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In order to achieve a surface roughness of Ra0.02--0.04 μm for the ground workpiece, the following two methods are used to finely and finely cut the cut piece twice. It is very difficult to grind out Ra0.02--0.2μm by refining with a diamond pen and then using a cutting wheel to fine-tune the wheel after finishing the car. However, if it is refined with a diamond pen and then repaired with a cutting disc for stainless steel after finishing the car, this requirement can be fully achieved. The TL60#ZR1--ZR2 cutting piece can be used for fine repair, and the diameter is about φ100mm. First clamp the cutting piece on a mandrel and then finish the outer circle on a precision lathe to eliminate the yaw. After that, the surface grinding machine is used to finely cut the cutting piece, that is, the cutting wheel is used to finely sand the office wheel. When the cutting piece is trimmed, the head frame is rotated, and the rotation speed is low. The Ministry of Economy and Trade is 80--100r/min, the feeding time is small, the reciprocating economic and trade department is 0.002mm, and the reciprocating speed of the table is less than 0.3m/ Min, it needs to be reciprocated several times. The trimming cutting piece and the trimmed aluminum abrasive cutting disc rotate in the same direction, that is, the line speeds of the contact points of the two are opposite. The coolant should be sufficient to flush the floating sand to prevent the surface of the workpiece from floating on the sand during the grinding process. After the cutting piece is finely and finely trimmed, more contour micro-blades can be trimmed on the abrasive grains of the cutting piece. After the cutting piece is finished, the sand particles on the surface of the trimmed cutting piece are removed by a brush. The coolant should be rigorously filtered before grinding. When grinding, the coolant should be sufficient to prevent burns on the surface of the workpiece. Adjust the gap between the main shaft of the cutting blade and the bearing bush Coloring and bearing bushing on the spindle diameter of the cutting piece, scraping the bearing surface of the bearing pad with a scraper, the contact spot should reach the point of 12--14 points (25×25) mm, and then the installation adjustment will be carried out to cut the spindle of the cutting piece. The clearance of the bearing bush is adjusted to 0.0025--0.005mm. In this way, the drawback of the occurrence of ridges in the workpiece during grinding can be overcome. Balance cutting blade spindle motor and cutting piece Since the vibration of the spindle motor of the low price disc for metal has a great influence on the surface roughness of the workpiece, the spindle motor of the cutting piece needs to be balanced, and the cutting piece should be balanced twice; after the cutting piece is trimmed with a diamond pen, a rough balance is performed, and then the stone is used or After the roughing, the cutting piece is finely trimmed to make a fine balance.
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Now with the development of cutting discs, more and more users are now using cutting discs, but some new users are not very familiar with cutting discs when using cutting discs, and always encounter some problems, such as what isTfree sample cutting disc and 115*1*22 cutting disc . The disk drive is idling? Let me explain it to you today. The free sample cutting disc is idling for one minute when it is used in the cutting table. There are two main factors in the process of cracking. One is that the cutting piece is inferior and the product itself does not reach the cutting line speed. In addition, the cutting piece aperture and the cutting table shaft are not equipped, and there is a large stress during assembly. The cutting disc is normal when it is used, and the grinding wheel is broken when the cutting is performed in the normal 1/3 state. The analysis may be due to the following reasons: the flatness of the cut piece, the unevenness of the cut piece, the high hardness of the cut piece, and the lack of toughness of the cut piece resin. Therefore, when users are using, be sure to avoid these problems.
add to favorites Influence of Grinding Machine Accuracy on Machining Accuracy of Cutting Pieces l/mile No $
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The geometric accuracy, stiffness, thermal deformation, motion stability and vibration resistance of the grinding machine will directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. The geometric accuracy of the grinding machine refers to the motion accuracy and mutual positional accuracy of each component without being subjected to load. It is impossible to make the machine tool absolutely accurate, and there is always an inevitable more or less error. This kind of error will be reflected in the workpiece to different extents during the machining of the workpiece, which will affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Generally, there are radial runout and axial sway of the main shaft, straightness of movement of moving parts such as worktable, the mutual position error of working parts and transmission error. The radial runout and axial sway of the spindle of the flat abrasive cutting disc and the movement error of the grinding head frame not only affect the surface roughness of the workpiece after grinding but also cause roundness and end face runout of the workpiece, resulting in uneven spark during grinding. When the table moves not perpendicular to the vertical surface, the inner and outer cylindrical grinding machines affect the linearity of the workpiece busbar, and the plane is ground in the surface grinder, resulting in a large flatness error of the workpiece. The center line of the spindle shaft of the cutting wheel of the cylindrical grinding machine and the center line of the shaft of the internal grinding machine cutting blade is not equal to the center line of the shaft of the workpiece head frame. When the inner and outer cones are ground, the workpiece bus bar is hyperbolic. The center line of the spindle shaft of the resin EN12413 cutting discs is not parallel to the moving direction of the table, which affects the straightness of the end face of the workpiece after grinding. The transmission error of the grinding machine has a great influence on the machining accuracy of thread grinding and gear grinding. The rigidity of the grinding machine. It refers to the ability of the parts to resist deformation when subjected to external forces (grinding forces). That is, in the case of the same grinding force, the smaller the deformation of the component, the greater the stiffness. On the contrary, the deformation of the component is large, indicating that the rigidity of the component is small. The magnitude of these deformations destroys the original geometric accuracy of the static state of the grinding machine and will cause the machining error of the workpiece. Therefore, the machine tool with good rigidity has high processing precision. Thermal deformation. The heat source inside the grinding machine is unevenly distributed, and the heat generated in each part is different. The external heat source has different effects on various parts of the machine tool. The thermal expansion coefficient of the parts is different due to different materials, which causes different parts of the machine tool. The slight deformation causes the original geometric accuracy of the machine tool to decrease, which affects the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the precision grinding machine is preferably installed in a constant temperature chamber to prevent temperature changes from affecting the accuracy of the machine tool and the workpiece. Grinding parts of the grinding machine crawl. When the moving parts such as the grinding table and the cutting frame are continuously fed at a low cycle or at a low speed, the movement is uneven, which is commonly called crawling. When this phenomenon occurs in the grinding machine, the feeding during the grinding process is uneven, which affects the surface roughness of the workpiece. > The cutting-edge CNC technology content is wonderful and worthy of attention. The vibration of the grinding machine. The grinding machine generates vibration during the grinding process, causing the relative position of the cutting piece and the workpiece to periodically change, causing vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece, which seriously affects the processing quality and precision. In order to improve the accuracy of the workpiece after grinding, in addition to efforts to eliminate the influence of the above factors, we must also pay attention to the reasonable selection of the positioning reference during the processing of the workpiece, the clamping method, the selection and correct repair of the cutting piece, the reasonable selection of grinding amount and process method.
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Aggregate process machine alias: steel slag grinding machine performance by using the method of extrusion, split, bending, impact, rolling, the bulk slag breaking into pieces of machinery. Commonly used with steel slag grinding machine , cone, hammer type and roller type steel slag grinding machine. In addition to these two kinds of equipment, production line also need linear vibrating screen, steel slag grinding machine , sometimes according to need to be equipped with a steel slag grinding machine . Mining machinery company steel slag grinding machine raw materials can be of different sizes, broken into small uniform particles, steel slag grinding machine can and mineral processing equipment, slag equipment, can also be used independently. The type we produce steel slag grinding machine series of products, has the characteristics of big crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, convenient repair, operation cost. Mining machinery company steel slag grinding machine using active jaw plate of the fixed jaw opening, when motion, the two jaw among stones by extrusion, wedging splitting and bending and crushing.
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Hit manufacturers stone crusher in the market, many brands, but for its brand of a lot of people will be recognized, but in the choice often make people confused, don't know that brand for yourself, so here, a lot of high-speed stone crusher manufacturers will play stone crusher brand placed in front of people, make demand know your needs in the choice of when. The development prospects of stone crusher in the market, stone crusher drives the development of some industries, has been widely used in medicine industry, because of its good grinding performance, so has been the industry's first choice for crushing the market, we should not only see the result, but the demand, supply and demand relationship not only to change the market, more can let the market is competitive in terms of increased, the future market demand for it will be applied to our daily life. Stone crusher manufacturers said: whether it's stone crusher that species can play a role in the development of the industry, high-speed stone crusher, small stone crusher is the same, crushed very convenience for Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the crushing effect of it, because no taste, has the very good in the aspect of market value of crushing.
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1, about the hardware. Why do you mention the hardware first? Because this is the foundation, all the value is ultimately reflected in the output of the device, and all other work is attached to the device. Therefore, the equipment should not be too backward, at least to ensure that the production equipment can produce standard cut off wheel for metal products that meet the technical requirements. In terms of hardware, in addition to production equipment, there are data information collection and processing equipment, which are used after docking with IoT technology. These devices, including sensors, data analyzers, etc., are extremely important and determine whether you are eligible to enter the market on future commercial battlefields.

2, about the software, because the use is not good, many companies do not value, or that did not attract enough attention. In general, many companies don't understand how software can play a huge role, just know that there are benefits, in the context of software promotion, follow the trend. Can you have a role to put aside, anyway, I have it, and there is no obstacle to communicating with customers. Two points have been neglected here. First, the power of software to work is greatly underestimated, especially in the collection and processing of data and information. Second, many companies are only equipped with software, but do not know, software Is a system engineering, how much software can play, depending on the person who uses it, whether the person using it has professional knowledge, systematic training without software, and other aspects of the software in which it is connected Supporting situation, whether the connection with the software is smooth.

3. Regarding management, in some small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the large number of things and relatively few people, the autonomy of each employee is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, the task can be completed according to their own ideas. However, once the company develops to a certain scale, the company begins to improve the system and enter the standardization stage. The company regards the regulatory process as a standard, often resulting in no matter how innovative the employee's ideas are, how efficient it is to solve the problem, but the employees have no right to speak, and the employees are more It is like a tool for performing tasks. Although it does not deny the necessity of regulations and processes, in the process of learning the regulatory process from large enterprises, don't just focus on the form or the essence. The regulatory process ensures that many things are not problematic, but they also rigidify the organization, limiting efficiency and inhibiting the use of employees' intellectual resources. Large companies have the comparative advantage of human resources and market size, so solving the problems he faces, regulations and processes are more important, and his scale advantage can offset some of the inefficient processes. However, the problems faced by SMEs are definitely different from those of large enterprises, and there is no advantage of large enterprises. Under such conditions, it is hard to learn, and the name is advanced, which is obviously tied to his own hands and feet. SMEs have their own advantages, which is more flexible and faster.

add to favorites What is the point of use of the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc?   No  
Resin 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is very common in today's applications. In the Neolithic era, people began to use natural grinding stones. Abrasives are widely used in the machinery industry and processing industry. Everyone knows what the use of the fast cheap metal grinding disc is. Chinese grinding disc manufacturers introduce the use of grinding discs. The main point of the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is the installation. The efficiency of the installation will be improved. However, if the installation is not good, it will have a certain impact on the use effect. The bridge is also a film. The trajectory cannot be straight when the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is running at high speed, and the direct result is after cutting. The material appears to be skewed, resulting in failure to meet processing requirements. The knowledge about the 180*6*22mm metal grinding disc is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd., we specialize in the grinding wheel, the grinding disc, welcome new and old users to buy.
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In the past ten years, the development of the Internet economy has been rising, and the abrasives market has benefited from the industry changes brought by the network channels.cut off disc for stainless steelThe quality and price of more abrasive abrasives are on the same competition line. With the equal competition brought by the platform, the companies in the industry have to think more about how to improve the differentiated marketing of their products and gain more market share. After all, everyone knows that "the market is not a single market, and the quality of products and quality services determine the market." The services here arecut off disc for stainless steel actually interoperable, such as abrasives manufacturers or merchants, customers are in arrears, they will provide customers with guidance on template issues, during which time customers need to pay to fulfill their commitments. Conversely, non-interoperable services will gradually undermine the business chain between vendors and customers. More and more, there will be more and more abrasives manufacturers are reluctant to do business in arrears. In recent years, with the rising cost of various materials, warehouse storage, transportation, etc., the abrasives industry has gradually entered the era of low profit, and manufacturers and merchants in the industry are also more cautious about dealing with under-the-counter trading orders. The goods have become the new normal of the abrasives market every day. Since ancient times, although the abrasives market is in arrears with the payment of goods, it is easier to reach orders, and each order is not small, but despite the large amount, there is actually no high profit, meager profit plus the amount (even the last paragraph). The arrears will greatly affect the flow of information of the merchants, which brings great pressure to the merchants! Another important reason is that payments that are often in arrears often become unsuccessful over time or from various external factors. Once a merchant encounters such a transaction, it is a loss-making transaction in a minute. Often, there are people who have lost their money, and finally the capital turnover is weak. One stack is one, the more they are dragged, the more they are overwhelmed until they close their doors. Therefore, with the birth of a new business model, the re-delivery of goods will gradually become a new form of trading in the abrasives market, and the new year will also catalyze the new normality of this pay-as-you-go abrasives market!
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1.1 Ventilation and dust removal system
One of the main processes of corundum production is to mix the raw and auxiliary materials into a certain proportion and then send them into an electric arc furnace to produce a block-shaped abrasive. During the smelting process, a large amount of soot is generated. In order to facilitate the feeding and dip, most enterprises use semi-closed covers.China cut off disc The problem caused by the semi-closed cover is that the amount of smoke is large, and the second is that the furnace cooling water generates a large amount of steam into the hood. These two problems have brought great difficulties to the purification of flue gas. Many manufacturers have not adopted purification measures, and the pollution is very serious.
1.2 Silicon Carbide Smelting Furnace
The silicon carbide smelting furnace is generally a fixed resistance furnace. During the whole process of smelting, a large amount of dusty flue gas escapes, especially the unloading material is the most serious. Due to the high temperature of the flue gas, the large amount of flue gas, China cut off discthe wide surface of the flue gas, and the high dust resistivity, the purification cost is extremely high, and many manufacturers are discouraged.
1.3 The form of the vacuum hood and the appropriate air intake
Due to the rapid changes in the process equipment of the abrasives industry in recent years, how to design the form of the vacuum hood and select the appropriate suction volume has become a new problem. The dust hood is an important part of the ventilation dust removal system. Its effectiveness greatly affects the technical and economic performance indicators of the whole system, and should be given enough attention.
1.4 Dust removal equipment
The dust removal equipment used in the abrasives industry is mainly bag filter. Due to the misunderstanding of the dust properties or insufficient investment, most of the dust removal equipments are overloaded, with high energy consumption and operating costs.
1.5 Dust removal system wear and tear
The hardness of the abrasive is very high, and the Mohs hardness is above 9.0, which causes the metal components in the cyclone, the air duct, the fan and the bag filter to be seriously worn. 1.6 Investment issues
The ventilation and dust removal project has a high initial investment and high operating costs, and is a high-input and low-output project. Therefore, some manufacturers pay insufficient attention to the work of ventilation and dust removal, and even daunting.
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Tfree sample cutting disc front operation problem: For daily use, many operators are always used to operate on the cutting piece. The reason for this direction is that the force can be used. In fact, the operation of the grinder should be specifically prohibited. According to the operating procedure, when grinding the workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the cutting wheel of the grinding wheel and do not operate it on the front side to avoid the failure of the grinding wheel to fly out or break up and hurt people. Forced operation of the free sample cutting disc: When the grinder is used, some operators, especially young operators, are trying to achieve fast grinding speed and excessive force. This is a very unsafe operation. Any grinding wheel cutting piece has a certain strength, which is likely to cause the resin grinding wheel cutting piece to break, and even fly out to hurt people, it is also a prohibited behavior. Free sample cutting disc joint operation problem: In actual daily operation, there are also such situations. Some people want to catch up with the production task and grab the working time. The two people share a single grinder and operate at the same time. This kind of serious illegal operation should be strictly prohibited. When a grinder is not enough, it can be solved by adding a grinder. It is absolutely not allowed to share a grinder at the same time.
add to favorites The main quality problem of the cutting piece and its harm l/mile No $
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When the fiber-reinforced resin sheet cutting blade and the shaped flat cutting disc on sale are used, most of them are hand-held cutting and grinding, and the distance between the operator and the cutting piece is relatively close. Therefore, once the rotating strength is poor, the cutting piece is broken during the cutting or grinding process, which is easy to cause. Personal injury or death. Unsatisfactory hardness The hardness of the cutting piece refers to the resistance of the bonding agent to resist the detachment of the abrasive particles from the surface of the cutting piece under the action of an external force or the ease with which the abrasive particles are detached from the surface of the cutting piece. Hardness can accurately reflect the grinding performance of the cutting piece, which is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier. There are two requirements for the hardness of the cutting piece: Uniformity of hardness (the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the hardness values of each point measured) shall comply with the standards; The compliance requirement of the hardness, that is, the average value of the hardness (the arithmetic mean of the measured values of the hardness of each measuring point) is within the allowable range specified by the standard. The proportion of unqualified hardness is also quite high. For example, the hardness of the flat cutting piece is unqualified, and it exceeds 20% of the total number of unqualified parts.
add to favorites A detailed description of the resin cutting sheet l/mile No $
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Introduction to resin cutting sheets The 14 inches cutting disc is a cutting piece made of resin, such as phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.; the resin cutting piece has high strength and can add reinforcing fiber mesh and steel bar in the cutting piece, such as cutting piece and grinding piece. Most of our resin cutting sheets are not waterproof and cannot be ground with grinding fluid. Of course, there are some resin cutting sheets that need to be added with grinding fluid grinding. For example, epoxy, resin cutting sheets have a good grinding finish and the workpiece is not easy. Burns, resin cutting sheets are used in cutting sheets, double-end, heavy-duty cutting sheets, polishing wheels, etc., diamond resin cutting sheet resin bond cutting sheet is lower in strength than metal bonding agent and ceramic bonding agent. Classification of resin cutting sheets The resin cut sheets are generally classified into ordinary resin cut sheets and super hard resin cut sheets according to abrasives. The ordinary resin cutting sheet is a aluminum abrasive cutting disc mainly composed of white abrasive, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide and the like, and the super-hard resin cutting sheet is a cutting piece mainly composed of diamond or CBN. The most commonly used resin cutting sheets in the market are common resin cutting sheets and ordinary resin grinding sheets. Common diameters are 100, 180, 230, 300, 350, 400, 500. Superhard resin cutting sheets are mainly made of superhard resin cutting sheets and superhard resin grinding discs. The diameter of common cutting sheets is 100, 125, 150, 200. Common disc sizes are 150, 200, 250, 300, 400.
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One thing, I have a deep imprint in my mind, I feel very proud to want to go there.At that time, the teacher asked me to write an essay about "integrity" with the top students in several classes. I talked with Yin Wei about how to write this essay Buy Newports Online, and everyone can't decide. I went back to my home and slowly pondered. Finally, I decided to write this essay on the subject of practical things. On the date of submission, Teacher Zhang looked at my composition carefully, and I felt that it was very good for me to add some content to win the prize. So I sent the composition back to me.I just started to think that my composition was too bad. I couldn��t get a place. The teacher said that my confidence was great, but I felt that even if I wrote it, I would not necessarily win, so I said to the teacher: "Teacher, do you really believe me?" "Of course, old age is of course to believe in you." "Well, I will write this." Under the encouragement of the teacher, I went to write the composition. The teacher helped me with my composition and went to Fuan to go to the competition.After a few days, the teacher took back a certificate and handed it to me. ��Congratulations to Wu Yuchao, who won the second prize of 'Integrity' essay competition��. At that time, I felt very proud and very happy. I didn��t expect to get a ��second prize�� after school, I was the fastest. The speed ran back to the house and immediately showed the certificate. "Mom, my essay won the prize Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online." "This time I finally got an essay award," Dad said.Now, as long as I think about it Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, I feel very proud and secretly smug. I am very proud. Smile is a gentle spring breeze, blowing away the flowers of self-confidence; smiling is a panacea that heals the wounds of the soul; smile is the shade of summer, soaking a comfort... a smile, an inconspicuous movement, but Become an indispensable factor in my life.It was a depressed cloudy day, and the dark clouds covered the blue sky, which made people feel gloomy. It was such a bad weather that I also had a bad mood.I tested my first ever score of less than 85: 82. The bright red figure lay quietly there, but I felt it was so glaring and even pierced my heart. I held the paper and lowered my head in disbelief, silent.nadvertently looking up, I saw the teacher's kind eyes, and what attracted me more was that the teacher's mouth was slightly upturned, giving me the most amazing power: an encouraging smile. I understand that the teacher is not letting me lose Carton Cigarettes, giving up, not just taking the test, but by accident, I don��t lose my determination because of an occasional mistake. I immediately raised my head and concentrated on listening to the class. I found that the teacher��s smile became an appreciative smile.From then on, whenever I encountered difficulties and setbacks, my face could not help but reveal the teacher��s smiling face. It is this encouraging smile that allows me to climb the peak of learning in an unimpeded manner; it is this encouraging smile that makes me taste the joy of success once and for all; it is this encouraging smile that makes the bright red numbers warm. My heart. When I held the "District Three Good" student certificate on the podium, the teacher who gave me a smile still smiled at me. The difference is that this smile is a congratulatory smile. I also returned a smile to the teacher, it was a triumphant smile.hat can produce amazing power in a flash? smile. What can create a miracle? smile Cigarettes Wholesale. Don't underestimate the smile. Although it is insignificant, it is an indispensable nutrient for life.
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For me, sports never need any reason.A boy who loves sports, his performance is only near the passing line. I am afraid that no one believes when I go out, but it does happen to me. There is only one reason for sports - happyFootball articlesEven if I don't have the skills of C. Ronaldo's feet, even if I don't have Messi's ability to dribble, even if I don't have Beckham's shots, even if I don't even score a goal - just 4, But this does not affect my love for football.he first contact with football was in the 2002 World Cup. The poor performance of the Chinese team provoked the anger of our entire team. So we unanimously decided to play the World Cup. I participated in it with a curious attitude. Out of control. Even if we don't all play, even if the scene is chaotic, even if the insiders look very naive, when they are involved, happiness is already possessed.4 goals, all have luck, saying that the popular point is "the cat hits the dead mouse", but I am not depressed. Instead, I deeply loved it for four years. I even want to learn football at a serious time, but they have not been realized for various reasons. In the fifth grade, due to the pressure of "small ascension", I bid farewell to football, and this farewell is the end of my football career.Nowadays, my football has already been dusty in a corner Cheap Newport Cigarettes, the number of golfers is getting less and less, and the technology is not as good as before. I have moved closer to the group of fans. The joy that football has brought to me has been left in my memory.Basketballn memory, after I left football, I turned to basketball Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. It is purely accidental to like basketball. Less than two years, for me, it is a difficult beginning of a growth process.In the fifth grade, an accidental game, chance to play, chance to kill. By chance, I suddenly fell in love with basketball.Dribbling, shooting, rebounding, blocking... These became a compulsory course for us every afternoon. Timely is not so formal, even if the insiders seem naively unable to add, but when we are fully engaged in it Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, we can forget any unhappiness and boredom. We are not happy with it for the sake of happiness.Perhaps our heart-based mentality is doomed to be that our strength will not be very high, and we will always lose in the confrontation with other classes. Because we only have one reason to play - enjoy it.Today, I am not the same as me two years ago. Even if my technique is still so green Newport 100 Carton, it is still "dish". Almost no one in the class is optimistic about me, but one day, I will prove myself with action. Pain is the hurdle that must be overcome in growth, but I will not give in, because I have a happy heart, everything is caused by happiness.ConclusionLife is changeable Cheap Online Cigarettes, happy and eternal. No matter where and when, happiness is the theme of forever, isn��tit?
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The hand cone method was first applied to the hardness test of the grinding wheel in 1926. This method is relatively simple. The inspector uses a steel cone to manually insert the surface of the cut off disc for stainless steel and rotate it. The hardness and hardness of the grinding wheel are judged according to the feeling and the depth of the insertion. This method is completely based on the experience and feeling of the inspector. There is no quantitative data and the precision is low. It is difficult to quantify the graded hardness.

  Similar to this method, there is Japan's Daeue test method, which is applied in Japan, Canada, and Taiwan. The Da Yue test method belongs to the mechanical cone measurement method and is developed on the basis of the hand cone method. This method can also be applied to rough China cut off disc that cannot be measured by sand blasting.

Due to the mechanical structure, the force, the rotation angle and the like are basically stabilized, the measurement reliability is improved, and the measurement result can be quantified, which is a reasonable measurement method. Similar to the hand cone method, there is also a scratch measurement method: this aspect is similar to the definition method of Mohs hardness. In practice, a grinding wheel of known hardness is used to draw another grinding wheel of unknown hardness, according to how much the abrasive falls off. To judge the hard and soft. Japan developed it into a mechanical scratch test method, which can achieve quantitative measurement of the fixed force. The former Soviet abrasive abrasives standard stipulates that the hardness of rubber abrasives is determined by the pressure cone method. In these methods of measuring hardness, the measurement force depends on both the strength of the bonding agent and the toughness of the abrasive, so the measured hardness does not reflect the inherent hardness characteristics of the grinding wheel.

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The grinder is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, an electric motor or other power source, a bracket, a shield and a water heater. The grinding wheel is disposed on the top surface of the base, and the base has a space for accommodating the power source. The power source drives a speed reducer, and the speed reducer has a transmission shaft passing through the top surface of the base for fixing the grinding wheel, and the base corresponding to the bottom position of the grinding wheel has a concave water collecting area, and the water collecting area extends outward to the first-class road, the water supply 7" cut off disc for stainless steelThe device is disposed above one side of the grinding wheel, and has a space for holding water in the water feeder, and a water outlet is provided on one side of the water heater corresponding to the grinding wheel. The overall transmission mechanism is very simple and perfect, which makes the grinding process more convenient and smooth and improves the grinding efficiency of the whole grinder.

A multifunctional cutting machine base comprises a base body, a guide rail, a rail positioning buckle and a tape measure, and the base body connecting the cutting machine part and the common base adopt the same size design to ensure mutual replacement with the common base, and the base body is placed without interfering with the cutting saw The position is provided with a guide rail slider parallel to the cutting direction, and the guide rail passes through the guide rail slider 7" cut off disc for stainless steelso that the guide rail slider can only move along the direction of the guide rail, the guide rail positioning buckle is arranged at both ends of the guide rail, and the guide rail positioning buckle is provided with an adjustable clamping portion. The rail positioning buckle can be fixed on the plate of different thickness, and the tape measure is fixed on the base body and can be stretched in the vertical cutting direction.

The beneficial effect of the design is that it is more convenient to use the functions of the base guide tape measure together, especially for the woodworking, the large mechanical equipment is not good to carry, so the improvement of the manual tool can greatly improve the work efficiency and save the time cost, and the common base Can be replaced with each other so that no improvement on the cutting machine greatly improves the interchangeability of the product. Since the guide rail can be fixed, the cutting is smooth and stable, and the cutting of the ordinary base plate requires the base to be placed on the ruler for a long time. The ruler is deformed, and the product only needs to force the side of the guide rail in the cutting direction to make the guide rail straight and not deformed, thereby greatly improving the service cost and the production quality. The base body is provided with a roller that can roll in the cutting direction to reduce the friction between the cutting machine and the plate member, and the plate can be prevented from being damaged due to the heavy rolling friction of the cutting machine. The base body is provided with an adjustable positioning cutting piece so that the cutting line of the cutting piece and the edge of the positioning piece are on the same straight line, so that the wire is directly drawn on the plate and then positioned to be used by the cutting machine. The two tape measure bases are fixed on the same section of the T-shaped long hook to ensure that the tape measure can be pulled out together and can be hooked forward or reverse to the reference surface, so that the left or right side of the cutting line can be selected as the reference without cutting direction. limit.

 There are at least two positioning positions of the guide rails on the base body and respectively located on both sides of the cutting line, so that the cutting machine can cut the plates of different widths and place the guide rails on the easy-fixing side, which is convenient for cutting narrow plates.

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super thin 115 cutting disc are made of glass fiber and resin as reinforced bonding materials. They have high tensile, impact and flexural strength. Ultra-thin resin cutting sheets are widely used in the production of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal. Excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and excellent economic results for different material workpieces. The ultra-thin 115mm cutting blade is an ideal grinding tool for polishing and deburring various metal products, which can greatly improve your cutting efficiency and save your production cost.
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When selecting the particle size of the cutting piece, it should be selected mainly according to the requirements of processing precision, surface roughness and cutting efficiency. The general principles are as follows: It is required that the workpiece to be ground has a high roughness, and the coarse grain size should be selected; the surface roughness is required to be low, and the fine particle size should be selected. When the workpiece requires high geometric accuracy and low surface roughness, the mixing particle size should be selected. The geometric accuracy of the workpiece is high. When the contact area between the aluminum flat cutting disc and the workpiece is small, the fine particle size should be selected. When the contact area is large, the coarse grain size is selected. The workpiece material is hard and brittle, and the fine grain size should be selected; the workpiece material is soft and tough, and the coarse grain size should be selected. The workpiece has poor thermal conductivity, is prone to heat deformation, and is prone to burn. The coarser grain size should be selected. Cutting piece hardness selection principle? When selecting the hardness of the cutting piece, it is mainly selected according to the nature of the workpiece material and the cutting method. The hardness of the dicing sheet refers to the ease with which the abrasive grains on the surface of the dicing sheet fall off under the action of the cutting force. The hardness of the dicing sheet is soft, indicating that the abrasive grains of the dicing sheet are easily detached, and the hardness of the dicing sheet is hard, indicating that the abrasive grains are difficult to fall off. The hardness of the cutting piece and the hardness of the cutting piece are two different concepts. The same cutting piece can be made into a cutting piece of different hardness, which is mainly determined by the performance and quantity of the bonding agent and the manufacturing process of the cutting piece. The significant difference between cutting and cutting is that the cutting piece has "self-sharpness". Selecting the hardness of the cutting piece is actually choosing the self-sharpness of the cutting piece. It is hoped that the sharp grinding particles should not fall off too early, and should not be blunt. Does not fall off. The general principles are as follows: When cutting hard materials, the abrasive particles are easy to blunt, in order to make the blunt abrasive particles fall off in time, a softer cutting blade should be selected. When cutting soft materials, the abrasive grains are not easy to be blunt, in order not to cause the unburnt particles to fall off prematurely, a harder cutting piece should be selected. When cutting very soft and tough non-ferrous materials (such as aluminum and copper), in order to avoid the blockage of the cutting piece, a softer cutting piece should be used. The cutting speed of the cutting piece is low, and a hard cutting piece should be selected; the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal has a high line speed, and a soft cutting piece should be selected. The contact area between the cutting piece and the workpiece is large, and a soft cutting piece should be selected; if the contact area is small, a hard cutting piece should be selected. When grinding a workpiece with poor thermal conductivity, deformation, and burn, a softer cutting piece should be used. In dry grinding, in order to reduce heat generation and avoid burns on the workpiece, the hardness of the cutting piece should be 1:1 softer than that of the wet grinding. When the cutting efficiency requirement is high, a softer cutting piece can be selected. When the roughness requirement is low, a harder cutting piece can be selected.
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 With the increasing variety of products in the machinery industry and the increasingly advanced technology, more mechanical products need to be processed. Usually, the processing of each mechanical component first needs to be formed by cutting the sheet, and then the subsequent grinding and polishing. The chamfering, after a series of processes, finally becomes a qualified mechanical component. The aluminum abrasive cutting disc is used as an assistant in the processing of mechanical parts. His quality, reliability, high efficiency and safety are the focus of each machining center when purchasing. Faced with the development trend of the future machinery industry, the future machining center's requirements for cutting sheets tend to be as follows; First, the hardness of the 14 inches cutting disc, more and more new metal products in the future, then the hardness requirements of the cutting piece product are also more and more, the hardness of the cutting piece product determines everything of the product, currently, by the super hard cutting piece High precision and high efficiency grinding results have been widely recognized.  Second, the improvement of the physical structure of the cutting piece, such as increasing the number of abrasive grains acting on the workpiece per unit time, increasing the average length of the grinding, and increasing the grinding contact surface, all of which change the amount of grinding per unit time, effectively Improve the efficiency; the cutting piece that really improves the efficiency of the product can truly grasp the future market.  With the development of the machinery industry in the future, more and more cutting film companies have begun to enter this market. Many companies have begun to update their product technology, hoping to develop more products that are more suitable for the development level of the machinery industry at that time.
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Application of cone crusher is widely present in modern production, everywhere you can see the shadow. The main purpose of this crushing equipment is used for crushing materials with large hardness, the finished products are to be used for production. The country where there is the production of cone crusher, this is a problem that many users will be asked to, in fact, before the understanding of this problem, we need to know is how to deal with the wear of cone crusher, the following let production cone crusher manufacturers as we introduced the method of equipment wear reducing common. Cone crusher price actually is still relatively high, so once purchased equipment will need to do a good job in the maintenance of equipment and maintenance work, and in the taper crushing machine when the production of the most common problems that affected by wear in different degree. The production of cone crusher manufacturers, if wear design of cone crusher unreasonable, material is not up to the standard or incorrect operation will cause equipment. In order to reduce the abrasion of the equipment, first of all should pay attention to start from these points, to eliminate the root causes of the wear. The country where there is production of cone crusher, in the understanding of this before, we need to understand the process in the cone crusher production, generally broken material hardness are relatively large. The hardness of the rock will reinstall the cone lining plate constantly broken, go down for a long time will cause the lining board and other equipment are subject to different degrees of damage.