic Hay Straw Grass Silage Baler and Packaging Machine in Stocktalk about the parameters of the device today. Product parameters: Dimensions: 1800 × 1500 × 1300mm Power supply voltage: 380v Machine weight: 480kg Bundling matching power: motor: 5.5kw Diesel engine: ≥8 horsepower Bundle size: 520 × 520 (mm) Production efficiency: 80-90 bundles / hour Bale weight: 70-100kg Coating power: Motor: 0.37kw Number of coating layers: 2-6 layers of coating Production efficiency: 12 seconds / 2 layers
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With the rise of the concept of Global Industry 4.0 and the development of intelligent manufacturing, machine vision technology is rapidly being applied to the industrial field, and industrial vision applications are gradually leading the trend of intelligent manufacturing. As we all know, the hardware of the core of vision application is high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal, and the general optical camera is divided into line array camera and area array camera according to pixel arrangement. Optical components can be divided into area array cameras and line array cameras according to the structural characteristics of sensors. Area array cameras and line array cameras have their own advantages and disadvantages. Under the circumstances of different applications, the appropriate optical sensor structure camera is selected. important. 1, type distinction Area Array Camera: Realizes pixel matrix shooting. In the image taken by the camera, the representation of the image details is not determined by the number of pixels, but is determined by the resolution. The resolution is determined by the focal length of the selected lens. For the same camera, the lens with different focal lengths will have different resolutions. The number of pixels does not determine the resolution (sharpness) of the image, so what are the benefits of a large pixel camera? There is only one answer: reduce the number of shots and increase the speed of testing. Line array camera: As the name suggests, it is "line". Although it is also a two-dimensional image, it is extremely long. The length of a few K, but the width is only a few pixels. Generally, this high quality LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF laser crystals is used only in two situations: First, the measured field of view is an elongated strip shape, which is mostly used for the detection on the drum. Second, the need for great vision or extremely high precision. In the second case (which requires a great field of view or extremely high precision), it is necessary to use the excitation device to repeatedly fire the camera, take multiple photos, and then combine the multiple "bar" images captured. Into a huge picture. Therefore, with a line array camera, it is necessary to use a capture card that can support a line array camera. Line array cameras are expensive, and in the case of large field of view or high precision detection, the detection speed is also slow - the image of a typical camera is 400K ~ 1M, and the combined image has a number of M so large, speed Nature is slow. Slow work and fine work. 2. Application comparison: Area Array Camera: A wide range of applications, such as area, shape, size, position, and even temperature measurements. Line Array Camera: Mainly used in image processing in the fields of industry, medical, scientific research and security. Typical areas of application are the detection of continuous materials such as metals, plastics, paper and fibers. The object to be detected is usually moved at a uniform speed, and is continuously scanned line by line by one or more cameras to achieve uniform detection of the entire surface thereof. The image can be processed line by line, or the area image composed of multiple lines can be processed. In addition, line array cameras are ideal for measurement applications, thanks to the high resolution of the sensor, which can be accurately measured to microns. 3. Advantages comparison: Area Array Camera: You can get 2D image information and measure the image intuitively. Linear array camera: The number of one-dimensional pixels can be much more, and the total image elements are less than the high-quality laser grade optical waveplate, and the pixel size is flexible and the frame number is high, which is especially suitable for the measurement of one-dimensional dynamic targets. Moreover, the linear array has high resolution and low price, which can meet most measurement site requirements. 4. Comparison of shortcomings: Area Array Camera: There are a large number of pixels, and the number of pixels per line is generally smaller than that of the line array. The frame rate is limited, so it has a wide application range, such as measurement of area, shape, size, position, and even temperature. Due to the constraints of production technology, the area of ​​a single array is difficult to meet the needs of the general industrial measurement site. Linear array camera: To obtain a two-dimensional image with a line array, it must be matched with scanning motion, and in order to determine the corresponding position of each pixel of the image on the device under test, it must also be equipped with a device such as a grating to record the line array. The coordinates of the scan line. Generally speaking, the requirements of these two aspects lead to the following problems in obtaining images with line arrays: long image acquisition time and low measurement efficiency; system complexity and cost increase due to scanning motion and corresponding position feedback links; image accuracy It may be affected by the accuracy of the scanning motion, which in turn affects the measurement accuracy.
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In addition to the shutter, aperture, and gain, the control of the light and darkness of the image can also control the brightness and darkness of the light source and the time of the light to control. First, look at the advantages and disadvantages of the constant light source and the flash. If a stable power supply is maintained, the brightness of the customized plano/spherical/aspherical/cylindrical BaF2 optics is substantially constant. If the power supply uses a pulse, the time width of the pulse and the response time of the LED itself determine the illumination time. If this time is less than the time the camera shutter is open, then the exposure level of the camera is determined by the luminous flux emitted by the light source. If it is greater than the shutter time, it is determined by the shutter. Under normal circumstances, if you need a stroboscopic light source (time is less than the shutter speed), the conventional camera flash is traditionally used, and the intensity of the LED is not enough. Therefore, in the past, for the LED light source, the flash refers to the case where the light source is turned on longer than the shutter time. Optical controllers, which typically use an overcurrent method, control how many times the current through the LED exceeds the value of the standard value to increase the brightness. However, such a high-load working state is too high in power, and the heat is severe, which has a great influence on the life of the light source. Therefore, the power-on time is usually short, and the working time of the light source is reduced, thereby prolonging the use time of the light source. Using an optical controller, you can get a bright light source, reduce the impact of the environment, reduce the shutter time and reduce the tailing during dynamic shooting. If you only need normal brightness, you can use low-brightness LED tubes to reduce costs. However, when using strobe, the cost of the power supply will increase, and the synchronization problem must also be considered. The customized large size and special shape CaF2 optics controller can output a trigger signal from the outside to trigger the light source, or can output a trigger signal from the outside to trigger the optical controller. The output trigger signal itself triggers the light source and the camera at the same time, so that the synchronization between the light source and the camera can be achieved, thereby ensuring the stability and detection accuracy of the customizable large size optical prism system. The LED light source has a huge energy-saving effect and will replace the traditional light source, greatly improving the living environment of human beings and alleviating the increasingly severe energy crisis. At the same time that the LED shines, the LED driver power supply is the guarantee for the development of LED. The quality of the LED power supply directly restricts the reliability of the LED product application. Therefore, the development and maturity of the LED power supply is also crucial.
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What You Should Do About Maplestory 2 Bank Starting in the Next 15 Minutes Please be certain you purchase only the package you are seriously interested in. It was eaten up when I was paid small monthly checks by the insurance carrier over the span of time. You would believe that at the peak of the list of my grievances would be the ruthless insurance policy company. Maplestory 2 Bank and Maplestory 2 Bank - The Perfect Combination Colors blend together and allow it to be troublesome to spot your enemies, letting them creep up on you. The sum is fairly simple, since each square on the bar below lights up depending on the salt. Keep clicking within this spot. Let's look at what we've got. You need to be certain so you don't buy something that's inappropriate. Inside are various piles of rocks. Cheap MS2 Mesos Bank Secrets Furthermore, the game business is plagued with fraudulent downloads. There are several infected and malicious software on the web. There are several damaging, virus-infected applications online. Numerous the bigger sites like MSN and Yahoo! provide a broad range of absolutely free games. On occasion the app removal cannot be performed so smoothly on your computer. Click the blue button to start downloading. The Maplestory 2 Bank Pitfall The names of these places are changed in order to not directly mimic Los Angeles, but they're fairly recognizable still. All around the maple planet, there are Items which can be interacted with, and can be employed to attack. Nexon's MapleStory game in the usa alone instigates within the length of $30 million a year and it is about to substantiate in 2008. What You Should Do to Find Out About Maplestory 2 Bank Before You're Left Behind This one is going to upgrade your scanner so that it picks up character challenges. Make sure that you've got enough RAM and completely free memory room to execute the sport. You won't require a rooted or jailbroken device to utilize it. Now those standards comprise the premium quality of music which is being sold on the site. Plus post level 50 there's Prestige, which is another exp meter in which you receive a lot of rewards only for continuing, so in case you need to grind, there's still another means to do precisely that. Some such items could have been obtained through months of gameplay, involving different tasks and a considerable amount of work. If you utilize the ideal skills at the perfect times, you will activate extra Skill effects! Those examples are on no account detrimental to my views on this topic I can see. Select your class, embark on your travels, and the remainder is all up to you!
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Compared with the civilian camera, the high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal has higher advantages in image stability, anti-interference ability and transmission data, and is a key part of the machine vision system. The performance of the optical lens determines the stability of the machine vision system. . First determine the project requirements, determine the resolution of the camera according to the field of view and detection accuracy, determine whether to use the CCD or COMS according to the speed of the object being photographed, or determine the camera frame rate according to the unit time requirement of the captured image. Determine what connection method to use (USB or Gigabit, etc.) based on the project site environment. Therefore, choosing an optical lens suitable for an automated vision project is critical to the success of the entire project. Summarize the following points: 1. Items that require testing, such as size, or yo! 2, the state of the workpiece, the movement is still still! 3. Product size and detection speed. 5. What is the background color of the workpiece! 6, product reflective is good, product batch consistency is the same! [Optical lens] Note the parameters when selecting: 1, camera type For still detection or general low speed detection, the area array camera is preferred, and linear array cameras are considered for special applications such as large-format high-speed motion or roller motion. Depending on the speed of detection, the frame rate of the selected camera must be greater than the speed of the object's motion, and must be completed within the exposure and transmission time of the camera. 2, camera resolution If the measurement accuracy of the project and the field of view size, then we choose the camera pixel calculation relationship as follows: Camera resolution (L/W) ≥ field of view (L/W) / accuracy. If the project requires a field of view of 100mm*75mm and an accuracy requirement of 0.05mm, the camera's pixel length is 100/0.05=2000PIX, which is a camera that requires 2000*1500=3000000=3 million pixels. This is just the pixel accuracy of the camera, it does not mean that the accuracy of the entire system is so high, there are other precisions to consider, such as the resolution of the high quality LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF laser crystals, the jitter of the system, the wavelength of the light source, and so on. The camera pixel accuracy must be higher than the accuracy required by the system, in order to have the actual measurement significance, the sub-pixel accuracy improvement does not have much impact in the actual measurement, and can not fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient precision. In general, if conditions permit, we will require an increase in the resolution of the camera by an order of magnitude or an increase in the pixel accuracy of the camera by an order of magnitude. As in the above example, the measurement accuracy required by the project is 0.05mm, then our camera accuracy is at least 0.05mm/Pixel, and it is ideal to achieve 0.005mm/Pixel. However, if it is increased to 0.005mm/Pixel, it needs 20,000 pixels in the long direction and 15000 pixels in the width direction, so the camera's pixels need 300 million pixels. The resolution of such an area array camera is basically impossible. Therefore, we can consider using a line camera such as 16K, or reduce the field of view to 50*37.5mm, and divide the original 100*75mm field of view into four areas for shooting. You can use a camera to move four times or four. The method of camera shooting separately is implemented. 3, camera frame rate The camera's frame rate determines the measurement efficiency of the device. For example, the camera's frame rate is 30FPS, and it takes 30 shots per second. And if the speed of the camera is 120FPS, if the algorithm is fast enough, then 120 products are detected every second. In general, the lower the resolution of the camera, the higher the frame rate of the same interface, and the higher the resolution, the lower the frame rate. Frame rate * resolution ≤ bus bandwidth, that is, when the interface is certain (bus bandwidth has been determined), the frame rate also has a large value when the resolution is constant. That is, if the resolution of the camera is fast and the frame rate of the camera is high, then it is necessary to find a bus with a larger bandwidth, that is, an output interface of the camera. 4, camera output interface Under the same pixel condition, the camera frame rate of the bus of various interfaces is different. Generally, Camera Link>USB3>GIGE>1394B>USB2, 1394A. Nowadays, the Camera Link bus is very fast. The theoretical speed of USB3 has reached 5Gbps or 640MB. In actual performance, there should be 80% effective bandwidth, that is, the total bandwidth of 512M is available for actual transmission, so if a 5 million pixels The camera, 5M per image, can also reach 100 frames per second, and the speed is not fast. For the GIGE Gigabit network camera, the 5 megapixel camera can achieve 23FPS faster. 1394B's 5 megapixel camera can do 13FPS, USB2, 1394A is generally 5 to 6 frames. 5, camera exposure time The camera's small exposure time determines the speed of the target's movement. Or conversely, the speed of the target, the small exposure time of the camera is required. Assuming that our target motion speed is 1mm/S, and our measurement accuracy is 0.01mm/pixel, then we must consider that the motion caused by the motion of the object must be less than our accuracy of 0.01mm, the target is moved by 0.01mm, and it takes 10ms. This requires that the exposure time of our camera must be less than 10ms. If it is greater than this exposure time, then only the motion caused by the motion of the object will be greater than 0.01, and our accuracy can not reach 0.01. In general, the blur caused by object motion should be an order of magnitude smaller than the measurement accuracy we require, which can reduce its impact on the system. Generally, our optical lenses can reach tens to hundreds of microseconds faster. . Such a short exposure time requires a relatively large amount of light energy, so it is necessary to select a suitable light source and light source controller. 7, sensor type If the subject is static, consider using a CMOS camera for cost savings, and a CCD camera if the target is moving. If high-speed acquisition is required, the high speed referred to here is a very high acquisition speed, not a high speed. Consider a CMOS camera because the acquisition speed of CMOS is better than CCD. If high-quality images are required, such as sizing, consider CCD. In small-sized sensors, CCD image quality is better than CMOS. 8, sensor size Usually, the size of the sensor corresponds to the selected pixel, such as 30W is usually 1/3', 130W~500W is 1/2', and some 500W is also 2/3'. Some 30W also have 1/4'. If it is the same price, then we prefer the sensor size is large. The sensor size is large, and the pixel size is also large at the same pixel density, which increases the photosensitive area of ​​each pixel, which is beneficial for improving the quality of the image. The size of the sensor also determines the field of view and working distance. At the same working distance and the same lens, the sensor is large in size and can take a larger field of view. 9, the trigger method of [optical lens] Software Trigger Mode: Selectable for dynamic detection and when the product triggers a signal through continuous motion. Hardware Trigger Mode: Select for high speed dynamic detection and when the product triggers a signal through high speed motion. Continuous acquisition mode: Select when static detection and continuous motion of the product cannot trigger the signal. 10, camera lens interface The general camera is a C/CS interface, so you need to pay attention to the high-quality YVO4 laser crystal. If you have a lens with other interfaces, consider the camera's interface. However, the current industrial CCTV basically has more C interfaces. Even the optical lens of the CS interface can be added with a 5mm ring to become a C interface to accommodate different C-interface optical lenses.
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Portable crusher plant is a new product which is convenient for construction waste crushing. According to the need of optional configuration, according to different crushing industry, "first crushing and then screening" or "first screening and then crushing" crushing, screening can also be carried out separately. Portable crusher plant can also be combined into two-stage crushing and screening system according to actual needs, or three-stage crushing and screening system, or can operate independently, flexible combination and strong adaptability.

The special crushing chamber designed by the principle of intergranular lamination in portable crusher plant and its matching rotational speed have significantly increased the crushing ratio and output, greatly increased the cube content of finished materials, made the cube high yield, advanced technology, reasonable design, stable operation and high cost performance.

1. Stable performance and advanced.

Good performance, compact structure, high screening efficiency, low consumption, low pollution, with low temperature preheating start-up settings.

2. Rationalization of structural design.

The chassis of the mobile crusher with full rigidity ship structure has high strength, low grounding specific pressure and good passability, which can be well adapted to mountain and wetland.

3. Material wear-resistant and durable use.

The use of high strength cast steel, finishing process strength is stronger, the use of high wear-resistant materials to reduce wear, the service life of vulnerable parts increased by more than 30%.

4. Easy to operate.

Advanced operating system, easy to operate, accurate control, can achieve stepless walking speed.

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Nonlinear optical crystal materials are important photoelectric information functional materials, and have a wide range of important applications in laser frequency conversion, information communication, optical signal processing and many other fields. With the development of technology, technological innovation and development have put forward more, higher and more comprehensive requirements for high quality Chinese BIBO nonlinear crystal materials. Among them, as the key components of all-solid-state laser output ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet laser, the development and application of UV and deep ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystals need to be developed and broken. The research team of the Special Environmental Functional Materials and Devices Laboratory of the Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Shilie, has been working on the design and synthesis of novel UV and deep UV nonlinear optical crystals in recent years. The team selected the classical high quality LiSAF, LiSGaF and LiCAF laser crystals as a template, and successfully replaced and designed the Sr and Be atoms in the Sr2Be2B2O7 structure by using the common co-allocation design Ba and Mg atoms with similar electronic structures. Two Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 homogeneous polycrystalline compounds with a non-centrosymmetric structure. The team collaborated with Sun Junliang, a researcher at Peking University, to successfully obtain single crystal structures of orthogonal and hexagonal two-phase crystals. The existence of the polymorphism of Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 and its reversible phase transition behavior were verified by differential thermal analysis, temperature-dependent X-ray diffraction and thermal expansion rate test. Through large amount of flux exploration experiments, large-sized single crystals of orthogonal phase Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 were successfully grown, and the overall optical properties were characterized based on high-quality single crystals. The results show that the orthogonal phase Ba3Mg3(BO3)3F3 has Wide transmission band (184–3780 nm), high laser damage threshold (6.2 GW/cm 2 ), moderate birefringence (0.045@532 nm), large second-order multiplication factor (d33 = 0.51 pm/V) Good thermal stability. At the same time, the crystal can achieve phase matching, and the crystal is easy to grow, and it is expected to be used as an ultraviolet high-quality YVO4 laser crystal material for ultraviolet laser output.
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In some provinces, cities and places, natural sand has been difficult to meet the needs of economic development in terms of both quality requirements and production supply. The emergence of high-efficiency sand making machine has better solved the lack of natural sand resources and guaranteed my economy to continue to develop. Regional supply of raw materials for construction and increasingly stringent quality issues. Moreover, the artificial sand also has the advantages of good particle shape, reasonable distribution, and basically no soil and powdered stone foam. The high-efficiency sand making machine provided by Shanghai ZENITH to a sand and gravel plant in the north is mostly used by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games construction project. This is also a persuasive fact that artificial sand stone material is superior to natural sand stone material. Compared with other traditional sand making machine of the same function, the high-efficiency sand making machine has the following advantages: Large output, good quality and reliable operation The product size is small and uniform (D90≤3mm, D flat Q≤1mm) Increased output of other similar equipment by 60% to 100% Save 20% to 40% of electricity compared to other similar equipment Metal consumption is much lower than other similar equipment Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance
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1. Visible laser beam mirror. (for adjusting the visible laser beam direction, enter the YAG laser axis) 2. Laser energy detection instrument. (Detecting YAG laser beam energy) 3. Optical cavity 100% mirror mount. 4. Base for optical dimension adjustment. (spare) 5. Laser optical cavity with Nd.YAG crystal rod, pump tube, gold-plated reflector. 6. Time divergence lenses. (moving the lens to send the laser beam) 7. Energy divergence lens. (divide the laser beam) 8. Metal laser reflector. (safety equipment) 9. Laser beam divergence shutter switch. 10. Optical focusing mirror input for connecting optical dimensions. 11. Laser energy attenuation lens for adjusting and balancing the divergent output energy. 12. Optical cavity main shutter switch. 13. The laser generator is visible and the red laser is used for adjustment. 14. Instrument holder positioning piece. (installed only for migration) The wavelength of Nd:YAG laser is 1064 nm, which is not near the absorption peak of oxyhemoglobin, and the absorption of Nd:YAG laser by oxygenated hemoglobin is poor. However, its penetration depth can reach about 8 mm, which can play a therapeutic role in hemangioma in deeper parts. Different Nd:YAG lasers according to the energy output mode can be divided into continuous type and pulse type. Currently used is a continuous Nd:YAG laser, but this laser is non-selective for thermal damage to the tissue. While coagulating the blood vessels of the tumor, the excess energy will also damage the surrounding normal tissue, leaving scars easily after surgery. Landthaler et al treated 4 children with hemangioma with continuous Nd:YAG laser. Although the tumor growth was inhibited, all scars remained after surgery. Therefore, continuous Nd:YAG lasers are used more in ENT, gynecology, and surgery, while in dermatology, due to "not good cosmetic results," the use is more cautious. Vlachakis uses ice cold compresses while Nd:YAG laser treatment, which reduces the formation of postoperative scars, suggesting that the treatment of local skin cooling protection device can reduce the formation of scars. Compared with continuous Nd:YAG laser, pulsed Nd:YAG laser is more in line with the selective photothermal theory. It can reduce thermal damage to surrounding normal tissues and reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions such as scars. Weiss et al. used pulsed Nd:YAG laser to treat vascular diseases with good results. At the same time, since the melanin particles absorb little laser light at 1064 nm, damage to the epidermis rarely occurs. Groot and other high-energy long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser treatment of various types of deep vascular lesions showed that 19% of lesions were completely eliminated after one treatment, 80% of patients with lesions resolved more than 50%, and postoperative adverse reactions were mild And short. Common side effects of L include purpura and transient pigmentation changes, blisters, scarring, changes in skin texture and occasional scarring.
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Regardless of the academic research or industrialization of China LiF optics, China has the primary influence in the world, especially in the field of visible and ultraviolet nonlinear crystals, which has always been at the leading level and has attracted international attention. China's most important development in the category of nonlinear crystals is (1) the invention of magnesium-doped LiNbO3 crystals. The doping threshold of LiNbO3 is increased by more than two orders of magnitude, which greatly opens up the use of lithium niobate crystals; 2) In the borate series, a series of excellent UV nonlinear optical crystals such as -BBO, LBO, CBO, KBBF, etc. were discovered and developed, which created a new era of ultraviolet laser frequency doubling, which made humans continue to the limit of solid ultraviolet laser. (3) The first time in the world to use the solvent method to grow a practical KTP large single crystal, and complete industrialization, so that KTP crystals are used throughout the world, promoting the development of laser skills. (4) The research and experimental verification of the nonlinear optical crystal data of periodic and quasi-periodic polarization artificial microstructures are dominated, which opens up a new category of high precision large size Beamsplitters&Polarizers. Nonlinear optical crystal data is an appropriately determined industry closely related to industries such as laser, optoelectronics, and optical communication. It is greatly affected by the development and changes of these industries. Following the rapid development of the international wave of informationization and the wide selection of optoelectronics skills at the end of the last century, the number of optoelectronic power crystals, especially the right and wrong linear optical crystals, needs to increase dramatically. In recent years, the sales of non-linear optical crystals all over the world exceeded $400 million annually. The demand for traditional nonlinear crystals is still increasing year by year. In the next few years, the increase rate of shopping malls is at 1530%. Nonlinear optical components have accelerated the trend in the three categories of modulation switches and long-distance communication, information processing and entertainment. In addition to optical communication, the primary shopping malls used in industrial lasers and electro-optic right and wrong linear high quality Chinese infrared Germanium lenses have maintained an annual increase of 1520% in the market. In the meantime, BBO and KTP crystals are the fastest growing crystal types in this category in recent years. The prospect of the mall is promising. The company's protective lenses, crystal rods, comfort, and firmness do not affect the use of other optical instruments, and have the function of preventing lateral laser damage. Mainly used in laser welding, laser marking, laser medical and other laser equipment production and working environment.
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In some industries, sand making machine are always used. This is the preferred mechanical equipment used in related industries. It can really play a role, especially in terms of materials. The hammer of mechanical equipment is a wear-resistant part that can really Persistence, any sturdy thing can be shattered, and it will last for a long time and is very durable. Let more industries invest in such mechanical equipment, and because of the extremely durable use advantages, more and more people are paying attention to the use of sand making machine machinery, and can really get a good use in a certain range. It can play a good role in related production and manufacturing, so it will be so popular and play a vital role in the industry. For people, the part that is stressed during the process of using the sand making machine is the hammer head. Therefore, the material problem is paid attention to in this part. The wear-resistant material is an important factor to ensure the performance of mechanical equipment work. It can guarantee that long-term use will not be easily worn out, which is the key factor for people to pay attention to such equipment, and people pay more attention to it. Therefore, people are paying more attention to the role played by sand making machine in related industries, so that people can continue to promote such mechanical equipment, and in terms of structure, they can have satisfactory results for work performance and degree of grinding. Although the structure is very simple, the simpler the construction quality, the better the durability.
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a-BBO, high temperature phase of BaB2O4, is an excellent birefringent custom LiF optics Second-harmonic generation Second harmonic generation (also called frequency doubling or abbreviated SHG) is a high purity LiF optics process, in which photons with the same frequency interacting with a nonlinear material are effectively “combined” to generate new photons with twice the energy, and therefore twice the frequency and half the wavelength of the initial photons. Second harmonic generation, as an even-order nonlinear optical effect, is only allowed in media without inversion symmetry. It is a special case of sum frequency generation and is the inverse of half-harmonic generation. Second harmonic generation was first demonstrated by Peter Franken, A. E. Hill, C. W. Peters, and G. Weinreich at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1961. The demonstration was made possible by the invention of the China LiF optics, which created the required high intensity coherent light. They focused a ruby laser with a wavelength of 694 nm into a quartz sample. They sent the output light through a spectrometer, recording the spectrum on photographic paper, which indicated the production of light at 347 nm. Famously, when published in the journal Physical Review Letters,[1] the copy editor mistook the dim spot (at 347 nm) on the photographic paper as a speck of dirt and removed it from the publication. The formulation of SHG was initially described by N. Bloembergen and P. S. Pershan at Harvard in 1962. In their extensive evaluation of Maxwell’s equations at the planar interface between a linear and nonlinear medium, several rules for the interaction of light in non-linear mediums were elucidated.
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Quartz has a very wide range of Quarry Crusher Plant applications, can be processed into different products for different purposes. Common products are quartz sand quartz, silicon carbide, crystalline silicon, silica and so on. Depending on the product size requirements and purity requirements of different processing lines quartz and quartz processing equipment required is also different. The quartz stone crushing equipment mainly includes vibration feeder, jaw crusher, silica plate straight barrel ball Mill (Bar-grinding ball mill) or High Aluminum-lining straight barrel ball mill, vibrating screen, plastic conveyer and other equipments. According to different requirements of different customers the process, various types of equipment can be provided.

Quartz sand production line process flow

In Artificial Sand Making Plant line with the traits on the quartz sand, quartz sand processing equipment demands relative to other components is relatively substantial, mostly because of the extensive utilization of quartz sand, unique industries call for distinctive excellent of quartz sand, and how to ensure that production substantial purity quartz sand? Production line of high-purity procedure equipment functionality are superior, there are two varieties of production line configurations: dry and wet.

The quartz sand production line can be described as follows. The large size materials is transferred to jaw crusher by vibrating feeder for primary crushing. Then the crushed materials whose size is greater than 40 mm are transferred to impact crusher or sand making machine by belt conveyor for secondary crushing. The supplies crushed might be transferred to the vibrating screen. The products with suitable dimension will likely be transferred to vertical shaft impact crusher. Soon after getting washed by sand washing machine, then clean last products will likely be discharged. The others with unsuitable size will be screened from vibrating screen, then is going to be transferred to the vsi crusher, this types a closed circuit manifold cycles. Sizes of final products will be in accordance with our customers’ demands. If it can be the dry method, the classifier and deduster is going to be attached based on you requirement. This is the commonly used sand and gravel production line.

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First of all, we must learn from the source of the sand making machine dust to minimize the amount of dust generated. Only effective control of the dust source can solve the problem of dust pollution on a more permanent basis. Methods as below: First, dust. The feed port and the discharge port are the places where the dust is produced. It is also a relatively effective method to control the dust diffusion on the dust source by effectively sealing the two ports and then installing the fan for dust extraction. Second, improve the production process of the sand production line. When working in sand making machine or crushing equipment, the production process is improved appropriately. For example, when using a multi-layer screen in the screening process, the materials processed in one more process will be more pure, and the amount of dust will be reduced. The pollution produced will also decrease. At the same time, it can also reduce the damage of dust on mechanical equipment parts. Third, it is a good job to effectively deal with dust diffusion. If the dust is not controlled from the source, then how to prevent the spread of dust?