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Raymond mill is a kind of mineral processing equipment commonly used in mineral processing plant. It is also a high energy consumption equipment. Energy saving design and parameter optimization design of Raymond mill are of great significance to reduce energy consumption and improve beneficiation efficiency.

Raymond mill mainly from the starting mode, lubrication mode, bearing type, liner structure and form, Raymond mill speed ratio and other aspects of energy saving design. Raymond mill is made by state industrial science and technology group. It has many characteristics in energy saving design. The equipment must be operated according to the design requirements in production.

1. Design of starting mode

Soft start pneumatic clutch. It can realize the starting of the synchronous motor Raymond mill, and make the motor start without load. When the speed is stable, the clutch is combined and the Raymond mill is started. This can shorten the starting time of the motor itself, start easily, reduce the impact of the starting current on the power grid, and also reduce the installed power of Raymond mill.

2. hydrostatic bearing and static and dynamic pressure bearing design

It is a common design for Raymond mill to use dynamic and static pressure mixed lubrication bearings instead of ordinary bearings.

(1) in the Raymond mill before starting, high pressure using lubricating oil will float the shaft neck of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it can greatly reduce the starting load, and then start, after which can make the shaft and bearing by external supply, with certain pressure bearing oil film is completely separated from the start, when the shaft neck reach enough speed, namely the use of hydrodynamic lubrication bearing.

(2) when the Raymond mill is shut down, let the pressure oil float the shaft neck slowly on the bearing bush, so as not to abrade the bearing bush. This ensures that the journal is started under the condition of pure liquid friction. The friction resistance is small, the power consumption is small, and the transmission efficiency is high.

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VSI sand making machine is an indispensable machine of the sand making production line and is a practical and reliable sand making machine. VSI sand making machine is especially suitable for making building sand and for the fine crushing and medium crushing of many types of hard and crisp materials such as abrasive material, refractory, cement, silica sand, steel sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and pitch aggregate. It is a type of highly efficient and energy-saving stone crushing and sand making machine with world-level technology, and it can save 50% energy compared with traditional sand maker.

1. VSI sand maker is a new type of medium and fine crushing machine developed, and is a machine that can be widely used for replacing cone crusher, roll crusher and ball mill.

2. novel structure and stable operation.

3. low energy consumption, high output and big crushing ratio.

4. small size, simple operation and convenient installation and maintenance.

5. VSI sand making machine has the function of reshaping, and the final products are in the shape of cube and the stacking density is big.

6. In the production process, the stone materials can form a protective layer, so that the machine frame has no abrasion and is durable.

7. The few quick-wear spare parts of VSI sand machine are made of super-hard wear-resisting materials, so that the machine has small size and light weight and is convenient for spare parts changing.

8. The working noises of VSI sand crusher is lower than 75db and the powder dust pollution is little.

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The main features of the third generation of sand making machine is to crush the material efficiently, the machine is based on the working principle of various types of crusher, and based on user feedback on the specific use of information, combined with its advantages designed by the new high efficiency sand making machine (Crushing equipment). This machine is a rod mill sand making machine, impact sand making machine, straight sand making machine alternative. The third generation sand making machine is the principle and technology of "stone rock" crusher newly developed by our company. Combining with the actual situation of sand making in our country, we have developed high efficient stone crushing equipment with domestic, international and advanced level. Sand making machine is widely used in all kinds of rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate and other hard and brittle materials in the broken, fine broken (sand). For construction sand, road gravel is suitable. HX vertical impact crusher by the feed, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller experience, spindle assembly, base drive and motor seven parts. The third generation sand making machine features: (1) simple structure, low cost. (2) high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency. (3) with crushing, coarse grinding function. (4) Through non-crushing material ability, affected by the material moisture is small, water content up to 8%. (5) can be broken hard, special hard materials (such as corundum, sintered bauxite, etc.). (6) The product was a cube, iron pollution is small. (7) impeller and vortex crushing cavity material from the liner to significantly reduce the cost of wearing parts and maintenance workload. (8) operation and maintenance, easy installation. (9) Working noise less than 75 dB (dB), (10) Light weight, diverse installation, removable installation and so on.
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As a new generation of 5X sand making machine adopting advanced technology of SBM Heavy Industry, the new 5X sand making machine is the most advanced mechanism sand equipment at present. It adopts advanced hydraulic automatic and various sand making principles to combine the finished sand The cube size is very good. Some problems inevitably arise in use, then this is where we need to pay attention. Only when we pay attention to the use, can make the life of the equipment prolong, and can save you some cost. The following SBM experts explain to you the use of 5X sand making machine precautions. New 5X sand making machine use precautions: 1, regular shutdown Open the observation door to observe the internal wear of 5X new sand making machine, the center of the feed tube, cone cap, the impeller, the lower runner liner, the circumference of the shield, wear block wear, wear and tear should be promptly replaced or Repair, replacement of wear-resistant block should be replaced at the same time, to ensure the same weight wear-resistant block. Do not open the observation gate during the working process of the crusher to observe the internal work, so as to avoid danger. Impeller body wear and tear found in a timely manner to find manufacturers to repair. Special attention, without the consent of the manufacturer, is strictly prohibited self-made impeller. 2, sand work in the work to 400 hours when the amount of grease should be appropriate to work until 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly on the line Cheng cleaning, if the work to 7200 hours after the new must be replaced The bearings. 3, transmission apex tensioning tape size should be adjusted appropriately, to ensure the triangle tape should be grouped, so that each of its length as possible. Should be adjusted so that the difference between the two motor current does not exceed 15A. 4, in the course of work, because 5X sand making machine belongs to the high-speed operation of equipment, should pay special attention to safety. Staff should be away from the equipment, if need to repair the machine, you must power off before operation.
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1, dust reduction measures - the source office The first measure is mainly to take the dust reduction program should be based on prevention, through the entire construction waste crusher design and enhanced sealing to reduce the generation of dust from the source to reduce the spread of dust, for example, Conveyance of materials as much as possible to reduce the material gap, to strengthen the closed measures, this approach can reduce the mobile building debris crushing station may produce the amount of dust is conducive to the follow-up to reduce the dust load. 2, dust control measures - work In the construction waste crushing plant operations, but also can be a good dust reduction measures, mainly in the handling of materials, unloading and material open dumps and other considerations wetting water to reduce dust, you can use efficient spraying device will be suspended dust As soon as possible to reduce, reduce pollution, to ensure water atomization effect, this approach can reduce dust, effectively curb dust in the windy weather problems, making the equipment can also reduce dust production. 3, dust removal measures - after work After the construction rubbish crushing station smashes the construction rubbish, the final tail work of the rubbish crushing station also needs to be dedusted. It is suggested that the dust collecting be carried out by using the high-efficiency bag filter or the cyclone dust collector and the like, Dust particles reduced.
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A Floor Jack 3T can mean different things depending on where you are using it. Jacks used in most car repair shops or garages can be conveniently lifted and serviced under a car or tire, which is called a car jack. However, another jack is being used to lift larger "things" such as buildings or houses because they are drooping and need to be replaced. The last jack used for telephone connection. Its name is because it is usually installed at the intersection of the floor and the wall. Note that all devices are called floorjacks but have a completely different meaning and purpose. People often associate the term "floor jack 3t" with the car's floor jacks, since this has always been the production of the first floor jack 3t. This one uses a pump arm, hydraulic or air compression to lift the vehicle and easy access to the chassis. Car floorjack makes tire replacement or brake work easier to accomplish. These are handy tools that can be found in car hoods, garages, farms, and other places where you may need to fix your car. Car jacks provide a great deal of repair service for common do-it-yourself craftsmen and car owners. Car landing platforms need more stable ground to eliminate improper balance. The ground should not change because it can cause serious damage to the vehicle. You can connect the lip to the car with the pump arm, hydraulic system or air compressor and lift it gently. Car Transmission Jack can be upgraded according to different levels without sacrificing safety. These car pedals are very powerful, can reach 20 tons. For your personal use, you can buy 2 or 3 tons of jacks, especially if you are traveling long distances, you can easily change tires at any time. Obviously the bigger your car is, the more jacks are needed to do this job. On the other hand, agricultural equipment may require a 10-ton truck jack.
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There are many types of materials for ultrafine mill, sand and gravel materials have been used in the construction industry, ultrafine mill sand gravel is the main production equipment, ultrafine mill production line has a lot of equipment together, different devices have different functions, these Equipment functions have different roles. The cooperation of these functions can achieve faster working production line. It is not easy to realize these functions. Only the perfect configuration scheme can realize the production of ultrafine mill. There are many types of ultrafine mill machine, different types of equipment function and efficiency is not the same, so not only can achieve faster and better production of stone, so that you can achieve the rapid production of sand and gravel, but also if the wrong configuration will cause damage to the equipment , So you want to push up the production efficiency of gravel production first configuration of the production line is still very important in the industry to choose the type of equipment inside the mill to be selected, which contains many factors, each of the equipment is a lot of models, Different models correspond to different production efficiency, so to configure a suitable production line, there is no professional standard is not enough. After the replacement of ultrafine mill has been an unprecedented development, many types of milling equipment R & D and production, to achieve the international development of domestic manufacturers of micro-powder grinding, the continuous development of economy on the quality and demand for equipment have been improved, therefore To achieve the technical upgrading of milling equipment to promote the development of milling equipment is necessary.
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Ultrafine grinding mill is an important equipment for grinding fine powder. In many industries, we can see its shadow. So, what is the development trend of the ultra fine mill industry, the future of ultra-fine grinding will look like, what are the functions?

Economic development led to the development of various industries, especially in the milling industry, the development of milling industry will inevitably lead to vigorously invest and develop flour milling equipment. Mine machinery and equipment industry in the rapid development of large flow has obvious advantages, of course, there are many deficiencies. In addition, the development of mining equipment industry also led to the development of the mill. Among them, the development of ultrafine grinding machine can not stop. Many aspects of life can not be separated from milling equipment. And this trend will continue to be benign development, and ultrafine grinding mill equipment is a representative product, in recent years, the development is quite rapid.

In the face of the current development situation, ultra fine grinding mill must have a great market demand. At present, the market demand for ultrafine grinding is increasing gradually. In general, coarse powder production can not fully meet the development of powder industry. Now, ultrafine grinding is more and more widely used. With the development of science and technology, the society's demand for technology is further improved, and it must have broad prospects for development. In recent years, it has shown signs of growth.

As we know, the emergence of milling equipment not only provides good technology for the mining industry, but also provides a high level, high quality, high efficiency crushing equipment, for the construction, ceramics, coal and other industries in depth development. ultrafine grinding has brought great convenience to its production. Similarly, it can also be applied to fine grain grinding, pharmaceutical flour milling and cosmetic production.

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Ore Milling Equipment, all engaged in mining, building materials and other friends have a certain understanding of the equipment, which is mainly used for all kinds of ore (gold, iron ore, molybdenum, copper, etc.), steel slag, coal and other in-depth grinding Of special equipment, generally with high efficiency, energy saving, smart, environmentally friendly, low carbon, durable, long life and so on. Then your Ore milling equipment production standards? Red Star, a veteran processing equipment manufacturer, tells you an effective way to increase mill capacity. Ore Milling Equipment production capacity and what factors There is no doubt that each type of Ore Milling Equipment generally have a fixed capacity limit, but in the long-term use, its work efficiency, productivity and so will have some damage, in the long run, will lead to your purchase of Ore Milling Equipment capacity standards decline, as for Ore Milling Equipment capacity and what factors related to it? Red Star Xiaobian organize your introduction: 1, ball grading: Ore Milling Equipment is a ball as a grinding body of the ore impact crushing, grinding, then the ball grading, the quality will be closely related with the level of its production capacity; 2, the ore composition, the greater the humidity of grinding ore, then easy to adhere to the mill, affecting the yield, while the higher the ore hardness, the more complex ingredients, grinding more difficult, productivity will be reduced; 3, Finished Particle Size: The higher the finished product fineness standard, the lower the production efficiency and the lower the output.
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Complex oscillating gold ore crusher jaw directly suspended on the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft by the direct drive. The bottom of the moving jaw is supported by a thrust plate on the back wall of the frame. When the eccentric shaft is rotated, the movable jaw reciprocates the fixed jaw on the one hand, and at the same time, there is a great degree of vertical movement along the fixed jaw. The motion trajectory of each point on the moving jaw is not the same. The motion of the top is restrained by the eccentric shaft. The motion trajectory is close to the arc. In the middle part of the moving jaw, the motion trajectory is an elliptic curve. As a result of this type of crusher work, moving jaw movement trajectory is more complex, it is called the complex oscillating gold ore crusher, referred to as pendulum gold ore crusher. In the course of work, the main part of the compound pendulum gold ore crusher horizontal movement of the top of the moving jaw is about 1.5 times the lower part of the vertical swing slightly less than the lower part of the whole moving jaw, the vertical swing horizontal swing 2-3 times. Because the upper part of the movable jaw is larger than the lower part horizontally, the upper part of the jaw cavity is strongly crushed. The large material is easily crushed in the upper part and the crushing effect of the entire jaw plate is uniform, which is beneficial to the improvement of the production capacity. At the same time, move the jaw closer to the fixed jaw, the extrusion process of the material, the top of the point also along the fixed jaw downward movement, but also to better hold the material in the jaw cavity, and to promote the broken material discharged as soon as possible . Therefore, under the same conditions, the production capacity of this type of crusher is 20% -30% higher than the simple pendulum gold ore crusher.
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Ultra fine grinding mill is a kind of grinding equipment with a long history. It is widely used in small and medium-sized mines, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, pharmaceutical and cement industries. Ultra fine grinding mill suitable for gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, dolomite, barite, granite, kaolin, bauxite, iron oxide and iron ore, the large size of 20-30mm feed. The particle size of the finished product is 1.6-0.045mm, and the production capacity is 1.2-11T/H.

What is the main structure of ultra fine grinding mill?

Superfine grinding is mainly composed of main engine, blower, analysis, separator, pipeline device and motor. The host comprises a frame, inlet volute, blade and grinding roller and grinding ring, shell and motor. Auxiliary equipment, crusher bucket type lifting machine, electromagnetic vibration feeder and electric control cabinet etc.. According to the site analysis, users can choose flexibly.

How does the ultrafine mill work?
The material enters the host of the hopper from the side entrance and stops on the grinding roller device to stop spinning around the vertical axis of the host plum blossom shelf and grinding roller as well as its rotation. The grinding material is sent into the gap between the grinding roll and the grinding ring. Under the action of the lower grinding roll, the material to be grinded is crushed and ground.

Design and function characteristics of ultra fine grinding mill

1. The centralized control is adopted in the electric system, and the mill can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient.
2. Superfine grinding mill is vertical structure with small footprint. This mill system is very efficient. From raw materials to packaging rough processing, it can become a vertical production system.
3. The important parts are made of high quality castings and profiles. Its fine process and rigorous process ensure the durability of the whole set of equipment.
4. Compared with other milling equipment, the pass rate of superfine grinding mill reaches 99%, and other mills are difficult to reach.
The main driving device adopts closed gear box and belt pulley. The transmission is very smooth and reliable.

Ultrafine Mill:

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According to the different requirements of the fine powder processing industry, there are more and more kinds of mill produced by internal mill, and there are many types and models of ultrafine grinding mill. Ultrafine Mill constantly upgrade and improve, the function is more complete, so at the time of purchase, often in great confusion, don't know what is needed, what is superfluous. The new ultra fine mill will consider the specific production plan, and then according to the production needs, for equipment equipped with targeted function of the mill, this is also more and more mill manufacturers are trying to do.

In addition, due to uneven production strength, the market also has a large number of inferior products, but also will allow users to choose ultra fine grinding can not start. How to choose the suitable ultrafine grinding mill has become a problem. Here's a little sorting out some of the attention of the purchase of ultra-fine grinding, I hope to help you.

As a powder processing enterprise, many factors need to be considered in the selection of ultra-fine grinding equipment.

First of all, it is necessary to consider the quality of the mill products. At present, there are many ultrafine mill manufacturers, the strength is uneven, the product is good or bad. In the choice, customers should pay attention to whether the product meets the standards, including timber and so on, but also consider the size of the enterprise, equipment production and processing conditions are qualified, and the equipment is in line with the relevant environmental standards. These are the priorities that need to be addressed.

Secondly, the technical ability of suppliers. Different materials have different milling technology and equipment. According to the special needs of users, equipment suppliers can provide special specifications or configuration products. This is not only related to the user to buy the right product, but also means that after the purchase, equipment suppliers can provide the corresponding after-sales service capabilities.

Thirdly, it is necessary to investigate whether the suppliers of ultra-fine grinding mill have perfect after-sale service system. It includes equipment pre construction, equipment installation, commissioning and training, commissioning guidance and after-sales maintenance, will encounter a series of technical problems. It requires equipment suppliers to provide users with perfect service, only in this way can really protect the interests of users.

Finally, the strength of the equipment suppliers is also important. The powder processing equipment has a relatively long replacement cycle. During this period, the normal maintenance and normal replacement of vulnerable parts require manufacturers to provide services for users. If the enterprise's own strength is not strong, it will be troublesome in the maintenance process of the equipment.

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Portable crusher plant is a very special kind of product in the crushing plant. It not only has the function of ordinary machinery, but also has a very clear breakthrough in the production efficiency after the improvement. 1, it works on the basis of the basic version of a wider range of use, such as river pebbles, granite, limestone, dolomite, basalt, iron ore and other stone crushing, can move in the move, the structure Compact, advanced technology and large capacity. 2, Compared with the tire mobile crushing plant, it can be used in the mobile sand production line. Its working principle is that it adopts hydraulic drive system, professional exchange system, high mobility and flexible transition, reliable hydraulic system, With the operation and maintenance of simple features. 3, Caterpillar mobile crushing station can also be used for mobile sand making hard materials, road waste recycling and cement production company's material preparation, small body high-power, whether it is construction waste disposal sites, or stone mines can be used. Therefore, when we order a product to consider many aspects, for some work environment may be fully taken into account, so Portable crusher plant can be said to be a better choice.
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Ore milling equipment is widely used, can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral products grinding process. Ore milling equipment have a good effect for a variety of calcite, white clay, quartz, clay, fluorite, barite, bentonite, kaolin, feldspar, talc, clay and gypsum in the following seven Mohs hardness humidity below 6% non flammable and explosive mineral materials.

With the development of the industry, the grinding milling industry has made great progress. Under the efforts of researchers, the vibration of milling equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, the production noise is getting lower and lower, the negative pressure operation has no dust, and it can work in a variety of material processing links. Ultra fine grinding in this process, also took a huge development, making its application more convenient and quick.

However, the development of the market brings greater competition. Since the grinding mill can be used in many industries, so people want to increase its production intensity, thus causing fierce competition in the market. So, at this point, the reputation of the manufacturer is very important. However, the reputation of the manufacturer is related to the quality of the equipment. Only good quality can bring a good reputation, so as to stand out in many manufacturers.

The hard working environment tests the performance of the machine, because the working environment of the super fine grinding mill is rather difficult, so people have higher requirements for the production capacity and processing performance of the mill. Milling for industrial production of confidential, so it must have good quality to ensure that it can in the production process, to the user to bring help. No quality assurance, no capital foothold in the market. In the competition of the mining machinery market, only build the quality levee, can we have the confidence to meet the challenge.

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The new vertical roller mill can not meet the demand of material production, in addition to its own performance, depends on the use and maintenance of production mode and the new mill in the process of work, can bring benefits for the production line, there are mainly associated with the performance of the vertical roller mill maintenance and use, the main performance is time of purchase, can choose a good production equipment, and maintenance is to prolong the service life of the machine, and the use of standard methods can reduce the degree of wear of the production, these aspects are very important for the whole production process, here is mainly to introduce the two aspects.

First. vertical roller mill operation

Here mainly refers to the factory in accordance with the new vertical roller mill instructions for standardized operation, in general, any of the types of the vertical roller mill in the factory when there are instructions for use, can be used to help staff better, such as competition stage, the machine parameters required the installation process of adjustment, the the machine can not be operated smoothly, have a great impact, but also the production of machines in the play performance and the influence of longevity factors;

Two. Application and maintenance of new vertical roller mill

1. in accordance with the established process to check whether the equipment, valves and other working conditions, and check all kinds of communication facilities are unblocked;

2. check all kinds of instrument and ancillary facilities are safe and reliable, and the vertical roller mill lubrication points are lubricated;

3. check the filter disk, not allowed to have any debris;

4. select a good start program, pay attention to the switch to the correct position, and then open the air buffer inlet valve, see the pressure gauge value can not exceed the prescribed value;

5. Start the washing pump of vertical roller mill, not fully open the valve on the hot water pipe of the filter, and open the weak filtrate valve into the filter;

6. part of the vacuum pipe open the door, and start the donated oil pump;

7. baking furnace equipment, ready to accept incoming materials;

8. start the belt conveyor, and the discharge screw on the filter;

9. Check the rotation direction of the vertical roller mill filter and the feed box and distributor of the filter;

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Milling equipment may cause environmental pollution, ultrafine mill in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the need to install dust removal equipment, used to collect dust, to prevent the spillover phenomenon, generally speaking, in the process of using the fittings is not immutable and frozen, if used improperly or without reasonable maintenance, so there will be damage to the phenomenon, in view of this phenomenon this article, on the matters needing attention are introduced.

Generally speaking, in the production of ultrafine mill, precipitator hopper will be a lot of dust slowly landing, flying two times on against the current leakage caused by dust and air landing, and so many lifetimes, the ash discharging port if there is leakage phenomenon, the dust concentration of dust in multiples higher than the dust concentration at the inlet, this may make the equipment removal efficiency decreased.

In production, the use of dust, to prevent the gas in the bag chamber is cooled below the dew point, especially when the use of dust collector under negative pressure, but it should be noted that, due to the dust source gas with high concentration, even if only 1% short escape will exceed the emission scale, so for this point, if we want to ensure the environmental performance of ultrafine grinding machine, to prevent the overflow phenomenon of dust source gas.

The other is dust removal equipment shell often have air leakage into the bag, the gas chamber temperature is lower than the dew point, the bag will be damp, dust is not loose, but which attached to the bag, the fabric cleaning holes blocked, caused by failure, the dust removal system pressure is too large, no law of succession operation, some cannot paste bag dust, so this is one of the reasons of equipment can not meet environmental requirements, when in use, for this phenomenon, should be timely treatment.

ultrafine mill:

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European version of gold ore crusher used in the crushing of mines for a crushing or two crushing, is designed for highway, railway, airport runway engineering construction with advanced equipment developed by stone crushing. European version of the gold ore crusher using the most advanced technology and the level of manufacturing crushing, multi-hard, highly abrasive materials for the first choice of efficient products. European version of the gold ore crusher compared to the traditional gold ore crusher, whether it is life, repair rates, failure rates have demonstrated its unparalleled superiority. European version of gold ore crusher main rack part of the eccentric shaft rotating part of the working chamber of the crushing cavity, insurance devices, discharge port adjustment devices and other components. Next we use the following figure one by one: 1, the rack part: from the side panels, the front box components, box weldment and other components. 2, eccentric shaft rotation part: mainly by the moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearings, housings, pulleys and other components. Is the main part of power transmission. 3, crushing cavity work part: mainly by the fixed jaw, moving jaw, side liner, shield and other components, is the important work of broken parts and components. 4, insurance device: the brackets, brackets seat, spring, spring rod and other components, is the crusher in the normal case of the role of insurance parts. 5, discharge port adjustment device: The device is used to adjust the size of the discharge port size, control the particle size. Mainly by adjusting the fixed ramp, adjust the sliding ramp, top wire bolt, slider lock rod and other components.
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The production technology of this sand making machine is very advance, and we introduced the advanced technology in foreign countries and integrated it in to the production technology, for this reason, the machine technology is able to reach the advanced and leading technology during the foreign countries. During the sales process, our company will provide comprehensive service for the customers and we will design reasonable sand making plan for the customers and improve the production efficiency in order to bring more economic benefits for the customers.

The application fields in the third generation sand making machine is very wide and it stands out in grinding limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed materials and calcium phosphide, dolomite and pearlite and it is widely applied in building materials, fertilizer, mining and refractory matter and other industrial departments. The sand maker leads the improvement road on the mining machinery industry specializing in manufacturing hammer crusher and it stands out while in the artificial sand production process.

As domestic purely natural sand resources depletion plus the hard to solve technical difficulties of sea sand, organic sand is going to be replaced by produced sand, which is now the potential development directions of sand and gravel aggregate marketplace. In contrast to natural sand, produced sand have consecutive grading, flexible sand transitions, broad and simple source of raw products as well as other advantages. Consequently, sand tools business is optimistic with regards to the future marketplace demand.

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Because of the two crushing chambers, the dual-chamber gold ore crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and strong adaptability to technology. It is widely used in the crushing operation with the compressive strength below 250 MPa. The two crushing chambers of the crusher are symmetrically distributed around the eccentric shaft. The crushing force in the chamber is an important parameter that affects the crusher's production capacity. In this paper, the analysis of the variation of the crushing force in the crushing chamber can provide theoretical basis for the structural optimization design of the gold ore crusher. The work of the two crushing chambers alternates in succession, that is, the crushing chambers are alternately crushed and discharged, and the process continues to reciprocate. So you can take full advantage of the motor energy, production capacity increased nearly 1 times, and the unit power has dropped significantly. Activities of tooth plate movement so that the cross-sectional shape of the crushing chamber changes compression stroke occurs, the application of crushing force on the material to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. The analysis of the movement of the tooth plate shows that the movement of the upper and lower parts of the tooth plate is not synchronized, and in some intervals it is deviated. In some sections, the movable tooth plate can only exert the breaking force locally, and the rest does not apply the breaking force. In some sections, the material is only compressed and does not generate the breaking force. Broken stroke crushing force, crushing discharge does not produce crushing force, so in different regions of the size of crushing force is different. In addition to the size of the crushing force and crushing cavity tooth plate movement, but also with the way the material is broken and the shape of the material particles. In the crusher, there are often two or more than two kinds of force, so the value of the crushing force is different. Such as gold ore crusher, due to the material in the tension state and broken, so the pull force is mainly broken force. Through the above research on the variation of crushing force, it is of great reference significance for the reasonable determination of crushing force.