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With China's infrastructure continues to increase, the mechanism of aggregate demand is also growing, so businesses in various regions are looking for the opportunity to invest in quarries investment boom. The main source of the production of aggregate is gravel, and stone crushing has become an important part of the manufacture of aggregate, then the face of the market quarry crusher, investors how to choose to become more troubled investors A question. The following ZENITH machine describes several commonly used quarry crusher, hoping to help investors make the right choice. 1, jaw crusher Jaw crusher is the most commonly used quarry, the most widely used crusher, divided into PE and PEX type, respectively, for the rough crushing and crushing operations. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, low operation cost, convenient operation and repair, large crushing ratio, large crushing material, low failure rate, strong crushing ability, long service life, stable operation, low price, small size, small footprint, Energy saving and other characteristics, applicable stone materials are quartz stone, granite, river pebbles, pebbles, diabase, marble, calcite, talc, gypsum and other 1800 kinds. 2, counterattack crusher Impact crusher is mainly used in the stone in the crushing, with a stone beauty, plastic surgery, used in the jaw crusher. The equipment design of the unique, excellent quality processing products, no tension, no cracks, broken high efficiency, large feed, the product less powder, energy saving. 3, hammer crusher Hammer crusher has both jaw crusher broken large material advantages, but also combines the impact crusher material shaping function, to achieve a stone molding. The device grate design is unique, the material through the sieve rate is high, simplify the crushing process, hammer durable, hammer easy to replace, long life, stand-alone production up to 1500t / h, low energy consumption, low investment costs. 4, impact crusher Impact crusher, also known as efficient sand making machine, as the name suggests is the production of sand equipment, the equipment is mainly used for gravel crushing operations, generally and jaw crusher or hammer crusher used together to form a reasonable sand production line. The device uses the "stone stone", "stone blacksmith" broken principle, can make the stone to achieve "more broken less grinding" broken effect; the device rotor with deep cavity design, can have a greater stone throughput; crushing process Zero pollution, low noise, less energy consumption, less trouble, simple operation, easy maintenance. 5, mobile crushing station Mobile crushing station is divided into two types of tire and crawler models, with a complete set of units, flexible, can be in any bad rugged road driving, transport convenience, small investment, large income, easy transition, efficient energy , Good mobility, long service life. In addition, the device can also be free to machine, combined into a jaw mobile crushing station, counterattack mobile crushing station, impact mobile crushing station, etc., to meet a variety of customer crushing needs, can be described as quarry "broken king " Above a brief introduction to several common quarry crusher, of course, there are conical crusher, double-roll crusher, single-stage crusher and other crushers are also used for quarry crushing work, where not one I would like to know more equipment information, or equipment quotations, please click on the online consultation, we will be the first time for you to make the most reasonable equipment quotes.
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Construction waste crusher line dedicated light material processor and the whole set of Construction waste crusher equipment (construction waste feeder, Construction waste crusher, construction waste aggregate round vibrating screen, construction waste removal system, construction waste dust collector) supporting the composition Of the "Agglomerate" construction waste recycling project cooperation program. Construction waste treatment line dedicated light material processor applications: light material separator widely used in the construction waste treatment production line, is the most advanced construction waste treatment process one of the necessary equipment. Lightweight material separator Product: Light material separator equipment through the organic matter such as paper, plastic, wood chips and other light substances, through the vibration of boiling or wind from the building waste from the separation of aggregate, and then by pumping Suction and then go for further separation of particles, mainly to break the construction waste after the separation of materials to achieve the cleanliness of building waste aggregate. Construction waste treatment line dedicated light material processor works: light material separator is mainly used in construction waste treatment production line, mainly organic materials such as paper, plastic, wood chips and other light substances, by vibration boiling or wind from the construction waste The aggregate is separated, and then sucked away by suction and then the separation of particles, mainly after the construction of garbage broken material to separate, in order to achieve the cleanliness of construction waste aggregate
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     China is in the peak period of construction, the annual total amount of construction waste generated more than 1.5 billion tons, 20 million mu of land occupied landfill. At present, in addition to some of the construction waste for backfilling, the vast majority of being transported to the suburbs or villages, using open storage or landfill approach. Construction waste crusher a lot of land, landfill and other construction costs, resulting in environmental pollution, causing harm to people's lives. The effective handling of construction waste is conducive to the protection of the environment, reducing landfill and open dumping to produce groundwater, soil and air pollution. The use of construction waste recycling products, can reduce the corresponding exploitation of natural resources, to achieve sustainable use of resources. Therefore, the construction waste is the inevitable trend of future development.
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Ultra-fine grinding of the special structure, heavy workload, easy to heat, the internal working environment (in high concentrations of dust). As a result of the use of grease, the seal quickly in the dry friction, parts wear fast, dust easily into the bearing operating parts, so that wear and tear, resulting in high operating costs, frequent changes in seals and grease, and even bearings. As a professional ultrafine mill manufacturers and found that users in the use of ultra-fine grinding often encountered some parts of the lubrication problem, today, the technical staff for everyone to explain why ultra-fine grinding parts to be timely replacement and lubrication. Ultra-fine grinding accessories include: knife, knife, cutter, knife, tooth plate, screen, roller, rotor, grinding ring, coupling and so on. These are easy to wear place, after the use of more than a certain period of time to be cleaned, and then use the fuel tool to add the amount of butter; for the damaged roller to be replaced in time to avoid more damage to the ultra-fine grinding host, and some possible Belong to a long time use, the parts were loosened, and some even a particularly harsh noise, this time to stop production, the mill parts to check and adjust to make it up to normal operation. In the maintenance of the time to refer to the ultrafine mill manufacturers to develop equipment maintenance practices reference manual. Operators are also trained on a regular basis to meet operational standards. These are ultra-fine grinding equipment maintenance knowledge, the correct grasp of the ultra-fine grinding equipment maintenance knowledge, the correct use of these skills, in order to safely operate ultra-fine grinding, in order to extend the life of ultra-fine grinding equipment.
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Quarry crusher equipment Description: common quarry crusher varieties are hammer crusher, heavy hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, rotary crusher, sand machine, grinding Powder, the user can be based on the broken material hardness, maximum feed size, and finished material size, as well as the size of the site and the surrounding environment to choose the right model, configure the best program. In many varieties of quarry crusher, jaw crusher and impact crusher, cone crushing is the most traditional crusher, suitable for crushing basalt, granite and other relatively large hardness of the material, the disadvantage is the material More than large production, such as limestone and other brittle materials, then, a little overkill, with the development of the machinery industry, continue to emerge a new model, more targeted materials, broken than the larger, more able to meet customer needs. Which Henan full of hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher stand out. The quarry equipment is made up of a variety of mining machinery and equipment, including mountain blasting equipment, feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, sand making equipment, belt equipment, environmental dust removal and material transportation equipment. Quarry site broken material is not the same, broken the process is not the same, the following will be described from the soft rock and hard rock: 1, quarry (broken limestone, bluestone and other brittle materials quarry) of the work process is: Large pieces of stone by the silo by the vibrating feeder evenly into the heavy counterattack crusher for coarse crushing, shredded stone from the belt conveyor to the plastic machine (also known as hammer crusher) for further broken; Of the stone from the belt conveyor into the vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different specifications of the stone, to meet the requirements of the gravel by the finished belt conveyor sent to the finished material pile; do not meet the requirements of the size of the stone by the belt conveyor Return to the heavy impact crusher or plastic machine to re-broken, the formation of closed loop many times. Finished particle size can be combined and graded according to the needs of users, the need to make sand, broken materials can be re-enter the double rotor sand machine for crushing, to protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment, if you need to improve the use of stone The rate can be equipped with dry sand and gravel separator, separated from the stone powder can be widely used in food, feed, chemical and other industries. 2, quarry (broken granite, basalt and other large hardness of the quarry crusher of the material) of the work process is: Large stone from the silo by the vibrating feeder evenly into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, shredded stone from the belt conveyor to the plastic machine (also known as hammer crusher) or counter-crusher And further broken; crushed stone by the belt conveyor sent to the vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different specifications of the stone to meet the requirements of the gravel by the finished belt conveyor sent to the finished material pile; do not meet the particle size requirements The stone is fed back from the belt conveyor to the jaw crusher or the shaping machine to break again to form a closed loop. Finished particle size can be combined and graded according to the needs of users, need to make sand, broken material can be re-enter the double rotor sand or crater broken, in order to protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment, if you need to improve the stone Broken utilization can be equipped with dry sand and gravel separator, separated from the powder can be widely used in food, feed, chemical and other industries.
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The Waste of Construction Waste Disposal: Building Crusher Many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource if it is sorted, removed or crushed. Such as scrap steel, scrap wire, waste wire and a variety of scrap parts and other metal, after sorting, concentration, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture and manufacture a variety of steel, this can reduce the mining efforts. Waste bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood, reduce natural forest deforestation. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste can be crushed by sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for manufacturing blocks, municipal roads paved brick, square brick, And other building materials products. Brick, tile cleaning can be reused, waste brick, tile, concrete crushing and grading, after cleaning, can be used as recycled aggregate preparation of low-grade recycled aggregate concrete for foundation reinforcement, road works cushion, floor And floor cushion, non-load-bearing concrete hollow block, concrete hollow partition board or autoclaved fly ash brick. If these Construction Waste Crusher can be fully utilized, then you can save a lot of limestone, clay, gypsum, iron ore powder and other natural raw materials mining. On the one hand, China is developing a circular economy, the implementation of independent innovation, and comprehensively promote the scientific development of the critical moment, on the other hand, as China's sustained and stable economic development, industrialization, urbanization process accelerated, the city's new, expansion, Maintenance of buildings or structures of construction waste is bound to increase, the city will inevitably plan to add new construction waste acceptance field, in the protection of the environment and the development of economic contradictions, do not carry out simple landfill waste , And must be another way of thinking, the new construction waste comprehensive utilization of planning, design and operation of the reception site into a comprehensive utilization of construction waste industry base to reduce construction waste increment, to further improve the construction waste Comprehensive utilization rate. Construction waste resources industrialization research and practice, to achieve a comprehensive utilization of construction waste industry, reduce construction waste increment, and further improve the comprehensive utilization of construction waste.
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In the construction, roads, bridges and other construction, the use of aggregate aggregate has a certain level requirements, and our country is currently used by the broken equipment is difficult to crush the material size of the strict control, so the need for some The size of the material to adjust; due to the growing tension of natural sand resources, making the application of sand gradually prospects for the application. According to market conditions and customer needs, our company developed and produced ZSJ series of double-rotor sand making machine, those who need to adjust the size of the material made of sand, and achieved good economic and social benefits. As the series of sand making machine has a simple structure, smooth operation, high crushing efficiency, wear and tear consumption of small superior performance, access to the user's widely recognized. The casing of the double-rotor sand making machine is welded by a steel plate, and has a common inlet on the two sides. After entering the hopper, it is divided into two bypasses, and the materials are poured into two Of the feed point for the two rotor operation of the material when the most effective blow. The liner and grate are made of high manganese steel with high impact hardening properties and are quenched and hardened for high wear and impact resistance.
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Centrifugal ultra-fine grinding machine (referred to as ultra-fine grinding) is my company at home and abroad advanced milling equipment developed on the basis of a new generation of ultra-fine milling equipment, has been national patent, can replace Raymond Mill, Fine powder, fineness can be adjusted between 80 mesh and 1500 mesh. Centrifugal ultrafine mill Scope: Mainly applicable to barite, calcite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, refractory quartz stone, glass, ceramics and other hardness of not more than 9.3, humidity below 6% of the mineral powder processing, 80 mesh -1500 mesh between the arbitrary adjustment. Centrifugal ultra-fine milling machine performance characteristics: 1, the noise is small, small vibration, pressure, fine powder, high yield; 2, grinding ring and roller wear evenly, long service life; 3, the equipment can be continuous operation, oiling non-stop, power consumption is small; 4, high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance; 5, the mill without blade feed, low failure rate.
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Concrete is the most widely used civil engineering, the largest amount of a building material. According to the intended performance of the design and production of concrete, the development of lightweight, high strength, multi-functional new varieties of concrete. The use of modern milling machine new technology, vigorously develop new technology, new equipment; extensive use of industrial waste as raw materials, with the continuous development of society, the required material requirements are constantly improving, and with the high demand for materials, The required milling equipment is also constantly improving the performance of this industrial sprocket, but also China's SCM ultrafine mill to a new climax. Under the premise of ensuring the quality and durability of concrete, reducing the cost of concrete has always been the target of concrete suppliers.SBM developed and produced fine milling machine, the possibility of achieving this goal is also growing. Reduce the cost of raw materials from the product to start.I am the production of ultra-fine milling machine can be water slag, fly ash, slag and other industrial waste into ultra-fine powder, these powder mixed into the cement, you can Greatly improve the performance of concrete. Fly ash by milling machine into the differential, the comprehensive utilization of the way from the past roadbed, fill, concrete admixture, soil modification and other aspects of the application, the development of the current cement raw materials, cement mixture, Large-scale water conservancy project, pumping concrete, mass concrete products, advanced packing and other advanced use of the way. Grinding machine processing and recycling of fly ash, not only save a lot of production resources, effectively improve the building thermal environment, but also conducive to environmental protection, conservation and protection of limited land, to reduce the destruction of burning brick, to " Quot; & quot; & quot; change for the benefit & quot; Because of its production of fly ash brick series of product quality is better than the national standard, has been favored by the market and users.
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